Best Christmas Gifts For Men In 2018

It’s that time of year again. Snow is starting to fall, temperatures are dropping, and everyone (okay maybe not everyone) is getting into the holiday spirit. Sure, they say that giving is better than receiving, but getting a gift is so awesome.

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for the man in your life, we know it can be difficult. Whether he’s picky or already has everything, finding the thing that will put a smile on his face can be a mystery.

That’s why we put together this handy guide of the Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2018. Trust us, we’ve got something for everyone on here.

Check it out!


1.) Great for Every Guy

An Amazon Echo Plus is an essential for anyone who wants to make their home a little smarter. Amazon’s second version of the device is a great upgrade or a great starter. It is fully equipped with Alexa and is everything you need in a smart assistant. You can control your whole smart home and get answers to nearly any question. Start the TV, a radio station, or place orders with just your voice. New premium Dolby 360-degree speakers give you awesome sound quality while a new design makes the device look more natural in your home. Buy it here.



2.) For The Beer Lover

Do the men in your life love a good beer?  Of course they do!  Now you can get them a mug with their “mug” on it thanks to  Each image is digitally printed on the mug from a hand drawn caricature.  With this personalized gift, your best buddy will be blessed with 16 ounces of their favorite drink, as well as an image of themselves.  Make them have a good laugh every time they take a sip with this unique gift. Buy Here



3.) For the Aspiring Brewmaster

What’s better than drinking an ice-cold glass/bottle of your favorite beer? How about making it yourself? The Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit is great for beginners are experienced beer lovers alike. Everything you need to brew the freshest, tastiest beer comes with this kit. It includes grain, hops, yeast, a glass fermenter, a spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, a racking cane and tip, a chamber airlock, Brooklyn Brew Shop cleanser, and a screw-cap stopper. The kit makes 1 gallon of 6.8% ABV beer, equal to about 9-10 bottles. Buy it here.


4.)  For the Golf Nut

When you take golf seriously, you take it really seriously. If that sounds like someone on your Christmas shopping list look no further than the Arccos Smart Caddie. With this sweet device, golfers can know the distance to any point on the course. Not just the hole. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, this device is ultra-smart. It gives recommendations for which club to use and helps identify strategies and weaknesses in your game. It is completely hands-free and automatically does its job with no controlling needed. You can access the data on your devices with the free iOS or Android apps. Buy it here.


5.) For the Techie

Ask any laptop user with a small desk what their biggest pet peeve is and you’ll get the same answer every time. There isn’t enough room to fit a laptop and anything else on your desk. Trying to write something in a notebook or sketch something on a sheet of paper? Good luck. Your trinkets will have to say bye bye. Well, no more. The Griffin Elevator Stand raises your laptop 5.5” off the desk, opening up lots of space for other activities. It is compatible with Macs and PCs and also helps keep your laptop cooler with 360 degrees of air circulation. Buy it here.


6.) For the Prepper In Your Life

What would you do if the power went out for days at a time? Probably go ask your prepper relative. To make sure you get on their good side when everything hits the fan, the EcoFlow River electric generator makes for a great gift. This generator features 11 outlets (4 USB, 2 USB-C, 2 DC, 2 AC, and a 12V car port). No matter what you need to plug in, this generator can provide. It holds a charge up to 1 year making it great for an emergency kit. Now you’ll have power no matter what. Buy it here.


7.) For the Guy With A Bad Back

We’ve all got that relative who constantly complains about a sore back. Silence their complaints and their aches all at once with the Back Buddy. This S-shaped device is uniquely designed to attack the pressure points that cause soreness. Eleven ideal therapy knots are in the perfect position to massage your whole back and neck. This is also the second iteration of the Back Buddy, meaning you get all the benefits of years of testing. Buy it here.


8.) For the Motorcyclist

If you’re traveling by car, you can throw your GPS on the dashboard and get anywhere. Actually, you can probably just use your phone. If you’re on a motorcycle, that isn’t so easy. Now with Beeline Moto, it is. The round device fits perfectly on any bike and securely attaches. You can then set it to navigation mode and follow a simple arrow and mile indicator like a GPS. Or, go for an adventure with compass mode. This lets you choose your own path while en route to your destination. Either way, Beeline Moto syncs to your phone and has a 4 week battery life. You’ll never get lost on your motorcycle again. Buy it here.


9.) For Those With An Unhealthy Obsession With Watches

There’s a subscription box for just about everything these days. That includes watches. WatchGang is the subscription box just for those who are obsessed with watches. You sign up (or sign up a loved one) for different tiers of boxes. You’ll also fill out a profile that looks at what style watch you like best. Then, each month you’ll get a box with a hand-picked watch from well-known designers and new brands. As a bonus, WatchGang gives away a Rolex each month to one lucky subscriber. Sign up here – Use Code “big10” To Save 10% On Your Order


10.) For The Stylish Hiker

When you go for a hike, especially on rough terrain, you need some shoes that can keep up with you. That’s exactly what the Mesa II is for. Oh, and they make you look great while you’re doing it. Nature will love and appreciate how good you look in these shoes as you walk through. They feature a BiFit composite board for great durability and comfortable flex in the forefoot. A vulcanized outsole gives you tread and traction even on the sketchiest of terrain. They are also completely waterproof so you can trek anywhere. Buy it here.


