15 Best Handgun Safes For Every Gun And Every Budget

best gun safes

Carrying a handgun for self-defense is becoming more and more common as terrorist and domestic attacks become more common. However, all responsible gun owners should have a way to secure their firearm when it isn’t in its holster. Whether this means a portable safe to keep in the car or a steadfast one for home-use, keeping your gun locked safely away is crucial.

No one wants their kid to accidentally get a hold of a loaded gun and having one stolen is a nightmare. There are plenty of reasons to invest in a handgun safe, but the primary one is safety. When you need to lock up your weapon, these 15 handgun safes are the best for the job. Regardless of your budget or the type of gun you own, these hand-picked safes are ready to answer the call of duty.

Here are the 15 best handgun safes:

sentry gun safe

SentrySafe Gun Safe With Biometric Lock

If you’re prepared and forward thinking you may recognize the name SentrySafe. After all, they make some of the most popular fireproof boxes for important documents and pictures. Now, this biometric-secured safe is a perfect option for storing your handgun. It is constructed from solid steel and features a pry resistant door and manual keypad and key overrides. However, you’ll be able to quickly access your weapon with the fingerprint scanner integrated into the safe. It features a gas strut to instantly and silently open the door, making it a perfect choice for a bedside gun safe. Buy it here

Amazon Basics Quick-Access Firearm Safe

It seems like Amazon makes literally everything these days and this case is making us think it’s true. Their custom line includes everything from clothes to chargers to food. Now, you can get your gun safe from Amazon too. It features a programmable electronic keypad with rubber buttons for quiet, single-handed entry. It is roomy enough to store a few important documents, valuables, and a firearm all at once. This makes it a great choice for times you need to take your handgun on the road to a hotel or conference. Buy it here

yuema gun safe

YUEMA Smart Biometric Handgun Safe

When you’re working with biometrics, you want to be sure your system can handle them securely. Fortunately, that isn’t a problem for this safe. It features the most sophisticated biometrics chip on the market and can sense up to 25,600 fingerprint points with every scan. It can also hold 30 unique fingerprints so you can grant access to more people than yourself. This is perfect for households where everyone is trained in the safe handling of firearms in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, the scratch-proof, steel exterior keeps the safe, well, safe. It also includes all the hardware you need to permanently install it in your home. Buy it here

vaultek gun safe

Vaultek Essential Series Slider Safe

While the other safes we’ve highlighted so far feature a pop-open door, this one is a little different. It takes advantage of a sliding mechanism that makes it easier to grab your firearm after opening. By sliding out to you in a quick motion on ball bearing tracks, the safe releases your firearm in the ready position. This makes it a perfect choice for an under-desk safe or for inconspicuous placement in a vehicle. In low lighting situations, the keypad and handgun are lit with LED lights so you can see what you’re doing. It also operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts four months so you don’t need to worry about changing batteries all the time. Buy it here

Fort Knox Pistol Box

The name says it all. If the government can store billions of dollars of gold in Fort Knox, you can certainly store your Glock. Okay, sure, this box isn’t the real thing but it lives up to its namesake. This safe is the heaviest on the market and is made of rugged 10 gauge steel. Meanwhile, an enormous 3/16” wrap-around door ensures it is secure from all angles. A gas strut helps you get it open quickly and smoothly when you need your gun. If you’re someone looking for a little something extra from your safe, then this one is for you. Buy it here

Verifi Quick Access Safe With FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor

If you’re storing a gun that belongs to your employer or someone else, you might need some extra security. This safe brings just that with the only FBI certified fingerprint sensor of any gun safe on the market. It also performs self-diagnostics on the electronic components to ensure they’re always operational. You’ll also get tamper alerts with timestamps to inform you about unauthorized access attempts. Finally, you can store up to 40 fingerprints in this auto-locking safe so multiple users have access. Once again, this safe is perfect for anyone who needs the extra reassurance of a certified fingerprint scanner. Buy it here

GunVault Mini Digital Pistol Safe

By looks alone, this safe may be the coolest. The four finger marks are cut perfectly to accommodate your digits while you enter your combination. You can do so without looking thanks to the design, which makes getting into your safe even quicker. A built-in computer blocks access to the contents after repeated incorrect keycodes. However, you shouldn’t have to worry since you can create your own combination from 12 million possibilities. On the inside, a foam lining protects your firearm and valuables from being damaged if the safe is moved. As a bonus, this safe is made in the USA. Buy it here

