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Kayaking is a great sport for all to enjoy. Whether you are racing down whitewater rapids or taking the kayaks on top of the mini van down to the local lake, it is fun for everyone. Beginners and advanced thrill seekers alike can enjoy an afternoon on the water in a kayak.

Did you know that Eskimos were the first people to invent and use kayaks? Yep, they used the skeletons of whales and skin of seals to make the small boats. Thankfully we have come a long way with our modern kayak technology. For the kayaker in your life, it might be hard to think of a gift that goes well with their pastime. After all, what more than a kayak and paddle do you need for kayaking. It turns out, you need quite a lot of gear. So, we’ve put together this handy list of the Best Gifts For Kayakers. Enjoy!

Best Gifts For Kayakers


Yatra Aquatune 9612 – Portable Waterproof Rugged Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, honestly do we need to describe this product after that name? No, probably not. But, we are going to anyway. Inside and out this speaker is meant to handle outdoor adventure. It’s shockproof design and IPX6 waterproof rating means it can be submersed or dropped without worry. A 12-hour battery life keeps you rocking no matter how long your kayak trip is. (Unless it’s more than 12 hours). Still, you can recharge in just 2 hours. Enjoy hands-free calling with Bluetooth without having to take your phone out and risk it getting ruined. Oh, and if you were wondering about the sound quality… don’t. This device has a powerful 9W speaker with All Weather Sound technology for HD sound rain or shine.




Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder

Sure, Garmin might be better known for helping you find where you are, not where a fish is. To be more precise, where all the fish are. In a unique turn of events, they decided to use their awesome finding skills and put them into this fish finder. It uses ClearVu Scanning Sonar to find what is in the water around you. The images you see are near-photographic with detailed representations that let you tell the difference between fish, objects and other structures. A simple interface allow you to easily control the device. It also includes a GPS system with a waypoint map. You can mark obstacles harmful to your kayak like brush or stumps while marking hotspots for fish catching.

Best Gifts For Kayakers




Yakgrips Black Kayak Paddle Grips

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway into your kayaking trip and feeling the start of a blister on your hand from the paddle. As you keep paddling, it only gets worse. Then, you have an angry, painful blister on your hand that makes it hard and unenjoyable to keep going. These paddle grips are padded and smooth to help ensure that doesn’t happen. They prevent rubs and blisters thanks to their patented ultra-comfort material. Having these on your paddle also helps you have better hand placement for more efficient paddling. Finally, these are a great choice for paddles that don’t fold or come apart. They are Velcro-attachable and fit almost all sizes of kayak paddles.

Best Gifts For Kayakers


Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

Unless you have a new phone from the last couple of years, there’s a good chance your phone isn’t waterproof. Still, you’re going to want to take it with you on a kayaking trip. Unfortunately, most waterproof cases won’t fit every model of phone or won’t let you use the touchscreen. This one does both. This universal phone case/sleeve from Mpow will fit any of the most popular phones on the market today. Yes, even the iPhone pluses and the large Samsung Galaxy phones. You can use your touchscreen and camera while in the case for full functionality. There is also room for cash, documents, credit cards and more to keep all your valuables safe on the water.

Best Gifts For Kayakers - Waterproof Case




Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella

When you’re kayaking on open water, the sun beating down on you can be miserable. This unique, 5-way adjustable umbrella is just the thing to hide you from it. You can attach the patented hinge to square or round surfaces securely. Then, you can adjust the umbrella in five different directions to get you shade where you actually need it. Its unique shape is also perfect for kayaking and covers your whole boat. The rugged inner of the umbrella is coated in 99% UPV sun protection and the corners are covered for eye safety. Finally, the whole thing folds down for easy transport. You can throw it in your kayak to transport once you’re done.

Best Gifts For Kayakers - Sportbrella


CreekKooler Insulated Floating Cooler

At first glance, this cooler looks a lot like the kayak you’re kayaking in. That’s for a good reason. It is designed to float along behind you. Think of it as a kayak pet that fetches you beer. What could be better? Just fill up the 30 qt. capacity cooler with ice. It will stay for 48 hours thanks to two inches of insulation. The cooler holds 20 lbs. of ice and around 30 cans. Then, attach it to your kayak with a length of rope using the durable handle and it will float right along behind you. We do suggest that you use this on less adventurous trips as it may have problems staying afloat and stable on rapids.

Best Gifts For Kayakers - Insulated Kayaker




Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

If the last entry was great for keeping your drinks floating behind you, then this one is great for keeping your dry goods floating along. We have a bit of a kayak train starting to form. Are we mad? Not at all. This nifty bag comes in 4 different sizes and is perfect for keeping your dry goods dry. A change of clothes, shoes, or other valuables can all fit. The solid roll-top closure and welded seam is designed to keep your goods inside dry for years to come. Then, the whole sack floats along behind you for easy storage.




