20 Best Herb Grinders – Making Your Stash Bowl Ready

Marijuana, cannabis, herb, reefer; there are a lot of things to call weed, but no matter what you call it you have to find a way to take it from its bud form and grind it so that it is ready to be smoked and enjoyed.  That’s where a quality herb grinder comes in to play.  Having one of the best grinders allows for you to get the most out of your herb.

We have scoured the internet to find the best herb grinders that you can purchase.  Whether you are looking for a grinder that produces a large amount of kief, or are of the lazy stoner variety and want an electric grinder to do the work for you, there is a grinder on this list that will make you one happy toker.


20 Best Herb Grinders


Black Tie Grinders

Readers of TheDailyWant expect us to review products that exude a certain level of class and sophistication, and for those readers we present you the Black Tie Grinder.  This is a grinder brand that has been featured in major cannabis publications like Herb and High Times.

When it comes to the quality of Black Tie Grinders it is hard to not be impressed.  Each grinder comes with 50 razor sharp teeth and include a steel reinforced micron filtering screen.  The pollen catcher chamber is rounded and smooth which is an upgrade from the previous model.  To top it off they include a carry bag and extra scrapper so that you can easily access kief without making a mess. Buy Here



Phoenician Grinders

Made In America is a big deal these days with most products we use being imported from China.  Phoenician Grinders doesn’t just make you feel good about supporting your country, but they bring a lot to the table as an herb grinder manufacturer.

It all starts with the fast-lock system that does away with the threads found on other grinders that can seize over time as they become worn and gummed up.  They even have Phoenician Grinders that have a slot on the lid that is the perfect size to hold your rolling papers, nice!  The teeth of the Phoenician Grinders have been strategically placed based on extensive research to provide the optimum grinding experience.

You can get Phoenician Grinders in a bunch of different colors, including the ever popular Rasta color scheme that you can see above. Buy Here




The newest advancement in the world of herb grinders it he introduction of electric herb grinders that will grind your bud with the push of a button.  Herbagrind is one of the most positively received electric grinders to come on the market in recent years.

Their grinders use stainless steel blades to absolutely grind anything you wish at an impressive 24,000 RPMs.  Herbragrind is powered by a rechargeable ION-battery, which does away with the worry of having to change out batteries once they die.  In our opinion, the nicest thing about the Herbagrind is that you can simply point and shot your ground herb into the bowl without having to deal with scrappers or anything else that inevitably leads to spills and wasted herb. Buy Here



Space Case Grinder

The true O.G. of premium quality grinders, Space Case has been producing some of the best herb grinders since 1998.  As is the case with Phoenician, Space Case Grinders are made right here in the US of A.  Their titanium line offers aluminum grinders that are anodized with a titanium cover to protect them and help them last for years and years.

Space Case Grinders come in a variety of colors and models, which vary from the standard two-piece up to the four-piece grinder with a filtering screen and pollen catcher. Buy Here



Kannastor GR8TR V2

The Kannastor GR8TR V2 herb grinder may be the most advanced grinder on our list in terms of design.  No other grinder brings the amount of options and features as the GR8TR V2.  Starting with the teeth plates, with most grinders you have one set of teeth that produce a single grind profile, but with the GR8TR V2 you can two different teeth plates allowing you to choose how fine a grind you prefer.

Have you found yourself needing a new grinder because the filtering screen has worn out?  Apparently so have the fine folks at Kannastor as they’ve created an innovative replaceable filtering screen allowing you to replace your worn out screens and keeping your grinder in working order for years to come. Buy Here



Masterdam Grinders

For those who find the Kannastor GR8TR V2 a bit confusing look no further than Masterdam.  They pride themselves on making a quality grinder without all the bells and whistles.  Because of this they can sell their very capable grinder for less than $20!  Hey, we all like a good deal, especially when it is for such a sound product.

Coming in the standard (2.2 inch diameter) and large (2.5 inch diameter) sizes, Masterdam gives you some choice when it comes to how much grinder you actually need.  With Masterdam you’ll also be able to show off your personal style thanks to the various colors they produce including black, gunmetal, pink, green, purple, and gold. Buy Here




The second battery powered grinder on our list, PenSimple came on the scene a couple years ago looking to change the way we grind our herb.  Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, Pensimple utilizes a battery that is rechargeable via a mini-usb cable.

With PenSimple you get three different usage modes: full, maximum storage, and direct-grind.  Each of these providing a unique grinding experience that are specific to your needs.  While you won’t be able to get kief, the ease of use of the PenSimple makes up for most this issue. Buy Here



Kozo Grinders

Grip is one of the most important aspects of grinding your herb thoroughly when using a manual herb grinder.  Kozo Grinders provides a unique outer design to help enhance your grip of the grinder.  They decided to include small indents around the outside of their grinders allowing for your fingers to fit snuggly as you turn the lid.

The filtering screen on the Kozo Grinder does not screw in like other grinders.  Instead, it sits neatly between the second and fourth pieces.  Neodymium magnets secure the lid while you turn so that you won’t get herb all over your new shirt.  Buy Here



Compton Grinders

Whenever I hear of Compton Grinders I immediately think of Snoop Doggy Dogg and the gangsta rap made popular in the early 1990’s.  A brand with some edge, Compton Grinders make their mark with a Made In USA badge and several awesome features.