11.) For The Manly Coffee Lover

Sure, you can love coffee and sip lattes and “candy coffee” all day long. Or, you can be a manly coffee lover and brew your cup of joe with this Makita Coffee Maker. Yes, that’s the same Makita that makes your favorite power tools. This unique tool keeps you going throughout the day when you’re on the job. It is powered by the Makita batteries that you already have and can make several cups of coffee on a single charge. Is there a manlier way to brew your coffee? Buy it here.


12.) For The Audiophile

The great debate over whether vinyl sounds better won’t be settled with this gift. What you can do with it is make a record lover very happy. This unique record player features a solid hardwood base of either maple or walnut. An acrylic platter provides great speed consistency and clearer playback. At the same time, there is decreased motor noise and less distortion. For everyone that loves listening to their tunes the old-fashioned way, this record player is sure to be an instant favorite. Buy it here.


13.) For The Sophisticated Stoner

If you love a good smoke, then you might be familiar with the benefits of grinding your own herb. Black Tie Grinders give you the best way to do just that. These ultra-high quality, “Next Level” grinders do a terrific job. The pollen catching chamber has round sides and a smooth bottom, making removing pollen very easy. It also makes a great gift thanks to the quality carrying pouch that comes with each grinder. Make your favorite stoner happy with this awesome Black Tie Grinder and make the holidays even more festive. Buy it here.


14.) For The Guitarist That Sticks It To “The Man” At All Costs

Is there anything better than learning to play guitar from one of the world’s (and Rolling Stone Magazine’s) greatest guitar players of all time? The guitarist in your life definitely won’t think so. Tom Morello is a two-time Grammy winner and master electric guitar player. It is only fitting that he is teaching a master class on riffs, rhythms, and solos. The Rage Against the Machine co-founder teaches you how to up your guitar game in this awesome online class. You’ll even be learning how to create your very own musical style. Sign up here.


15.) For The Gun Lover

‘Merica lovers are going to love this shotglass. It features the text “’Merica EST. 1776” and has caught a .308 round in the side. Yes, that’s a genuine round. The glass itself is big enough to pour an 8.5 oz of whiskey. You’ll feel bulletproof as you throw back 100 proof. This unique whiskey glass makes for a great decoration and a great actual drinking glass as well. Gun lovers will adore the clever use of a .308 bullet and will also love showing it off to everyone. Buy it here – Get 15% Off With Code “DW15”.



16.) For the Hunter

After a successful hunting outing, all hunters know how important it is to clean their game in the field. Not only does this help avoid a mess in the garage, it keeps your kill fresher and safer. This Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit has everything you need to get the job done. Both full-tang blades are ideal for halving, quartering, and slicing with precision and ease. The large gut-hook is perfect for making larger cuts. The knives fit into a paddle-style sheath for easy transport. Finally, they feature textured rubber handles, so you can keep a steady grip on the knife. Buy it here.


17.) For The Hairy Beast

How can someone get so hairy? Are they actually part ape? These are two questions you won’t have to ask after gifting your hairy relative a Mangroomer. This unique tool is ideal for taming the forests of fur that many men struggle with. It features a 1.8 inch ultra-wide back groomer blade and a foldable arm to reach even the furthest areas. It even includes a Power Burst button to shave through extra thick hair in breeze. Buy it here.


18.) For The Man Who Prefers Experiences Over Things

They say that some things are more valuable than, well, things. Experiences are one of those. If you haven’t heard of it already, the website IfOnly offers some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’ve featured quite a few here on The Daily Want. These experiences make a great Christmas gift for any guy (or anyone). You could have a meet and greet with Marshmello, Shawn Mendes, have a cooking class taught by a professional chef, take private coffee brewing lessons, bourbon tours, or meet stars of your favorite TV shows including ‘SEAL Team’. Find them here.


19.) For The Man Who Loves Subscription Boxes

We’ve already highlighted one subscription box. That one featured watches for the man who loves a nice watch. Cairn Subscription Boxes offer something for the guy who leans more towards the outdoors. In each box, you get a variety of survival, camping, hiking, and outdoor supplies worth more than three times the value of the box. These could be food, clothes, or gear. Whatever you get, you’re going to love it when you go on your next adventure. Sign up here.


20.) Customize His Smart Watch

Having a smart watch can be really nice. Unfortunately, they are also pretty fragile. If the man in your life works outdoors, loves adventuring in tough environments, or works out in the wilderness, that watch will be toast. Now though, you can give it an upgrade with Rhino Band. These bands are like a Lifeproof case for your smartwatch. They have styles available for Apple Watches, Garmin smartwatches, and more. Buy it here.


