14 Best Drones Under $200 On The Market Right Now

best drones under $200

Drone sales are on the rise. By 2020, drone sales are expected to reach seven million units. That’s a 180% increase compared to sales during 2016. With so many guys around the world trying to join in on the latest technological craze, it’s important that someone has your back. We’ve got your back. Let us be your drone shaman. Let us be the guys that guide you through the technological mumbo jumbo to help find the best drones under $200. We’re just trying to help a guy out, you know?

Here are the best drones under $200


UDI 818A

best drones under $200The UDI 818A is a solid drone for the price offered. Though nothing stands out about its 720HD 30 frames per second camera, the drone charges relatively quickly (90 to 120 minutes) compared to a few others on this list. Additionally, the drone, like many of the drones on this list, has a headless feature which essentially means that you determine which direction is the drone’s front and rear, making it easy for drone noobies to bridge the gap into piloting a drone. A lot of the lower end drones don’t have this feature. The weakest feature the UDI 818A has is its limited range of only being able to fly for 40m away from the controller. Buy Here



best drones under $200Blue Jay is one of the better brands that make quadcopter drones. It’s compact (19.5 x 19.5 x 4.7 inches), lightweight, and has a great HD camera that can switch from 5MP to 8MP. Additionally, the camera can record in full 720HD at either 30 or 60 frames per second. It’s a great starting quadcopter but it isn’t without the flaws. The range on this model is only about 70m, takes around 200 minutes to charge, and only allows for about 5 to 8 minutes of play time. For the price, it’s an easy to control drone with a built in stabilizer that guarantees great photography and videography for even the most novice pilots. Buy Here



best drones under $200The SYMA X8W is bulkier than most drones, allowing the drone to face stronger winds than other drones, while still keeping its balance. This drone doesn’t feature a first person view (FPV) monitor, but can easily connect to your android or apple device through a free app. For its price, it’s amazing that the SYMA X8W has a range of 100m and a decent flight time of 7 to 8 minutes. That said, this clunky drone charges a lot slower than other models, averaging about 200 minutes to reach a full charge. Buy Here


WLToys V686G

best drones under $200WLToys is another trustworthy brand in the drone market. The V686G is one of the best drones on the market for its price point. It has a reliable flight time of 8 to 10 minutes, a solid range of 150m, and a charging time of just 90 minutes. The drone also features a 2MP FPV camera and comes with its own monitor. The V686G can experience transmission problems if flown into a room that the controller is not in. Other than that, the drone is perfect for a bro looking to dabble in drones. Buy Here



best drones under $200This drone is almost identical to the V686G with a slightly worse flight range. The package listed below comes with everything you need, but it will cost you a little more than some of the other drones on here. The reason for the higher price point for this model is that the camera on the drone transmits at 5.8Ghz. Basically, this means that the video transmission doesn’t disturb the remote frequency, which transmits at 2.4Ghz. This can be a problem with some drones on the market, so definitely avoid ones that transmit both video and remote frequencies at 2.4Ghz. Buy Here



best drones under $200The SYMA X8HG is an updated version of the SYMA X8G. This newer model features a 8MP camera (upgraded from 2MP) and allows the user to capture high quality photos and videos. The drone has two different speed settings, one for close quarters and the other for open ranges. The drone has a modest range of 100m and a flight time of 7 minutes. This drone is better suited for a bro looking to make use of the previously mentioned camera, rather than one that is testing his pilot skills. Buy Here


Holy Stone HS300

best drones under $200Besides being one of the best looking drones on the list, the HS300 has some of the best features. The main feature is a 120° wide-angle camera that is able to record 1080p video at a solid 30 frames per second. Additionally, the drone has an altitude hold feature which allows the controller to release the throttle stick and the drone will hover at its current height. Expect this drone to fly for 8 to 10 minutes at a max range of 150m. It would be the perfect drone for videographers if it wasn’t for the 200 minute battery recharge time. Buy Here


Pioneer JXD 509G

best drones under $200If you want a drone that looks like a goddamn alien attack battleship look no farther. Though it lacks as good of a camera as some of the other drones on this list, the JXD 509G makes up for it with a quick battery recharge life of 90 minutes. But seriously, look at the goddamn thing. It looks like a bully drone from a children’s cartoon Buy Here



best drones under $200It’s a mouthful of a name for such a petite drone. Seriously, this thing weighs almost nothing but it is a great drone. In such a small package you get: a high quality camera that transmits at 5.8Ghz which eliminates pretty much all video lag, 8 minutes of flight time, 100m range, and a charging time of 30 minutes. Whoever said “the bigger the better” was wrong. Buy Here



best drones under $200It’s not the prettiest drone on the list, but trust me bro, this thing is tough. You can bump into just about anything with this drone and it will survive. It’s the Rocky Balboa of drones. It has a control range of 150m, but the video transmits for up to 200m. Solid flight time of 8 to 10 minutes, and a decent charging time of 90 minutes. If you suck at taking care of your things — like me — then this might be the drone for you. Buy Here



best drones under $200The easiest way to describe the JJRC H25G would be to say that it’s the drone for you if you want to emerge yourself in FPV flight. Don’t get it wrong, bro, there are better drones for FPV flight. This is a solid drone for someone who is new to FPV flight and wants to test the waters, and they’ll be able to for up to 10 minutes of flight time at a maximum range of 200m. Buy Here



best drones under $200This model from JJRC focuses on videography and photography. It might just be one of the least expensive drones to feature a 3MP camera. Though the flight time is only 6 to 7 minutes, this quirky quadrocopter can reach a max range of 300m. Great for any bro looking to grab a few scenic shots. Buy Here



best drones under $200The HUBSAN H502S is one of the first affordable to feature brushless motors, which makes the drone a lot more powerful and resilient. The drone has a slew of features usually limited to expensive drones such as GPS, altitude hold, low battery protection, follow me mode to name a few. Hands down the drone with the best built in camera on the list. But what really makes this drone stand out is that on top of all the previously mentioned features, it has a flight time of 10 to 12 minutes at a maximum range of 300m to 400m. Buy Here


best drones under $200This drone looks like an evil superhero when you look at it from the front. Though the drone lacks a camera of its own, it has mount that supports GoPro cameras as well as other action cameras. The MJX BUGS 3 shares a lot of the same features as the HUBSAN H502S, but has a battery life of 14 to 16 minutes and a max range of 400m! In comparison to the other drones we’ve looked at on this list, that suy if you already own a GoPro. Buy Here

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