10 Best Duck Boots For Men That Aren’t Made By L.L. Bean

best duck boots for men

Whether you get soaked during Spring or covered in snow during Winter, duck boots are an essential shoe for every man living in a wet and cold climate. There’s no worse feeling than walking around with drenched socks all day, especially while enjoying the great outdoors. And while L.L. Bean can be credited with inventing the duck boot in 1912, there are a number of high quality brands that you should consider when buying a new pair of duck boots. Today, we are listing the best duck boots for men that work as excellent substitution for L.L. Bean. Because while we love Bean boots, sometimes we want to branch out and try boots from other great brands like Sorel and Sperry.

Here Are The Best Duck Boots For Men

Sorel Men’s Ankeny Snow Boot

best duck boots for menSorel is one of the most respected cold weather footwear companies in North America. Originating in Canada, Sorel has perfected the art of creating a boot designed to keep your feet warm and dry during the coldest and wettest winter activities. In addition to being waterproof, these boots have a molded EVA footbed with a heel cup and arch support to protect your feet while you move. Comfy. Slick. Warm. Is there anything else you need in a duck boot? Buy Here


Forsake Duck – Men’s Waterproof Leather Performance Sneakerboot

best duck boots for menForsake Duck’s Waterproof Sneakerboot is designed to prevent even the smelliest feet from stinking up the place. Unlike other duck boots on this list, this boot is fitted with a breathable and waterproof that material that manages to keep your feet dry while letting the air out. In addition, these duck boots are fitted with smell-resistant footbeds, equipped with sweat-wicking lining that features microbial treatment. Despite being made of leather, these duck boots are plenty casual and perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Buy Here


Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Full-Grain Cold-Weather Boot

best duck boots for menThese high-top lace-up Sorel boots are a mixture of leather and synthetic material. You’ll struggle to find a lace-up boot that seals as well as these duck boots. These are a must-have for any man looking to keep his feet warm and dry during the next big snow storm. If you’re looking for footwear with a traditional look, make sure to check these out. Shovelling your driveway won’t seem so bad when you have these boots on. Buy Here


Baffin Men’s Moose Rubber Boot

best duck boots for menThe Moose Rubber Boot is designed to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -20°C/-4°F. With a slip-resistant outsole, you should have no problems clearing your property of snow and ice. If your feet are a little wider than normal, this duck boot should fit you perfectly. The boot is built to accommodate thick winter socks, and with a pull tab on the heel you won’t have an issue fitting into them. Additionally, these boots have great ankle support to prevent injuries while walking on rough terrain. Buy Here


Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boot

best duck boots for menThe Sperry Decoy Rain Boot does more than keep your feet drying during storms. The wave-spring traction found on the bottom of the boot is second to none. Though the boots themselves are made of leather and rubber, the laces are made from genuine rawhide. This will give your laces a toughness that you won’t find on many other duck boots. And, while these boots work perfectly, they are approximately 20% lighter than other boots you’ll find on the market due to the foam shell used for insulation. Buy Here


LaCrosse Men’s Uplander II 10-Inch Snow Boot

best duck boots for menHands down, these are the tallest boots on this list. With a length measuring 10” from the arch, you won’t have to worry about your pants getting wet, or having snow/rain sneaking in through the top. Built to be completely waterproof with optimal traction control, it’s easy to see why LaCrosse has been making duck boots for the past 100 years. You won’t find a better boot to use in the later half of hunting season. Buy Here


London Fog Mens Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot

best duck boots for menIf you live in a metropolitan area, you should consider buying an inexpensive pair of duck boots like London Fog’s Ashford Duck Boot. Not only will they mostly withstand a trek through the wilderness, these boots will do you just fine as you navigate the city. Built with a waterproof shell and made of primarily leather material, you’ll struggle to find a more fashionable duck boot at such an affordable price. Buy Here


Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot

Sorel boots are not only ideal for summer rainstorms, but they’re perfectly designed to protect your feet in the coldest months of the year. They are almost completely designed for with Winter in mind, as they are completely waterproof and seam-sealed to keep your feet warm and dry. Once you buy a pair of Sorel’s, you won’t try another boot ever again. There’s a reason they’re featured three times on this list. Buy Here


Kamik Men’s Fargo Boot

best duck boots for menMade of completely waterproof material, these duck boots are seam-sealed to help keep your feet dry even in the biggest storm of the year. With an ankle-high style, you can expect your shoes to blend in with your suit during those rainy commutes. In addition to looking professional, these duck boots are incredibly comfortable. With an EVA memory footbed and a comfort system designed to provide lightweight shock absorption, your feet will never be sore. The perfect duck boot for an every white collar worker. Buy Here


Johnston & Murphy: Thompson Duck Boot

best duck boots for menNot only is the Thompson Duck Boot one of the best manufactured boots on this list, it’s one of the comfiest. The boot has a memory foam footbed which might sound like overkill, but this feature makes you feel like you’re standing on pillows. Not only is this boot practical, it’s fashionable. Somehow, Johnston & Murphy have managed to perfect form and function with the Thompson Duck Boot. You get what you pay for — and you won’t be disappointed. Buy Here

The concludes our list of the best duck boots for men that aren’t made by L.L. Bean. If you think we missed a pair or brand that you love, email us!

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