20 Best Gifts For Gearheads Ready For Their Next Drive

Every gearhead knows that there’s more to the lifestyle than having a nice car. It’s about the tools, the décor, the scents, and the track experiences. Putting everything together makes it more than just an addiction to cool cars.

But what happens if you aren’t a gearhead and need to shop for one? We’re here to help. By combining our own love of cars and scouring the internet for the coolest items, this list was born. It contains twenty of the best gifts any gearhead or car enthusiast will love. From driving gloves to wall art and coffee table books to useful tools, we’ve got all your bases covered.

If you are the gearhead, welcome to your new wish list. Sorry about your wallet, it might be empty soon.

Here are the twenty best gifts for the gearhead in your life:



We hang pictures of the things that mean the most to us so why not hang up a portrait of your car? At Petrolified you can purchase high-quality framed photos of your most prized possession. You can get pictures of your dream car, your current car, a car that means something to you or one you just think looks cool. There is even a customizable section so you can make the print as unique as the relationship between you and your car. We won’t judge. Each car portrait is hand crafted and hand drawn by the owner of the company. Buy it here


Surecan Fuel Gas Can

Can we fuel it? Yes, we can! With a flexible rotating knob, you’ll never have to worry about catching the right angle ever again. This self-venting fuel can will leave you worry free about smelling up your garage, or you know, exploding. SureCan holds 2.2 gallons so it’s enough to gas up your bike or top off your car in an emergency. It’s also awesome for filling lawn equipment like that pesky mower or weed wacker. The thumb trigger makes it easy to fill up your tank with ease and the child proof lock makes it difficult for the kiddos to get into. Using this fuel can is blissful and will make filling up the tank almost as enjoyable as riding in whatever vehicle you’re filling up. Buy it here


Complete Emergency Car Kit

With this well packed and well stocked emergency car kit for two you’ll never have to ask, “What if?” The kit includes everything imaginable. 24 ounces of pre-rationed water along with two granola bars are packed away in this waterproof bag. You will also receive emergency ponchos, body warmers and blankets. Of course, an emergency kit would not be complete without a handy dandy first aid kit. It also includes multi-use things like safety vests, duct tape, bungee cords and so much more. Last but not least a deck of playing cards is stuffed in there for all your time passing needs. But it here


Iron and Resin Shop Apron

No man cave attire is complete without a good old apron. No, this isn’t your wife’s cooking apron covered in flowers and birds. This Iron and Resin apron will leave you speechless when you see how comfortable the crossed, over shoulder design is. There are pockets sewn into the front so that you have easy access to screws, wrenches, or snacks. The apron is made with three ingredients, cotton waxed canvas, premium cowhide leather, and copper rivets. Can’t go wrong with these three basic things. This apron is also made in the United States by hand with a triple guarantee. So, let nothing stand in the way between your shirt and your work, except this apron. Buy it here


BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Scan Tool

Take the guess work out of your car with this scan tool. It will tell you exactly what is wrong when that pesky check engine light comes on. This Bluetooth scan tool will send the diagnostic results right to your phone, giving you more time to fix the problem at hand rather than trying to figure out what exactly is wrong. The device connects with both Apple and Android phones. If you’re still feeling skeptical, just keep in mind that this tool is used by car professionals everywhere. It can really cut down the time spent fiddling with something that isn’t even causing the problem. Fixing cars is a great pastime but why not make it a little easier on yourself? Buy it here


Makita Cordless High Torque Square Drive Impact Wrench

When it comes to your projects in the garage, you need the right tools at your disposal. Sometimes a handheld wrench just isn’t enough. That’s where this high torque square drive impact wrench comes in. The tool is powered by an efficient brushless motor that optimizes battery life to keep it running 50% longer. It features a half inch anvil with a friction ring for quick and easy socket changes. You can deliver up to 740 ft.lbs. of max torque and a whopping 1,180 ft.lbs of breakaway torque. If you can’t get the job done with these specs, you might need professional help. Otherwise, this tool is ready to give your garage a level up. Buy it here


Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile

Right after you hang up your car art from Petrolified, you can dive into some history. The visual history of cars that is. This book is a #1 Amazon best seller and for good reason. It is jam packed with 360 pages between its hardcovers. Glossy, high-definition photos illustrate the brief and easy to read blocks of text that tell the story of good-looking automobiles. The book is written and curated by Giles Chapman, award-winning writer on the history and culture of cars. If you’re going to read about it from anyone, you might as well learn from an expert. Even if you don’t read it through, the pictures are well worth the purchase. Buy it here


Cocode Detail Brush Set

When you care about keeping your car shiny and clean, a good set of detailing tools makes your job much easier. This brush set comes in five sizes, perfect for every nook and cranny of your car. Clean off the lug nuts, narrow spaces, and cracks of all sorts. The boar hair and synthetic fiber brushes offer a great combination of strength and flexibility. Meanwhile, they’re gentle enough for Nappa leather seats and shiny exterior trim and emblems. You can use them both wet and dry depending on the project at hand. The brushes also feature a hole in the handle for hanging so the brushes stay pristine when not in use. Buy it here


SCCA Membership

For anyone unsure of the acronym, SCCA stands for Sports Car Club of America. This is an awesome membership for car lovers. They offer three tiers of membership, including standard, and First Gear which is aimed at helping those under 24 get started. SCCA also has a family membership for families who all love cars. All memberships include a subscription to SportsCar magazine, club participation licenses, a car decal, insurance benefits for your ride, and discounts on club merchandise. Whether you want to race the clock, get started in the pits, or experience once in a lifetime adventures at the track this membership is for you. Buy it here


Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

We all know you should be sporting a helmet when riding your motorcycle. They don’t always look cool while keeping you safe though. This one brings the best of both worlds. It features a lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell construction for great impact protection. You’ll look through a Transitions adaptive ClickRelease shield that darkens in response to bright sunlight. That means you don’t need to worry about putting on sunglasses underneath. The face shield also offers UV protection and anti-fog technology. Finally, it contains an integrated communication port for hands free control on the road. Buy it here


Track Day

If you’re a driving enthusiast, there aren’t many things more exciting than a track day. The wind rushing by, the tires squealing underneath you as you tear up the roadway. Jolts of adrenaline combining with the shifting of your gears. For any car lover with their own ride, a day on the track makes a perfect gift. MotorsportReg offers a list of events all over the country where amateur and semi-pro drivers can enjoy a day on the track. Take a look at the list and find a date and location that works best for you then fill up your tank and get driving. Buy it here


Harssidanzar Men’s Leather Driving Gloves

When you’re gripping the wheel, having a nice pair of gloves between your hand and the material of it can make all the difference. In the winter especially, driving gloves are a must have. These sheepskin gloves are both soft and supple, offering a perfect experience. Just don’t try to pronounce the name. Meanwhile, ventilation ducts between each finger offer maximum ventilation and keep your hands dry. The gloves feature a unique design that matches the rotation of your fingers and adapts to your hand overtime for even better comfort. Through it all, you can maintain the natural dexterity of your hand since the gloves don’t interfere with movement. They are also touchscreen-responsive for controlling all your favorite devices. Buy it here


World Car Logos Giant Garage Sign

No one likes spending all their time in a garage with white walls. But when your favorite car is sitting out there, you might spend more time in the garage than you do inside. That’s why you should start decorating. This giant garage sign is a perfect centerpiece to start decking out your car’s bedroom. It is made up of eight huge panels that make the poster almost 4 feet x 3 feet in size. Printed on thick satin paper are the logos of all your favorite car manufacturers. Everyday cars like GM sit next to dream cars like Corvette. Newer cars like Tesla are present as are historic and foreign manufacturers. No matter who your favorite is, they’re guaranteed to be somewhere on the sign. Buy it here


