Best Men’s Dress Shoes Under $100: 15 Great Pairs

Every man needs a great pair of dress shoes. Whether you opt for style or comfort, there’s one thing we can all agree on. No one likes spending more than they have to. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best men’s dress shoes you can get for under $100. So, if you’re getting these for work, grab two pairs. If they’re to complete an outfit, you can still grab two. You won’t be breaking the bank with any of the options on this list. Just choose your favorite look and go. Without further ado, here are the nicest men’s dress shoes you can get right now for under $100.

Bruno Marc Casual Men’s Dress Sneakers

This hybrid shoe is perfect for having a sense of style in any situation. The modern brogue upper gives you a classy look while a sport sole keeps your feet comfortable even if you’re wearing these all day. You can pair them with jeans, khakis, or slacks making them a versatile choice for the office and the bars. The stylish wingtip detail adds some extra flair for the man who doesn’t want to blend in. A genuine leather upper will adapt to your foot over time and get more comfortable the more you wear the shoe. They also come in both brown and black so you can sport them regardless of what your wardrobe looks like. Fortunately, you can also wear them for a long time thanks to an extra durable motion outsole and lightweight felt interior. This also makes the shoe perfect for wear in any season. Buy it here

Kenneth Cole Half Time Men’s Cap Toe Oxford

You might not be thinking about shoes when you hear the name Kenneth Cole. But maybe you should be. After all, one look at this shoe is enough to know it is a high-quality piece of footwear. It offers a perfect blend of comfort and dapper style that will complete any man’s outfit. You might be thinking that it doesn’t look very comfortable. However, a padded textile lining and cushioned footbed are designed specially for comfort and added support. Meanwhile, this shoe uses blind eyelet lacing to give it a sleek, clean look. Waxed laces add to this image with a touch of refinement. The faux leather upper gives you a painstakingly polished look without the difficulty of caring for real leather. Finally, a stitched cap detail adds an eye catching element to an otherwise understated shoe. Buy it here

La Milano Double Monk Strap Slip On Loafer

Do you want to wear a medieval carrier bag on your feet? If so, you’re in luck. This not so subtle shoe is the perfect choice for the guy who wants to have a different pair of shoes than everyone else. Let’s start with the obvious. This shoe has no laces, forgoing them in favor of a double monk strap complete with gold buckles. The solid design of the strap goes perfectly with any dressy or formal occasion. But who says you have to be uncomfortable at your fancy event? No one. Certainly not La Milano. They’ve included a memory foam comfort insole in this shoe to keep your dogs quiet. A classic toe cap design is highlighted by an ombre staining of the leather upper. These shoes are starting to hit the sweet spot of “trendy” so hurry and get them now so you can be ahead of the fashion curve. Buy it here

NXT New York Slip On Buckle Loafer

We’ll stick with the trend of slip on loafers for a moment with this one from NXT New York. At a glance, this looks like a shoe you’d find in a tuxedo shop. Everything from the black textured upper to the silver side buckle give it an elegant feel. The sophistication likely comes from the fact that this is a highly popular European look. However, it isn’t all fashion. The designers of this shoe gave it a generously wide toe box to keep your toes happy. They won’t be jammed into a pointed end like some other fancy dress shoes. The easy slip on style is one we love. You’ll never have to worry about re-tying those waxy skinny laces in these shoes. Instead, you can keep on enjoying your night out on the town or wishing you were anywhere other than the office. Buy it here

Stacy Adams Tinsley Wingtip Oxford

Our last two pairs have been somewhat understated. This pair from the Stacy Adams Shoe Company is anything but. Featuring two-toned leather and an array of design elements, these shoes can steal the show. If you’re not careful, you’ll have to remind people that your eyes are up here. Otherwise they’ll be too busy staring at your shoes to hear what you’re saying. The lightweight build offers great comfort and shock absorption thanks to a memory foam insole. Meanwhile, the upper is divided between a dark mahogany brown layered with tan leather on top. This layer features punched patterns and swirling design elements. Meanwhile, blind eyelet lacing keeps things classy. These oxford style shoes are great for a night out on the town and would certainly work well in a dressed-down ensemble. They would also look great with a grey suit. Just saying. Buy it here

