Best Driving Shoes for 2020

When you get behind the wheel, whether it’s for a casual Sunday drive or a time trial on the track, you should be wearing a great pair of driving shoes. Specially designed to boost your driving performance, the shoes on this list are the best we could find in 2019. If you’re looking for a casual pair of loafers, we’ve got you covered. How about a pair of limited-edition Italian driving boots? Yep, we’ve got those too. We even have a pair from the car-legends at Goodyear that are trusted by professional racers all over the world.

Driving shoes help you stay in control, stay comfortable, and stay stylish when you get behind the wheel. Still think you don’t need a pair? Think again. Every driver should have a pair of shoes that are worthy of the sport of driving. Take a look at our best driving shoes for 2019 and let us know which ones you like the best:

Mio Marino Mens Loafers

These Italian-style loafers are perfect for taking to the open road. They feature a modern and stylish look combined with high performance. A leather and rubber sole comes with a grip pattern perfect for keeping you firmly in control of the pedals. Meanwhile, PU leather construction means your new shoes won’t crack and fade from the sun or the elements. Their classic profile is perfect whether you’re behind the wheel of a Ferrari or your Accord. Gifting these shoes to a fellow driver couldn’t be easier thanks to a designer waterproof bag that comes with them. Buy it here

Slip-on Moccasin Boat Shoes

For men looking for a simple shoe to wear while driving, look no further than this pair from Jivana. The no-nonsense style is perfect for guys not looking to draw attention to their feet. A high-quality PU upper is soft and flexible so it won’t wear your foot out on a long drive. Meanwhile, a lightweight PVC outsole is the perfect material for anti-slippage. Don’t tell that to the shoe though. These bad boys are easy to slide on and off and won’t rub your feet once they’re in place. The moccasin style shoe is perfect for wearing with trousers or jeans and will complete your outfit for any casual event in style. Buy it here

Ezkrwxn Suede Leather Driving Shoes

Who says Elvis is the only one cool enough to wear blue suede shoes? With these on your feet, you’ll feel just as badass as the king of rock n’ roll. A soft suede calfskin leather completes the upper while royal blue coloring makes it pop. A pig skin leather cushioned foot bed keeps your foot comfortable all day. The shoe also features sweat-releasing technology, so you won’t find yourself getting clammy. Underneath, the shoe looks almost like baseball cleats and has plenty of traction for gripping the pedals. Buy it here

Bruno Marc Conway-01 Driving Oxford Sneakers

Read carefully, friends. These are Bruno MarC, not Bruno MarS. Although, we would certainly buy a pair of driving shoes from the latter. Regardless, you should have been able to tell that these shoes weren’t designed by a pop star. Instead, they are the perfect driving shoes for the guy whose final destination might be a hiking trail. A rubber sole compliments a suede and mesh upper complete with laces to ensure these shoes don’t slide off. They feature a sturdy build that is perfect for wearing behind the wheel and on mild-terrain outdoor adventures. The people driving through mountains in car commercials probably wear these shoes. Buy it here

Goodyear Mens Ori Racer Sneaker

The name Goodyear is legendary in the car world. So, it makes sense that they have their own driving shoe. In fact, Goodyear driving shoes are trusted by professional racers around the world. Their Ori Racer features vibration resistance and support for your arch and ankles to resist fatigue and keep you in control. The PU leather upper and EVA sole are some of the best quality materials and help the shoe hold up race after race. Finally, the shoe features a maximum grip sole that keeps you from slipping when it matters most. If you want to feel like a true racer, then these shoes are for you. Buy it here

Pistone X – Piloti

Anyone looking for a premium driving shoe should seriously consider the Pistone X from Piloti. This shoe has all the makings of one that even professional drivers would drool over. It is completely hand-crafted in Portugal with genuine Italian suede. Pistone X offers a rolled heel that helps prevent foot and ankle fatigue on long drives and ensures smooth pedal transitions. For shorter, faster drives, it includes a tire tread sole pattern to grip the pedals. The lightweight shoe features a unique quilting pattern on it’s upper reminiscent of classic car seats. No, not the kind you put kids in. There’s nothing childish about this premium driving shoe. Buy it here

The Roadster – Piloti

We think Piloti’s driving shoes are so good that we wanted to share another style in case the Pistone X didn’t cut it for you. The Roadster is more of a driving dress boot than the rest of the loafers on this list. This one is handmade in Italy with premium materials including genuine leather and CX6 carbon fiber paneling to reduce weight and add strength. Laser etched hardware features the official Pagani branding while the high-rise boot offers tremendous ankle support. The rubber-inject leather sole is a perfect blend of performance and style. This shoe is so special that Piloti only made 250 pairs. So, get your hands on one today before they’re gone. Buy it here