Compton Grinders come in a variety of sizes including a small 4-piece, medium 4-piece, and standard 2-piece grinder.  These grinders also have a “loading zone” that doesn’t have holes or teeth so that you can pack the grinder with more herb.  As is the case with some other high-end grinders, the screen on the Compton Grinder is replaceable.  They use teflon-grade o-rings to keep the grinding action as smooth as possible.  Buy Here



Sharpstone 2.0 Grinder

Sharpstone has been around for a good while, and within the last couple years they’ve come out with a version 2.0 of their grinder.  Featuring a unique grip design, the Sharpstone 2.0 will shred your herb like grandma shreds cheese.

Included with the Sharpstone is a neodymium magnetic top and diamond shaped cutting teeth that are perfect for breaking down bud.  To top it off you’ll get a carry pouch and pollen scrapper so you’ll have all the tools you need to get through grinding and on to the smoking. Buy Here




SLX Grinders

It’s not called the “sticky ‘icky” for nothing.  Weed is sticky stuff. With a lot of the grinders I’ve used it has been frustrating trying to clean off the residue that inevitably builds up over time.  SLX has taken the idea of non-stick surfaces popular with cookware and applied it to their herb grinders.  They’ve also done this without using any toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to your health.  The team at SLX sounds like a pretty savvy group.

The standard SLX Grinder comes in a 2.4 inch diameter size and several color options. Buy Here



Golden Gate Grinders

Golden Gate Grinders is a force to be reckoned with on Amazon.  Over the five years they’ve been selling their anodized aluminum grinder on the marketplace, they’ve obtained over 2,000 reviews.  The vast majority of these reviews are positive and for good reason: Golden Gate makes a great grinder at an even better price.

As with other quality herb grinders, Golden Gate Grinders have 4-pieces including a filtering screen and pollen catcher so that you can collect the all important kief.  Smooth grinding action and one of the best reputations on the web make this grinder a must-have. Buy Here



Mendo Mulcher

The truth is that at the end of the day most of us just want an herb grinder that works, and works well.  Bells and whistles are nice but often just mean there are more things that can break.  Mendo Mulchers has taken this philosophy to heart with their grinders.  Instead of worrying about coloring they simply let the natural aluminum color stand out like a well built hammer.

Made in California, Mendo Mulchers have a look that is all to their own.  The teeth on these grinders are oval shaped with two sharp edges that do a nice job of grinding the herb.  With the simplicity and craftsmanship of these grinders you can expect them to last. Buy Here



Zip Grinders

No other herb grinder brand makes as many varieties as Zip Grinders.  You can find Zip Grinders with clear lids and even grinders that look like a pagoda tower from Japan.  Their grinders are highly respected both for their quality and uniqueness.

To find the Zip Grinder right for you we suggest you check their website or go to Amazon. Buy Here





“AAArrrghhh!! I am the mighty Thorinder and I will grind your herbs and steal your woman.”  That’s what I imagine the Thorinder would say if it could talk and wasn’t an herb grinder.  While Thorinder may not be trustworthy around you’re lady, it will more than make up for it with your herb.  Thorinder features “Teeth Tec” teeth that shaped like commas and are quite good at grinding.  Like some models of Zip Grinders, the Thorinder has a clear lid so you can see the grind while it’s happening. Lastly, Thorinder Grinders come in a variety of teeth plate covers. Buy Here



Santa Cruz Shredder

When it comes to herb grinders, one thing that is important is grip.  If you can’t grip your grinder snug then you can’t turn the lid, which leads to herb that is not ground well.  Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders offer a superior grip thanks to their enhanced ridged pattern on the side of the lid.  Because of this I recommend Santa Cruz Shredders for medical marijuana patients who need a manual grinder that is easy to turn.  Buy Here




Chromium Crusher

A great budget grinder, the Chromium Crusher won’t let you down and won’t break your wallet.  Recently, the Chromium Crusher team even came out with a fidget spinner grinder, which should be great for marketing to the underage crowd, lol.

Their best selling model is the Chromium Crusher Drum Grinder.  Shaped similar to a bongo drum, this grinder has a thin bottom teeth plate making the entire unit smaller and more portable than other four-piece grinders. Buy Here




Diamond Grind

Diamond Grind focuses mostly on wholesaling with head shops around the country, but you can also get a Diamond Grind Grinder on Amazon.  They are known for making the standard 4-piece herb grinder in a bunch of different color options.  Lately, they’ve added a 5-piece grinder that features two filtering screens so that you can get two different qualities of kief.  Buy Here




Easy Grinder

The third battery powered grinder to make our list, Easy Grinder works wonderfully for those looking for a simple way to grind their herb.  This grinder comes in four different color options: gold, silver, black, and pink.

On a single charge Easy Grinder can operate for up to five hours, which is equal to 300 grinds.  Every Easy Grinder comes with a bonus grinding blade so that you can replace the original blade once it wears out. As with the other battery powered grinders, Easy Grinder is operated using a simple point and click mechanism. Buy Here



Cali Crusher Homegrown

Last but certainly not least on our list of the 20 best herb grinders is the Cali Crusher Homegrown.  As with other Made In America premium grinders, the Cali Crush Homegrown features a replaceable filtering screen so that you can keep the pollen coming for years and years.  Cali Crush Homegrown grinders also have a unique teeth plate design that has been optimized for a perfect grinding experience. Buy Here

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