21 Best Blue Dial Watches For Men

best blue dial watches

A classy, sleek blue dial watch is a great way to compliment your style or tell time. That is, if you don’t just pull out your phone to see what time it is. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. Whether you use it to tell time or just as a fashion statement, every man needs a great watch.

Choosing the perfect watch for you can be difficult though. Finding a size, shape, and color that looks great on your wrist may seem like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite blue-faced watches that you’re sure to love.

A blue dial watch is a perfect way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Rather than a plain silver or white dial, blue dials instantly catch the eye. Not to mention they look great with lots of different clothing styles. They also look expensive and exotic, but you can get one without spending an arm and a leg.

Whether you have 1 or 100 watches, have considered a blue dial or not, these selections will certainly get you thinking about one. This list was tough to narrow down, but here are our top 21 blue dial watches, ordered from least expensive to most expensive.


Best Blue Dial Watches For Men

best blue dial watches

Wwoor Big Dial Black Stainless Steel Strap

We start our list with a clean, simple, and classic design. The black stainless steel gives the dark blue dial a royal-looking color. Since the band (19.5mm wide) is a darker color, it’s great for a more subtle guy that isn’t trying to be flashy. Silver roman numerals highlighting the hour marks give it a classic and timeless feel. The silver watch hands also compliment the blue dial and black case (40mm) very well. The glass of the watch face is German high hardness glass. This gives it tremendous scratch resistance and help make it more durable. You can comfortably wear this watch on a daily basis without worrying about it being damaged.




best blue dial watches

Benyar Chronograph Waterproof Sport Watch

If the last watch was subtle, then this one is its direct opposite and ready to make a statement. Featuring a space / astrological theme on its blue dial, this watch is a stylistic masterpiece. Light blue stars decorate its dark blue dial to resemble a starry night sky. A day/night dial displays an 18th century-style sketch of the sun or moon depending on the time of day. The case (42mm) is outfitted with three functional dials and features a working chronograph. It is held to your wrist by a stylish navy-blue leather strap (20mm) with a pin buckle. Finally, luminous paint on the time hands allow you to see them at night. If you want to make a statement with your watch or just love space, this is an ideal choice.





best blue dial watches

Timex Weekender Chronograph

While Timex is usually known for their more active watches, they know how to make a splash with a dressier watch. This watch is inspired by nautical themes and features a very rounded design. The silver brass watch face itself (40mm) resembles a ship’s portholes. It includes Timex’ signature INDIGLO light-up dial for seeing at night and is covered by mineral glass to resist scratches. A navy-blue nylon band (20mm) gives it a unique appearance over some other watches on the list and again draws from the nautical theme. It is also water resistant up to 99ft and won’t be ruined by splashes or a quick submersion. All of these features, along with its nautically inspired design make this watch a great addition to your weekend (no pun intended) boating or fishing trip or for a beach vacation.




best blue dial watches

Fossil The Minimalist

Fossil is a giant in the watch world. You’ve surely heard the name, and maybe even own one. For this watch, the name says it all. Although it may be minimal, Fossil never skips out on style. A stainless steel case (44mm) houses a deep blue watch dial and sleek, silver tick marks designate each hour. A 21mm leather calfskin band secures it to your wrist in a classic, simple fashion. This watch is a great addition to a more casual outfit like a button-down shirt or polo. They say that classic never goes out of style, and this watch emulates that brilliantly.





best blue dial watches

Maui Kool Kaanapali Wooden Watch

For those looking for an environmentally conscious route, the Kaanapali wooden watch from Maui Kool is just the answer. Crafted from solid, 100% natural zebra wood, this watch has a unique and “islandy” feel to it. Maybe it’s the name or maybe it’s the sea blue watch face, but we feel like we’re looking at Hawaii when we see this watch. Its large (56mm) case and 22mm band are both made from zebra wood and are full of character. Each watch is unique since no two selections of the wood are the same. And, since it’s made of wood, this watch is hypoallergenic to those allergic to nickel. As a bonus, it comes in a beautiful bamboo box that is perfect for storing your new watch or for giving it as a gift.