Dreamcity Athletic Water Shoes

Picking what to wear on your feet for kayaking can be hard. You could go barefoot, but then you can’t walk anywhere. You could wear flip-flops, but if you have to run or go on uneven terrain you’re out of luck. That’s where these shoes come in. The are made of air mesh, offering superior breathability and rapid drying. A ComforDry sockliner gives you excellent cushioning and creates a cooler shoe environment. Finally, the WaterGrip sole provides great traction and durability for walking on any surface.




SUP Sling Kayak Strap Carrier

Unless you can park right next to the launch point, getting your kayak into the water can be a pain. Fortunately, most are light enough to carry. Unfortunately, they are oddly-shaped for carrying. That’s where the SUP Sling Kayak Carrier comes in. Just slide the two loops around your kayak and slide the paddle in. Put the final loop and padded strap over your shoulder and carry your kayak like the world’s largest laptop bag. This works great for kayaks under 70 lbs.




Fifty Places To Paddle Before You Die – Book

This book is an essential for any kayak enthusiast. Written by Chris Santella, it explores the best destinations for paddling all over the world. It features the best spots for kayaking specifically, as well as those for canoeing, rafting, and paddle boarding. Some destinations include the Grand Canyon, Baja California, and The Komodo Islands of Indonesia. Each place is accompanied by a stunning photo to help visualize yourself kayaking there.

Kayaking Book




Guided Kayak Tours

One of the best ways to see some of those fifty best locations is with a guided kayak tour. Why not take a starlight kayak adventure in Santa Cruz, California? Or, you could take an Intro to Kayaking Lesson on the beautiful California Delta. On the East Coast? Try a two-hour group kayak tour with a guide in the Cold Spring Harbor in New York. How about a private yacht charter to go kayaking on the Indonesian Islands? If you still aren’t convinced, take a guided kayak tour to the Baja Islands to see whales and sea lions during a luxury 7-day retreat. That’s not all. Go check out the other awesome locations for yourself.

Best Gifts for Kayakers - Kayaking Tours




Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat

Okay, this one might be unnecessary. But, TREAT YO SELF. For goodness sake save your butt and back on those long kayak trips. This awesome seat straps right into your kayak with adjustable front and rear straps. Your butt will be padded, and your back will have something to lean into. The non-slip contoured surface is great even if you’re wet. Trust us, this seat will make your life at least 1000x better when you’re taking the kayaks out for more than an hour or so. Your back and butt will thank us. Not to mention, you’ll have the most pimped out kayak on the water.




Mountain Graphics Kayaking T-Shirt

No hobby or pastime is complete without a T-shirt for it. Seriously, if you don’t have a T-shirt do you even like it? This awesome shirt will affirm your passion for kayaking and keep you in style. The four-colored kayaks on the shirt are a simple testament. The message below them reads: Take life one stroke at a time. A reminder we could all use every once in a while. The Gildan pre-shrunk cotton that makes this shirt is quite soft and great for everyday wear or for a day on the water.




C-Tug Kayak Cart

If your kayak is too heavy to carry yourself, even with the handy sling strap we mentioned earlier, then this one is for you. This unique cart is designed just to help you transport your kayak. Just strap one end into the cart and pick up the other end. You’ll be able to easily pull it along over any terrain. Puncture-free wheels have a high-grip rubber tread. The cart can carry up to 300 pounds easily and weighs just 10 pounds itself. The whole thing comes apart in seconds, so you can store it in your kayak once you reach the water.

Best Gifts for Kayakers - Kayaking Cart


Sokoo 5V 2-Port USB Foldable Waterproof Solar Charger

For long kayaking trips, you might need more power than a power bank can provide. Thankfully, the sun has nearly unlimited power. Harness some of it with this awesome folding solar charger. It is both water resistant and highly durable for any adventure. The charger is made from PVC fabric canvas and the solar circuits are treated with waterproofing material. It will recharge quickly and fully whenever there is sunlight. You can recharge your devices with 2 USB ports. Thanks to the compact size, you can fold this charger and take it with you anywhere for solar power on the go.




Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch

If you use kayaking as a workout, then an all-around fitness watch is a must. That’s what the Fenix 3 from Garmin is. Its 1.2” high-res color Chroma display is visible in sunlight, even when reflected from the water. Speaking of water, this watch is fully waterproof and perfect for swimming. It quickly connects to GPS so that you can track the length and speed of your kayak trips accurately. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 6 weeks in normal watch mode. No worries about needing a charge here.




Campingandkayaking Kayak Paddle Leash

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do in a kayak, it’s tip. Well, that too. What might be worse is losing your paddle. Talk about up a creek without a paddle. This paddle leash will ensure that you’ll never be alone without one. It is perfect for securing your paddle to your boat, holding a fishing pole in the kayak, or for towing your kayak behind you as you wade through the water. Fortunately, you can do all three since this set comes with three leashes. The 20-inch, OD green, bungee leashes offer great versatility as well as great strength.


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