10 Best Cryptocurrency Gifts for Every Bitcoin Fan

It might not be 2015 anymore, but Bitcoin is still exceedingly popular. Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies have also entered the market and are picking up steam. Not everyone is on board with the crypto movement, but those who are tend to be fully engaged.

When it comes to shopping for a cryptocurrency fan though, things can get tricky. After all, there’s a lot of tech jargon that floats around with virtual money that goes over the heads of most people. Then again, does anyone really, really know how it works? Probably not. We certainly aren’t experts on the tech itself so if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency crash course, we suggest checking out this guide from Investopedia. Otherwise, stick around for some awesome crypto-themed products and useful tools.  

From a crypto wallet (yes you can still have a wallet for your virtual money) to some punny tees, we’ve complied this list of the best gifts you can get for a Bitcoin fan. Without further ado, here are the 10 best gifts for any cryptocurrency lover:


Trezor Hardware Crypto Wallet

We feature a lot of wallets here on The Daily Want and most of them look a lot different than this one. Rather than leather or canvas, this one is made of a touchscreen and circuit boards. The Trezor Model T device allows you to store the private keys to your digital funds in total security. It allows you to access the money when you need it and keep it safe in the real world when you don’t. It works with both USB-C ports and microSD connections. The convenient touchscreen display gives you ease of control over all transactions. Best of all, you can set the wallet up in just three quick steps and the kit comes with everything you need to get started. Buy it here


Just Hodl It Shirt

This one might need some explaining… In the world of cryptocurrency, things run similarly to the stock market. A popular slang term is “HODL.” This means you should hold onto your crypto rather than selling it. Of course, you’d want to hold if you think the markets will steadily go up and to the right (gaining value). While we don’t love studying markets here, we do love a good pun. And that’s exactly what this shirt brings. Featuring the iconic Nike swoosh embellished with a candlestick chart of steadily rising prices, it urges you to “Just HODL It.” The super comfy 90% cotton 10% polyester blend is soft and light which makes this shirt impossible to not love. Buy it here


The Envoy Rose Gold & Black Watch

Who doesn’t love to show off their bling? When you’re rolling in Bitcoin, you should have plenty of it to show. You can flex on all the paper currency lovers with this stylish Bitcoin themed watch from Envoy. It features a Bitcoin logo over a skeleton see-through design that lest you see the inner workings of the watch. Meanwhile, the 42-mm rose gold case surrounds binary digits marking the hours. It also features a second hand that ends in the Bitcoin symbol. Finally, the 316L stainless-steel chain-link band is corrosion resistance and maintains a glistening polish. This watch is also limited edition with only 100 available so don’t miss out. Buy it here


Bitcoin Socks

They make socks for everything these days. Whether you’re into retro Nintendo 64’s or futuristic virtual money, you can sport your interests on your feet. These stylish socks feature yellow Bitcoins on grey fabric and fit shoe sizes 7-13. If only you had this many Bitcoin in your virtual wallet. That would be a lot of money. The socks feature a comfortable toe stitch and a no-slip calf band so you don’t have to deal with bunching. Whether you’re working as an accountant during the day or going out on the town by night, these socks let you fly your crypto nerd flag anytime. Buy it here


Bitcoin Cufflinks

Remember when we said there are socks for literally everything? The same can be said about cufflinks. Just because you’re wearing a tux doesn’t mean you have to opt for boring old pins to keep your sleeves together. If you want to show off your billionaire personality (even if the bank account doesn’t match) these Bitcoin cufflinks are perfect. They feature the Bitcoin logo and official saying “Libertas, aequitas, veritas.” Don’t ask us what it means. The silver-plated cufflinks are perfect for yourself or as a gift to a techy friend that has the task of dressing up a lot. Buy it here



If decorating your feet and the ends of your sleeves with crypto isn’t enough, you can use CryptoArt to decorate your home. But that’s not all. Each handmade work of art doubles as a secure storage device for your virtual currency. Through use of a QR code you can safely send and receive Bitcoin transactions. Can a Picasso or Monet do that? We didn’t think so. Each piece of CryptoArt is a limited-edition print that will have a unique blockchain number that only you can use. However, art traders can exchange private keys without damaging it. We love the Cold War / Steampunk recruitment poster vibes from this art and think you will too. After all, who needs the government’s money when you can mine your own? Buy it here


Coinmine Crypto Mining Rig

Speaking of mining your own Bitcoin, here’s the perfect way to get started. We’ve featured the Coinmine system here before as a beginner-level way to ease into the world of cryptocurrency. By plugging Coinmine into a power outlet and connecting it to Wi-Fi, you can start building your virtual stash of cryptocurrency at home just like that. Currently, you can mine Ethereum, Monero, Grin, and Zcash and more forms are likely to be added soon. You can control Coinmine with your smartphone and keep track of the currency you’ve mined from anywhere. With this easy to use system, you’ll be mining your own crypto in no time. Buy it here


Bitcoin Roller Coaster Mouse Pad

Anyone who has even slightly followed the Bitcoin market in the last few years knows that it has truly been a roller coaster. From millionaire-making highs to devastating lows, cryptocurrency has seen it all. With all the time you’ll spend online managing your virtual currency, you’ll need a good mouse pad. This one sums up the wild ride of Bitcoin in a cute cartoon graphic that’s lighthearted enough to help you forget about losing money. Who doesn’t love roller coasters? The mouse pad features a smooth fabric surface for easy movement and measures in at 8.5” x 7”. Buy it here


Mastering Bitcoin Book

Like we said, we aren’t here to teach you how Bitcoin works. We’ll leave that up to cryptocurrency expert Neil Hoffman. In just six months, he completely changed his life by becoming a millionaire through cryptocurrency trading. Now, he will show you what and how you can do to increase your riches. Countless people got rich in the big Bitcoin boom of the early 2010s. Now, things are a little trickier. That’s why this book is a great idea. It explains how Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) works so that you can understand what you’re getting into. It also highlights accessible lessons and practical steps to help you start building your virtual portfolio. Buy it here



No list of best gifts for cryptocurrency lovers would be complete without the cold, hard, virtual cash, right? When in doubt, gift money. That’s exactly what you can do with Coinbase. It allows you to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency and manage a portfolio all in one place. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin on Coinbase. The app keeps your currency safe while also giving you options to manage it over time. You can track its performance, set recurring buys, and more. Coinbase is backed by an insurance policy so if your money ever disappears or is stolen, you can rest easy. 20 million people have already used Coinbase as a way to trade cryptocurrency and now you can to. Buy it here

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