best blue dial watches

Invicta Pro Diver

For those looking for a watch save to wear for professional marine activities and water sports but still want to look classy, the Invicta Pro Diver fits the bill. It is water resistant up to 660ft, so you can wear it for all your water-involving activities with no worries. Its 40mm case is stainless steel and inside, this watch features Japanese automatic movement to keep your time precise. The individual features of this watch are bold, including an outer ring labeled with minutes at intervals of 10. The Invicta Wings logo is featured prominently on the deep blue watch dial and on the back portion of the second hand. This watch is a bold statement and offers a great price for an entry-level dive watch at just $84.




best blue dial watches

Timberland Brown Leather Pembroke Watch

If you love wearing Timbs on your feet, you’ll love wearing it on your wrist even more. A large (46mm) stainless steel case surrounds a dark blue dial. It is accented with cream/light tan colored numbers and hour marks for a visually pleasing palate. The brownish-red genuine leather band (22mm) completes the look and perfectly compliments the blue of the dial. A bold Timberland tree logo replaces the 12 and gives the watch a rustic yet sophisticated feel. This is a classy looking watch that goes great in a casual setting with your Timberland boots or in a more formal setting.





Fossil Grant Navy-Blue Stainless Steel

We told you Fossil is a big player in the watch game. This watch from them makes a bold statement. Unlike a standard silver or gold chain, unlike leather or even wood, this watch’s chain itself is navy-blue stainless steel. It perfectly compliments the identically colored navy-blue dial and is highlighted with elements of silver stainless steel. The case is wide at 44mm and the band is half as wide at 22mm. Large, bold, Roman numerals and a working chronograph give the watch face a strong and powerful appearance. This is a great watch to pair with a trendy grey suit for a formal evening.





GUESS Casual Leather Watch

Opting for a more casual approach to fashion, Guess must have designed with watch with yachts on their minds. It is the perfect casual watch to slip on for a day or a weekend on the yacht or boat. A simple, brown leather strap (21mm) compliments the sky blue and indigo blue stainless steel case (44mm). Beneath a mineral glass face, the time hands and hour markers have a finish in copper for a unique look. This adds some uniqueness to the watch and goes great with the rest of the colors. The dark blue dial is intricately engraved with a variety of diamond and ring patterns. This watch is a unique way to express your style while achieving a more casual look. It would look great with a pair of tan boat shoes and a blue Hawaiian shirt. Trust us.





Timex Weekender With Horween Leather Chronograph

“Wait,” you’re saying, “Didn’t we already see the Timex Weekender?” Yes you did! And we’re glad you remember. This watch features a slightly customized version of the classic watch shown above. In fact, it mostly has to do with an upgraded band, which gives the watch a completely different look. The horween leather strap (20mm) on this watch fastens with an adjustable button-stud fastener. This raw, rugged looking strap makes the watch feel much more casual and adventurous than its nautical sibling we discussed earlier. Although they feature the same navy-blue dial, they work uniquely to compliment the look you’re going for.





Michael Kors Slim Runway Leather Watch

You might not be tracking Michael Kors on your watch radar, but they have some really stylish timepieces. We love the elegance and simplicity that this particular one has to offer. A brushed navy-blue dial dances in the light and creates a great color blend. The dial features silver time hands and simple dashes at the hour marks. A simple brown leather band completes the sleek and timeless look. Inside, Japanese quartz keeps it running smoothly and accurately. This watch is a great one for everyday wear and adds a finishing touch of style to any outfit.





Emporio Armani Classic

This imported watch has both classic style and some eye-catching design. The 43mm stainless steel case surrounds a blue sunray dial. The 22mm stainless band looks timeless and will go with any choice of apparel. The top of the dial at the 12 o’clock position features the Armani eagle logo. That, along with the blue and silvery white stainless steel, give this watch a very patriotic look. This watch is a great choice for an everyday timepiece and its versatility allows it to match nearly anything. No flashy features, just a classy, quality watch.





Casio G-Shock Extra Large Blue Camo

This watch is easily the largest on the list. A massive 53.4mm resin case is sure to be a hit with anyone who love large watches. Since the case of this watch is resin, it features an awesome, blue-palate, camouflage pattern. You can choose to tell time using the analog hands or a digital reading, giving this watch a unique feature of having both methods built-in. A super bright LED illuminates the face for telling time in the dark. You can also set up to 5 alarms and see the calendar date. Like all of Casio’s G-Shock series watches, this watch is built to be sturdy and not crack under pressure. It’s a bad-ass option that won’t let you down.





