The 25 Best Craft Beer Breweries In America

Best Craft Beer Breweries

The results are in, the Brewers Association have spoken, and these are the best craft beer breweries in America. Taking the top honors this year is America’s oldest craft brewery (Yuengling). My vote for the best craft beer brewery in America is ranked #15 on the list (Sweetwater)

There are more craft beer breweries in America right now than there have been at any point since before Prohibition. The craft beer industry has absolutely exploded in recent years. If you’re reading this article right now I’d wager that there are a handful of craft beers currently chilling in your fridge.

These rankings come from the official craft Brewers Association. They are the main voice for craft beer brewers in America. The association releases this list annually and it ranks the best craft beer breweries of the previous year.

Best Craft Beer Breweries

Best Craft Beer Breweries

Something worth noting is there isn’t a single brewery from the state of Florida ranked in the top 50. Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa, Florida has made a great name for itself with customers. However, it appears as if Cigar City’s success with customers hasn’t translated to success with fellow craft beer brewers.

The rankings actually go all the way from 1 to 50. So, if your favorite craft beer brewery didn’t make the top 25 there’s a chance they’re in the top 50. You can see the full rankings, as well as a ranking of the best macro breweries in America, on the Brewers Association website.

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