Flavor Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Having the right jacket for riding your bike is a must. Whether the chill of fall is in the air or it’s a breezy summer day, a jacket helps cut the wind when you hit high speeds. This one is a perfect choice that will keep you shielded and looking stylish. Made from 100 percent genuine leather and a polyester lining filled with cotton, the jacket has all the makings of a clothing masterpiece. Meanwhile, it features two hand pockets, a chest pocket, and two secret internal pockets. The jacket also features a removable hood that you can attach when you arrive at your destination and remove when on your bike so it doesn’t flap around. Buy it here


Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Tool Chest

Remember those tools we talked about a while back? You’re going to need a place to put them unless you want your garage looking like a greasy mechanic shop. This Craftsman tool chest is a perfect solution for organizing all your small and large handheld tools with ease. It features six drawers of different sizes that roll smoothly on ball bearings. The chest also has a key locking system so you can keep your tools and some small valuables (like a spare key to your ride) secure. The heavy-duty construction of the chest means it is perfect for the garage and will last a lifetime. Trust us, your grandpa has one of these somewhere from his days of tinkering in the garage. Buy it here


Denver Waxed Canvas Travel Duffle Bag

When you’re on the go, whether for a quick weekend getaway or a long roadtrip, you need a bag that can travel with you. That’s where this duffle comes in. Its waxed canvas construction is as hearty as it is timeless. Full grain leather and stout nickel hardware blend perfectly to give the bag a classic and reliable feel. For those who love the outdoors, the road, or even business trips, this duffle is a perfect travel companion. You can throw it on the back of your bike, in the trunk of the car, or carry it through the airport without worrying if a cheap strap will break or the material will rip. This bag is built to last a lifetime no matter where you take it. Buy it here


WeatherTech Floor Liners

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of WeatherTech floor mats by now. After all, they have commercials running on just about every major TV channel and your favorite podcast host has probably done a bit on them. Still, we’re here to tell you how awesome they are. I personally use them in my car and love them. They save a ton of work, especially if you live in a place with salt on the roads in the winter. The mats are custom fitted to your car so every nook and cranny is covered. Then, you can just hose them down with water and let them dry and they’re good as new. Your car’s carpets will thank you. Buy it here


Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Monitor

Sometimes it’s nice to have eyes in the back of your head… or your car at least. This dash cam and rear camera system from Pyle gives you eyes in both directions that are always recording. The full 1080p HD video automatically gets recorded and even includes sound thanks to a built in microphone. It gets synced to a 32GB hard drive that stores the most recent video. Should you find yourself in an accident or as the victim of a car burglary, this camera system is a lifesaver. It will give you concrete evidence of what happened and gives you peace of mind while on the road (or away from your car). Buy it here


Piloti Driving Shoes

When you’re serious about driving, a good pair of driving shoes can make all the difference. We all love cruise control because our feet tire out when you’re driving for a long period of time. On the track, you don’t have that luxury. That’s where the ultimate driving shoes from Piloti come in. They come in several different styles for both men and woman and have something for every taste. Their shoes feature a thin rubber sole to deliver great pedal feel with rolled heel technology that facilitates a smooth driving motion. Meanwhile, they have perforated footbeds for breathability and Onsteam anti-microbial lining inside to keep you smelling fresh. Check out their collection now and find your perfect pair. Buy it here


Gent Scents Membership

If you’ve ever seen a good action movie, you can just tell the guy driving a cool car also smells good. Part of it might be cologne, but part of it is probably the gentlemanly scent of his badass ride. That’s where Gent Scents comes in. They offer a range of awesome scents to keep the inside of your car smelling like James Bond. Everything from Cedar and Sandalwood to Leather and Bay Rum. You can sign up to get a fresh scent delivered every month so your car always smells its best. Just imagine picking someone up for a date in a car that smells this good. We don’t have to tell you what the power of a good first impression can do. Buy it here


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