Seiko 5 Automatic Men’s Watch

Seiko is well-known in the watch industry for making extremely high precision timepieces. This watch is no different. A navy blue and red dial and face (42mm) represent traditional “diving style” watches. (Note that this watch is not meant for diving, but you can swim in it). A 23-jewel automatic winding mechanism keeps this watch accurate within seconds and keeps the watch powered just from your movements while wearing it. Best of all, you can see this awesome mechanism at work through a built-in display window on the back of the case. Good luck not staring at it for hours and hours.





Citizen Eco-Drive Chronographic Watch

Chances are that you’ve heard of Citizen’s Eco-Drive line of watches. Whether you’ve seen them on the wrist of a favorite athlete on TV or in the jewelry store, they are known for being incredibly high quality. Not to mention you’ll never need to fumble with a tiny battery. The Eco-Drive recharges itself from light, any kind of light. Bright sunshine, cloudy ambient light, or even artificial light can power the watch for up to 6 months on one full charge. This particular model features a bold titanium (hypoallergenic) case (43mm) with a reddish-brown leather strap (20mm). Its white numeric hour markers stand out wonderfully against the navy-blue dial. This watch looks awesome and is an even better conversation starter when you tell people its charging up from the light in the room.





Bulova Marine Star

This watch is more than a timepiece; it’s a work of art. A finely crafted 43mm stainless steel case sits nicely on your wrist thanks to the 20mm fold-over clasp. The deep blue dial is extremely satisfying to look at and matches perfectly with the case. What really pushes this watch over the edge is the small orange details on the chronograph hands and the tip of the second hand. Although minor, these tiny color breaks make the blue dial pop even more. This watch is safe to swim or snorkel in, so it lives up to its Marine Star name. Perfect as an everyday watch or as a sophisticated dress-up watch.





Nato Diver 300 Automatic

This watch is one of the best and most cost-effective options available on the market when it comes to dive watches. Like the Seiko we talked about previously, this watch features a navy blue with accented red case (44mm). The crown on the side is offset which makes this watch comfortable enough to wear all day. In case you happen to go diving on a daily basis, you can keep your watch on. It is water resistant to 1000ft in depth, so it is a real diving watch. The watch’s strap is durable nylon that won’t be damaged by the water. It also features a scratch-resistant sapphire glass case cover which has an antireflective coating to make it easier to read.




Sun And Moon Miyamoto (Super Mario World)

This watch isn’t exactly a blue dialed watch in the conventional sense, but hey it’s pretty awesome. The star of the show is a rotating dial that displays the landscape of classic Super Mario World games in either day or night depending on the time. What could be cooler than that? The 37mm brushed stainless steel case hugs the white dial perfectly and compliments a navy blue and grey leather strap. If you’re looking for a very unique watch that will make a statement and likely bring back some nostalgia, then this is the one for you.





Tissot Blue Dial Blue Leather Sport

Back to the blue dial watches. Tissot again makes the list, doubling up on the blue this time. Both the rich blue dial and the dark blue leather make this watch unique. The dial has two parts that reflect light differently that creates a cool illusion under the light. Bold silver markings and time hands make a statement. Although you can’t see that it’s blue, the sapphire glass dial cover is resistant to scratches. The band (19mm) closes with a deployment-buckle rather than the pin buckle closure that most leather straps use. This makes it more secure and allows for a tighter fit.





Xeric Halograph Chrono

If you’re looking for the most interesting watch in the room, then you’ve found it. With this on your wrist, you’ll certainly have no match when it comes to a unique timepiece. This watch from Xeric doesn’t use normal time hands that go around the dial. Instead, it uses an array of two arms with two circles each that move across four arcs. The inner arcs read the hour while the outer two arcs read the minutes. Surprisingly easy to read, it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. A working chronograph occupies the bottom of the blue dial (44mm). A simple leather band secures it to your wrist. This is great for any occasion and is sure to strike awe in the hearts of your friends and enemies alike.






Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Tag Heuer rounds out our list with a luxury watch named after one of the fastest sports in the world: Formula 1. This sophisticated watch features a stainless steel case (43mm) and a multi-color NATO strap. Since they make this watch in Switzerland, you know the internal workings are top notch. The chronograph on the dial measures time down to 1/10th of a second thanks to precise quartz movement. A number 12 marks the top of the dark blue dial while dashes denote the other hours. An orange second hand helps the other colors pop and provides a nice accent to the rest of the watch. If you’re a high roller then this watch will help back up your claims.



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