21.) For The T-Shirt Master

For many guys, the right T-shirt can complete any outfit. A T-shirt can also be an expression of who you are. Homage helps ensure that you get the perfect shirt for any occasion. Whether you want to rep your favorite sports team with a modern day logo or don a retro style shirt, they have you covered. They also have some awesome NBA Jam retro style shirts that are perfect for the holidays. No matter what design you choose, their shirts are soft, comfy, and fit great. Get it here – New customers Get 20% With Code “NEW20”


22.) For The Super High-End Sweats Lover

There’s a lot to be said for a comfy pair of sweatpants. Unfortunately, your only choice these days might be a pair of athletic joggers that are better at keeping you warm than comfy. And who wants hot legs? We’d much rather have comfy legs. These Mika Jaymes sweats come in a variety of styles that are sophisticated, sporty, and comfortable. They have slim fit, loose fit, and everything in between. All their sweats are handmade in LA and are insanely comfortable. Buy it here – New Customers Get 20% Off First Order With Code “SAVE20”


23.) For The Meat Eater

One of the hardest parts about cooking delicious meat is the painful waiting process of defrosting it. However, with the Fairbridge Fast Tray there is no more waiting. This neat little kitchen gadget lets you defrost meat and other frozen foods quickly with no need for electricity, a microwave, or hot water. In just 30-60 minutes you can defrost chicken, steak, pork, lamb, and more. Best yet, it will cook your meat partially before you even throw it on the grill. Any meat-a-tarians in your life will love this. Buy it here.


24.) For The Health Conscious Dude

If you have a guy that is health conscious or is trying to lose some weight around the holidays, the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale is a perfect gift. Though you might think about Fitbit as a company that makes wearables, this scale fits (pun intended) right into their lineup. It can automatically recognize up to 8 different users and syncs wirelessly with your Fitbit app via Wi-Fi. It runs on just 4 AA batteries and helps you track your weight data over time. Buy it here.


25.) The Perfect Everyday Carry Gift

A great pocket knife is an essential item to carry for every guy. The Blur Black from Kershaw is a great one to add to your arsenal. You can completely customize the knife depending on which side you carry it. For example, you can change the thumbstud, handle, and even the position of the blade. A SpeedSafe assisted opening system lets you open the knife with one hand easily and quickly. The knife fits discreetly in almost any pocket, allowing you to carry it without drawing attention. Buy it here.


26.) For The Man Who Takes Comfort Seriously

Now that winter is upon us, a pair of comfortable and warm slippers can make all the difference. For guys who love to keep their feet warm there is no better option than the Ugg Ascot Plaid Slipper. They’re a classic style and the plaid accent gets you ready for the cold months ahead. Just imagine sitting next to a cozy fire with a good book or Netflix movie while kicking your feet up in these bad boys. Buy it here.


27.) For The Professional Guy

We all know that a professional guy needs an awesome bag to contain all his top-secret stuff. Or at least some snacks and his laptop to get through those horribly long meetings. This Gibson Messenger Bag has plenty of room for both. It features a roomy pocket for a laptop up to 15” that is lined with fleece to avoid scratches. A zipper pouch inside and mesh organizers help you keep your stuff in order. A key clip inside gives you a great way to not lose them again. Buy it here.


28.) For The Dude That Enjoys A Good Bourbon

George Remus is well-known for making some of the best bourbon during Prohibition days. Now, his tradition is being carried on in the form of Remus Repeal Reserve II. This 2018 edition follows up the award-winning Remus Repeal Series I. This 100 proof bourbon features 50% alcohol by volume that is strong enough to keep you warm on even the coldest of winter nights. Any whiskey and bourbon enthusiast will love this fine bourbon from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Buy it here.


29.) For The Guy Who Refuses To Grow Up

Sure, hearing the word Razer probably doesn’t inspire you when thinking of gift giving for an adult man. But you haven’t seen the Razer DXT Drift Trike yet. This awesome trike meshes downhill riding and drifting in perfect harmony. Super Slider POM rear wheels attached to a steel frame make this perfect for big kids. That’s all guys are anyway. You can tear around corners, throw a fish tail, or whip a fast 180 on this bad boy. Buy it here.


30.) For The Man With A Need For Speed

Sure, you probably can’t afford to buy the guy in your life his favorite sports car. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let him drive one. This awesome experience puts him behind the wheel of some of the world’s coolest cars. Whether he wants to tear down the track in an Italian legend like a Ferrari or Lamborghini or take precise turns with a German engineered Porsche, it will be a day to remember. Don’t forget about the power and roar of classic American muscle cars like the Corvette. Sign up here.


31.) For The Dude That Likes To Grow What He Eats

If your guy is into growing his own food, then look no further than the smart garden that is the AeroGarden Farm Plus. This nifty set-up features 60W dual LED lights to grow your plants even faster. You can connect this garden to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and control it from anywhere. You’ll never kill another plant by forgetting to water it. Plus, this AeroGarden comes with a free Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit to get you growing in no time at all. Buy it here.