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault

If you’re skeptical about using electronics to secure your weapon, then this is the safe for you. After all, no one wants to lose access to their gun during an EMP or because of dead batteries. Thankfully, this isn’t a worry with this safe. It operates using mechanical parts only so you can access your safe in any conditions. The 8 buttons allow you to create thousands of combinations. Meanwhile, the most satisfying part of opening the safe is popping the door with the knob on the front with a click. Inside, your firearm is held upright and ready to grab. The safe accommodates guns up to 1911 size. Buy it here

Stealth Handgun Shadowvault Safe

Like the idea of mechanical safes? You’re in luck! This one follows the pattern of operating without electronics. It keeps your gun secure using a system of push buttons that you can program to your own combination. The safe is made from 10 gauge solid steel with a 3/16” wrap around door. Compare to other handgun safe models, this is one of the strongest out there. In fact, it is similar in strength to a full-size gun safe. This particular model is also heavy and will deter would-be thieves. All its parts are made and manufactured in the USA which means it is high-quality and will last a lifetime. Buy it here

RPNG Gun Safe

For those looking for a lightweight gun safe perfect for a pistol the RPNG safe is a great choice. Weighing only 1.6 kilograms, this gun safe is portable and easy to store until you are ready to use. The RPNG gun safe features three efficient ways to gain entry: an RFID key fobe that opens the lock instantly, three-digit key pad, and by standard lock and key. Made of 16-gage carbon steel this is a gun safe that you can count on for its durability and rugged build. For those who want their gun to travel with them on vacations, this gun safe meets TSA flying guidelines. Buy it here

American Security Easy Carry Handgun Safe

Our next safe features mechanical operation so once again you don’t need to worry about electronics. It is similar to the Stealth safe however, this one has a notable difference. The side of it features a hinged handle for easy transport. This means you can safely transport your firearm when you don’t need immediate access to it without dealing with a clunky safe. Meanwhile, 14-guage solid steel plates make the safe extremely secure and durable. A pry-resistant chrome locking bolt and dead bolts on the door keep things locked tightly. Finally, you have reliable access to your weapon with the fast access Simplex mechanical locking device. But it here

Fortress Small Personal Pistol Safe

You don’t always need a larger safe to hold all your valuables along with your handgun. Not all of us are mobsters with gold chains and diamonds to secure. If you need a compact, no nonsense safe to hold your gun, look no further than this one from Fortress. It features a quick button key pad for easy access with your own combination. Meanwhile, if someone tries to access it without the code or tries the incorrect one too many times, the safe can sound an alarm. Reliably heavy steel construction helps make it DOJ approved for firearm storage. Finally, a spring loaded drop down door gives you easy access to your weapon when you need it. Buy it here

GunVault SpeedVault Dropdown Safe

GunVault makes its second appearance on our list with this dropdown handgun safe. It offers quick access to your weapon in tight quarters, presenting it ready for your hand. Once you enter a passcode on the electronic keypad, the fast activation drawer drops down. Your gun is in perfect position for you to grab without having to feel around for it. The safe itself offers multiple mounting options so you can place it discreetly wherever your need it. It is perfect for your desk, a bookshelf, or on the side of a nightstand. Finally, an interior light gives you a clear view of your weapon in low light conditions. Buy it here

RPNB Portable Gun Safe

While many of the safes on this list are perfect for home use when you don’t need to move them, not all are great for taking your weapon on the go. This one from RPNB is made just for that. Portability and strength are blended perfectly in a unique package which makes this lockbox a favorite of travelers. The three digit combination lock helps you open the box faster with less buttons to worry about. Meanwhile, 16-guage steel housing and a 1500 lb. security cable ensure your gun is protected no matter what. This is a perfect option for securing your firearms away from home or when you’re on the move. Buy it here

SentrySafe Two Gun Safe With Interior Lights

You may recognize the name SentrySafe from their home security systems. However, they also make a nice gun safe. This one is perfect for those who like to add a little flair to their weapon. If you put decals on it and have it tricked out with accessories then this is for you. It is also an excellent choice if you’ll be featuring your gun in a spy thriller. Why, you ask? Well, this safe is outfitted with interior LED lighting which gives it a badass look. You can also hold two guns next to each other in case you need to fight off a hoard of bandits or zombies. Hey, if the zombies come, we won’t judge if you go full wild-west. The safe is more than just flashy though as it keeps your weapons safe with a solid steel construction and a digital keypad. Buy it here

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