15 Best Indoor Putting Greens For Your Short Game

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We all want to be great at golfing. Whether it’s to impress your work colleagues or to just have a blast out on the course, we all have some room for improvement.

If you are like us and live in a climate where half the year the weather is not conducive to golfing, then you know how important it is to keep your game sharp during the colder months so that you can get off to a hot start when spring comes around.

The following list reveals some of the best indoor putting greens on the market today and how they can help take your short game to the next level.

Best Indoor Putting Greens – Full List

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat

Combining convenience and authenticity, this excellent indoor putting green by Putt-A-Bout will have you golfing like a pro in no time!

Created with beginners in mind, this 11-foot mat allows you to practice your skills with ultra-realistic conditions. True Roll technology emulates real-world grass and terrain, allowing unwavering straight shots.

There’s also no need to worry about folds or creases along the back that could inhibit your putts. A thick back-base helps the mat remain smooth and level to ensure the most accurate shots.

The specs for this mat are 11 feet by 3 feet.

When practice (or playtime) is over, simply roll it up into a convenient, portable size. Storage is quick, easy, and takes up minimal space. Buy Here

StarPro Greens 5-Holes Pro-Am Putting Green

best indoor putting greens

Realistic and versatile, this putting green by StarPro will satisfy your need for a challenge!

With 5 holes distributed in all directions, you can mimic a realistic set up and is perfectly adaptable for patios, pool sides, and indoors.

With its unique “starball” technology, the mat stops the ball in the cup just like the real deal. Allowing you to closely determine if your shot landed right, left, or center, the system helps you calibrate swing and angle.

Professional golfers enjoy this technology—so why shouldn’t you?

Authenticity is key as the surface that emulates country club bent grass is used. Without any folds, ramps, or sponges, the mat stays stable and true in a variety of settings.

And there’s no need to be a golf-snob—the StarPro putting green is great for both practice and play—so invite your family and friends and have some fun! Buy Here

The Only Green

best indoor putting green

This…is the next level of indoor putting greens. Yes, a mat that can be rolled up into a portable and storable cylinder is great and all—but it could leave you feeling…underwhelmed.

But nothing says “professional” like the fully adjustable putting green by The Only Green. Equipped with a propriety “grass” layer, enjoy rolling rate of 12.5 (Stimpmeter).

Included in your package is a matching-color rack for putters, a side-stepping platform, and a headboard.

Choose from a variety of colors including espresso, natural, a dark wood, and many more.

Who said indoor putting greens need to skimp on quality and craftsmanship? The Only Green has got you covered with stunning designs and durable materials—perfect for showing off your taste and your skill. Buy Here

VariSpeed Putting System

When science meets putting greens, you get the VariSpeed Putting System. Don’t just practice your putting stroke—alter golfing and terrain conditions to help calibrate and train your skills.

Focus in on your weak spots and allow this mat’s multi-layered surfaces to train you for different conditions. 4 different speeds are offered by the unique crafting of fibers which flow in a number of directions. The result is varying levels of friction to help you zero-in on the most fun—or challenging—environment.

The inclusion of 25 training bands will further help you enhance direction control, as well as distance. This is achieved by applying the right amount of pressure to help create unique conditions.

With a convenient stroke guide that allows you to train acceleration and alignment, you may never need another putting mat in your life! Buy Here

SKLZ Putt Pocket Putting Aid

Best Indoor Putting Green - SKLZ Putting Trainer

The SKLZ Putt Pocket Putting Aid is the ultimate compliment to your indoor putting green. Anyone who’s spent enough time on the golf course knows: the devil is in the details.

This unique putting aid—which is situated around the hole—forces you to align shots along the high side. As a result, you’ll be gradually trained into targeting the right angles for breaking putts.

Relatively speaking, the hole can start to seem quite large with enough practice, but the SKLZ Putt Pocket restricts the surface area. With time, you’ll find yourself sinking more putts.

Great for indoors and outdoors—home or office—it is standardized in size to fit most holes. It also works without a putting green for additional versatility. Buy Here

StarPro Professional Practice Putting Green

StarPro Putting Green

Known as “The Best In the World”, the StarPro professional practice putting green is a great addition to your man cave or office.

Coming in at 9ft by 15ft, this long and wide surface includes 5 different holes for a variety of angles and shots. Standard straight mats provide their own fun and challenge, but StarPro’s diversified model will expand your abilities.

This putting green uses “Master Putting Turf” (MPT), designed for maximum realism and authenticity. This is true in both look and feel, especially when it comes to simulating actual putting surfaces.

Enjoy country club speeds with a non-directional crafting—ideal for getting up-to-shape for the next golf tournament or work affair.

Convenient for portability and storage, this mat will roll up nicely and roll out smooth—every time. It can even be used outdoors with an 8-year warranty. Buy Here

All Turf Mats Professional Synthetic Turf Practice Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green - All Turfs Putting Green

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Roll out a straightforward putting green that lays smooth and level—and get to putting!

You’ll have nothing to worry about with the Professional Synthetic Turf Practice Putting Green by All Turf Mats.

Measuring at 6ft by 15ft, it is made out of a nylon material that is non-directional, allowing you to enjoy consistent resistance no matter what angle you’re shooting from. The NY-TUFF Yarn creates a sturdy and long-lasting surface that won’t let you down in even the most enduring conditions.