Jousen Oxford Lace Up

Everything about these shoes is simple. From the name to the design to the price. For the man who doesn’t need the extra touches or fancy add ons, these shoes are ideal. They make for a great causal choice and may be the most comfortable shoe on this list thanks to their athletic-shoe type sole. The high-quality PU leather upper maintains it shape well without severe creasing or scuffing. Meanwhile, a round toe cap adds to their more causal look. These are great every day shoes for any guy who doesn’t want to stand out. What we love is the fact it looks like they stuck a normal dress shoe on top of your favorite Nike sole. No nonsensical 2-inch heel on these. Just pure comfort and casual style. Buy it here

ZZHap Breathable Oxford Shoes

When it comes to dress shoes, breathability can be a big problem. Especially so if you live in a warmer area of the world or are doing something other than sitting at a desk. Think about it, do you really want sweaty feet while you’re getting down in the club? Do you want to need a change of socks just go outside in the summer? Fortunately, with these shoes you won’t have to. Designed with breathability at the forefront, they offer tremendous airflow to your feet while also increasing the style of your outfit. Vented holes cover the entire upper to keep things flowing no matter your foot shape or sock choice. Meanwhile, a comfortable flat sole keeps your foot naturally aligned and offers great support. Next time you’re dressing up in a warm area (or for those of us with sweaty feet) you’ll want to make sure you have these in your closet. Buy it here

Desai Modern Cap Toe Oxford

The Italians are coming! After our brief trip to some more casual shoes, we return to formality with this sophisticated choice. Designed in Italy, the shoe bears the mark of hand coloring and Goodyear-style craftsmanship. Carefully selected full grain leather offers a delicate feel and wicks sweat away from your feet. Meanwhile, full grain pig skin (no not a football) makes up the inner lining of the shoe for better breathability and sweat absorption. The genuine nature of it also ensures these shoes hold up for a long time. The blind eye lacing system creatively draws the shoe together with a bar pattern, so you don’t have to see the laces at all. This gives the entire shoe a sleek, sharp profile that compliments any suit. A classic toe cap reminds us of its time-honored design and history. We know Italian designers have a great sense of style and these shoes confirm it. Buy it here

DLT Men’s Goodyear Welted Dress Shoes

If you usually wear work boots during the day but need to dress up, you might find these comforting. At first glance, you’ll see that they have a Timberland quality to them. From the color to the eyelets to the rubber sole. Tel us those metal rimmed eyelets don’t look like a work boot. Still, they bring some class to the party as well. Featuring genuine Italian leather and handcrafted design, these shoes are both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. But we weren’t kidding when we said these are like the work boots of the dress shoe world. Unlike the slippery traction (or lack of) that most shoes have, these feature anti-slip traction. It is made for wet climates and slippery floors and will help keep you on your feet. The rubber sole also means you can have your shoe dismantled and repaired by a cobbler when it starts to get worn out. Buy it here

Jousen Square Toe Oxfords

Here’s another shoe great for guys with wide feet. They feature a special square toe for more room and better all-day comfort than some other shoes. The square toe box allows the shoe to fit comfortably on even the widest-footed guys. However, the shoe is able to maintain a slim profile even compared to shoes without the square toe. Magic? Maybe. They are 100% leather and have a premium feel to them without a premium fashion designer price tag. Inside, the shoe features a breathable, moisture wicking textile lining. It is also infused with antimicrobial technology to keep your shoes and feet odor free. This makes these shoes a great choice for your everyday office pair. Meanwhile, they boast a padded collar to fit your ankle more securely while keeping it comfortable. You definitely won’t have to worry about getting blisters from these ones. Everything about these shoes is fashionable, gets the job done, and gives you a reliable option for footwear. Buy it here