PUMA Vedano Leather Slip-On Shoe

We return to classic driving shoes with the Vedano from Puma. This is a versatile, lightly cushioned shoe that’s perfect for wearing behind the wheel or all-day. It features a rubber outsole for excellent traction while leather and suede merge in the upper to create a stunning combination. The Vedano is said to feel like a sneaker but look like a classy loafer that instantly ups your style. Velcro straps let you customize the fit of the shoe while a gored panel gives you extra stretch with every movement. Finally, a metal Puma logo details the tongue to remind everyone that you’re a fierce competitor on the track. Buy it here

Twisted X Lace-Up Driving Moccasins

If you’re looking for a driving shoe with that comfortable moccasin look and feel, you’ve found it. Twisted X’s lace up driving moccasins combine everything you love about slippers with the performance of a driving shoe. They are crafted with every aspect of your comfort in mind. From a premium, moisture-wicking leather footbed to a cushioned heel region, these shoes have it all. Whether you’re driving 100 laps or 100 miles, they’ll keep your feet comfortable behind the wheel. Fortunately, they’re built with a durable rubber sole so comfort doesn’t have to stop once you step out of the car. Buy it here

Cemarssi Octopus Driving Flats

When you’re serious about grip, look no further than a shoe inspired by octopus arms. These genuine leather loafers are monsters when it comes to grip. Their profile even resembles the tentacled arm of their namesake in a way. The high-quality rubber sole ferociously grips the pedals to ensure you never slip out of control. With precise stitching and a single leather strap across the top, these shoes also mean you’ll never be out of style. Buy it here

Ceyue Casual Driving Shoes 

If you’re looking for a casual pair of driving shoes that have a little bit of flair, then these are the perfect option. The breathable loafer features a genuine leather construction while a comfort cushion insole sets it apart from the rest on the list. A slip-on design allows you to quickly change in and out of the shoe while decorative laces make it a bit more stylish. Finally, a bright red feature wrapping from the sole and up the sides of the upper reminds everyone that you’re not just a driver, you’re a racer. Buy it here

Why Serious Drivers Need Driving Shoes

If you’re serious about driving (or want to be) then there are plenty of reasons you should invest in a good pair of driving shoes. First of all, shoes that are designed for driving are far more comfortable than those that aren’t. Driving shoes typically feature a rolled heel design that allows you to smoothly transition between the pedals while keeping your foot in a natural position. Other shoes have a rigid heel that makes you over-extend your ankle and can lead to fatigue.

Driving shoes also feature special traction patterns designed to grip the pedals better than regular shoes. The sole is typically designed to give you better feel so that you can stay in control, even on rapid pedal changes. By putting you firmly in control of your car, this makes driving safer as well. When you’re flying around the track and precision is key, a good pair of driving shoes can make all the difference.

Finally, the companies who design driving shoes know that drivers want a shoe that matches their interests. Just like basketball players get signature shoes that are instantly recognizable for their sport, driving shoes have a certain aesthetic that’s hard to miss. Sporting a pair of them when you get in the driver’s seat lets everyone know you mean business.

What to Look for in a Good Pair of Driving Shoes

Since driving shoes are made to serve a unique purpose, there a few things you should specifically look for when shopping for them. While a lot of the buying experience will come down to personal preference, you’ll want to ensure the shoes you choose have these important features:

Sleek Design

While you may want to seek out a durable, sturdy shoe any other time, driving shoes are a little different. They should be sleek and thin, allowing you to feel the pedals and move freely. Of course, the classic loafer fits this description pretty well, which is why it’s the style of most of the shoes on this list.

High-Quality Materials

If you’re going to invest a pair of driving shoes, you want to get a pair that will last. That’s why choosing a shoe with high-quality materials is so important. Typically, leather is a good choice for the upper as it is the ideal combination of flexible and durable. For the sole, you’ll want to look for rubber as it offers the best grip.


Once again, driving shoes should help you move, not restrict you. A good pair should be lightweight, so it doesn’t slow you down. This will ensure you can make quick pedal transitions without wearing out the small muscles that turn your foot.

Grip Strength

Since most driving shoes are designed with grip strength in mind, this probably isn’t something you’ll need to worry about. Still, you want a pair that specifically advertises strong grip strength or a grippy tread pattern.

Best Driving Shoes 2019 FAQ

Q: Why do I need driving shoes?

A: Every other sport has a shoe specially designed to improve the athlete’s performance. Whether you’re a track racer or an everyday driver, a pair of driving shoes will noticeably improve your experience behind the wheel.

Q: Should I wear socks with my driving shoes?

A: This one is totally up to you! Some drivers prefer the extra layer between their foot and the shoe while others don’t mind flashing some ankle. While loafers are typically worn without socks, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Q: Do I need to be a professional driver to get driving shoes?

A: Absolutely not! Amateur runners can still wear the same running shoes as ultra-marathoners and rec-league basketball players can still wear Lebrons. Driving shoes are no different. Anyone can (and should) invest in a good pair of them.

Q: Where should I keep my driving shoes?

A: If you’re the forgetful type, throwing a pair of driving shoes in the trunk means you’ll always have them when it’s time to drive. Otherwise, most pairs are durable enough to wear around town even after you get out of the car.