4 holes at unique positions creature tough challenges that bring out the best in your skills. Rolling rates come in between 10 and 11 on the Stimpmeter and are consistent with traditional country club conditions. An 8-year warranty backs up this putting green’s obvious commitment to durability and quality. Buy Here

PuttOut Pressure Put Trainer

Best Indoor Putting Green - PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

The PuttOut Pressure Put Trainer combines convenience with feedback.  Utilizing a parabolic curve design, it automatically returns good putts while rejecting any that miss. A perfect putt is held directly in the center of the device—it’s a self-contained system of real time feedback that truly helps you visualize and feel errors in your putting stroke.

This gadget is functional and fits most standard holes. When traveling, enjoy maximum portability as it has a collapsing frame, allowing you to store it in bags or small compartments. Buy Here

Abco Tech Golf Putting Green Grassroots Mat

Best Indoor Putting Green - Abco Tech

If you’re looking for durability and simplicity, this putting green by Abco Tech has got you covered. Encouraging both casual and professional use, the mat comes with 3 holes and 2 back-slits to capture missed shots—don’t waste time chasing down golf balls!

Enjoy True Roll technology that emphasizes realism and durability with a polypropylene material. A solid foundation of rubber creates a level and reliable putting surface after hours of use and storage. Expect smooth rolling and accurate conditions.

A simple design allows for linear shots, though its kidney design keep things exciting and fresh with a little more challenge.

At 3ft by 9ft, it’s a perfect balance of portability and size for use both indoors and outdoors. Your order comes with 3 complimentary balls—so you’re one step closer to getting your golf on! Buy Here

MESIXI Indoor|Outdoor Golf Putting Green MatGolf Putting Mat

Taking authenticity to the next level, MESIXI’s golf putting green combines simplicity with realism.

Its standard rectangular shape gives you 9 feet of length to play with within a 15-inch frame. With two different sized holes to putt at you’ll never get bored or feel unchallenged using this indoor putting green.

Puts will roll straight and consistent, even after many uses. This is true even with its convenient roll-up stowaway feature where storage is easy, making it small and compact.

When the time comes to get back to practice, simply roll it back out. Authenticity is maximized with two different turf speeds that are separated by color. A solid rubber foundation helps keep the surface smooth and steady, with minimal folds or creases. Included are three golf balls to get you started immediately. Buy Here

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green - Big Moss

Make putting challenging and fun with the Big Mass Augusta putting green. Offering a broad surface of 4ft by 12ft, enjoy to holes for added complexity.

Set up is as easy as unrolling it in your home or office—a great attraction for family, friends, or colleagues.

The surface terrain utilizes true roll technology and is brushed downgrain, creating a certain feel and offering a specific challenge.

Customization is also an option with the inclusion of Break Snakes. These allow you to alter the terrain in a numbers of ways, creating special conditions to give you that added training or challenge.

Create a standard, smooth putting green or one full of contours and obstacles. Either way, the choice is yours and the challenge can be tailored to meet your unique skill level. Buy Here

SkyLife Golf Putting Green Mat

This indoor putting green from Skylife brings are unique set up for practicing your putting skills. With a hole at each end of the mat, you don’t have to spend time chasing down golf balls, allowing for more efficient practice sessions.

Surrounded by longer “rough” like turf, the putting surface uses realistic material that simulates a real green. The longer grass gives you an opportunity to learn how to putt on the fringe or even work on your chipping game.

Skylife putting greens come in three sizes: 2.5′ x 10′, 3.3′ x 10′, and 4′ x 10′.

Added thickness ensures that imperfections that could arise over time—such as footprints or other impressions—are minimized or completely eliminated. Buy Here

Pro Putt Trainer

Pro Putt Trainer

This one is…incredible. Pro Putt has created a trainer that maximizes surface area and craftsmanship for an unprecedented experience.

Measuring 4ft wide by 11.8ft long, this putting green will challenge you into a better golfer in no time. This is especially true when it comes to those 3-putts that have haunted you for so long.

Quality is not spared on this broad surface. The use of a bent grass style that feels natural will have you forgetting you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day.

Two holes placed at each end of the mat allow for a more efficient practice session. Buy Here

Birdieball Deluxe Package

Best Indoor Putting Green - Birdieball Putting Green

The Birdieball Deluxe Package comes in a beautiful and sleek 3ft by 14ft size with 4 cups. Variety is the spice of life on this green, so expect to enjoy lots of different putting angles.

At only half-an-inch thick, the mat rolls out for quick use and rolls up for even quicker stowaway. Remaining compact and light, it can be set just about anywhere in your home with ease.

A gorgeous design quite literally makes it a decorate piece in your living room or office. Despite its beauty, though, it is still extremely durable and includes a thick rubber edge behind the cups to prevent balls from shooting off.

Hole plugs allow you to leave all cups open at once, or interchange them in any combination. This can add unique nuances for both practice and fun! Buy Here

Tour Links Putting Training Aid

Tour Links Putting Green

This 9 foot putting green by Tour Links is built using a five square panel design. This indoor putting green is a great combination of putting mat and training aids.  Included with your purchase of the Tour Links Putting Green is an alignment string, stroke block, contour pads for creating breaks, a cup reducing ring, and a ball marking device. The different training aids allow you to practice different putting skills.

Installation is simple and this indoor putting green can be placed in a variety of indoor locations. Portability is maximized through its collapsible parts. Putting practice is more meaningful with the Tour Links Putting Training Aid thanks to its ultra-realistic surface. Buy Here

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