La Milano Plain Toe Single Monk Strap Slip On

The strap is back! So is La Milano. With their second shoe on our list, the trendy designers bring an Argentinian leather slip on oxford for your wearing pleasure. The smooth, genuine leather upper stays sophisticated with a plain toe design. Not even a toe cap to be found. These shoes would be a great choice to accompany a flashy, printed suit. Meanwhile, the laces are once again missing in action and have been replaced by a sturdy single monk strap. Like we said before, this style of shoe is on the fashion trend’s upward arrow so you want to get your hands on them soon. The strap offers a quickly adjustable perfect fit and allows you to keep the convenience of slipping into your shoe rather than having to lace them. Since the shoe features a block heel, you can sport these at both casual and formal events with confidence. They are sure to stand out and make you stand a little taller. Buy it here

Enzo Romeo Tweed Plaid Two Tone Wingtip Oxfords

Want something unique? For the guy who can’t get enough plaid in his life, these shoes are for you. These shoes embody everything we love about the twenties and thirties. It’s true the golden ages of men’s style are often associated with those decades. Fortunately, you can still get in on the action with these shoes from Enzo Romeo. They would be ideal for a musician or entertainer who loves standing out with a unique pair of shoes. Their two-tone design of faux leather and plaid canvas gives them a unique and stylish look. The toe cap being made of synthetic leather makes it incredibly resistant to scuffs and scratches. Less work for you. Meanwhile, the wingtip design makes them as classy as they are fun. As an added bonus, the shoes are micro-perforated to let your feet breathe effectively without giving away the fact that there are tiny vents hidden around the shoe. Buy it here


Jousen Retro Leather Oxfords

La Milano aren’t the only ones claiming two spots on this list. Jousen has returned with another pair of budget friendly, badass looking shoes. These may be my personal favorite from the ones we’ve spotlighted here. The simplicity, rich colors, and classic style are fantastic. A pair of these would go great with a business casual outfit or with a grey suit. The genuine cow leather upper reveals the result of a rigorous polishing process. It is glossy, smooth, and utterly stunning. No, that wasn’t a cow pun (but it could be.) Inside, a soft microfiber lining keeps your foot safe from rubbing and moisture. The sole is made from several different layers of material to keep your foot safe on impact and comfortable throughout the day. Finally, the rich brown color of the leather pairs perfectly with a lighter tan sole, laces, and stitching to create a symphony of fashion that is impossible to resist. Buy it here

Enzo Romeo Two Tone Wingtip Oxfords

Remember our friend Enzo Romeo from the plaid shoes? He’s back with another shoe inspired by historical fashion. This pair also hails from the twenties and thirties. However, instead of using plaid, they feature synthetic leather in two different colors. The sharp contrast of black and white leave us thinking about a classic diner or dance party from the golden ages. And no, you won’t look like your grandpa by wearing these shoes. Subtle perforated detailing along the wingtips adds some extra style to these shoes. They might not be a great choice for wearing around the office, but if you need a pair to flex with during a weekend out on the town then may we suggest this one? They are perfect for wearing with a solid colored suit and pants and add some flair to your otherwise plain outfit. Buy it here


Amali Reptile Pattern Embossed Slip On Shoe

If you’re tired of looking at cow leather shoes, then we’ve got a solution for you. To round out our list, we have these reptile pattern slip on shoes. These shoes feature a bold snake print pattern on the upper that adds great dimension and style. Meanwhile, a gun metal shoe tip makes the whole thing pop with a high shine. There are no laces or straps anywhere to be found on this shoe, but it still fits securely thanks to some subtle elastic straps hidden on either side of the upper. The pointed profile of the shoe means you’ll probably want to order a half-size up to make sure your feet aren’t crammed in. Fortunately, this style makes it great for fancy events and any formal occasion. For the man who is tired of wearing the same old leather shoes day in and day out, this reptile pattern is a great way to shake (or shall we say snake) things up. Buy it here

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