18 Pairs Of The Best Men’s Flip Flops On The Market Right Now


There is never a bad time to buy a new pair of these best men’s flip flops. It’s Winter in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s the perfect time to buy all of your summer attire. This is the time of year where companies are trying to make some money on the leftover products they have from the year before. In just a few months time, the best flip flops for men on this list will be more expensive. Take advantage of the Winter season and take a look through this list because you might just find the perfect Christmas gift. These are the best men’s flip flops but they are also the most durable flip flops and the most stylish sandals.

Here Are The 18 Best Men’s Flip Flops- Full List

Reef Fanning Bottle Opener Flip Flops 

best flip flops for men

Ready for summer?  Ready to drink some beers? If you answered yes to both of those questions (and who wouldn’t) then you need a pair of Reef’s Fanning Bottle Opener Flip Flops.  These things have got a freaking bottle opener on the bottom outsole.  Simply take off your flip flop, open a fresh bottle of beer, and proceed to party.  Holy sh*t, finally a half-baked idea I can get behind.  Buy Here

Olukai The Classic Ohana Flip Flop

olukai men's the classic flip flop

Olukai makes some great flip flops and for those wanting a traditional pair look no further than The Classic Ohana. Coming in an incredible 23 different colors and styles, The Classic Ohana is an amazing find. Vegan friendly, these are a great choice if you live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.  Don’t worry about getting these wet they are made for the water and won’t get water-logged. Buy Here

Rainbow Sandals Men’s The Bentley Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsThese unique sandals are offered in six varying shades of brown. Both the strap and the top of the sandal are made from leather that give these flip flops a distinct feel and look. Because of the material they’re made of, these flip flops look a little bit more sophisticated than other sandals made of rubber or plastic. Rainbow’s Bentley Sandals are also built with a midsole designed with arch support in mind. You could walk around all day in these flip flops without having your feet hurt. Buy Here

Reef Men’s Reef Draftsmen Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsReef has developed into one of the most respected surf brands around the world. The quality of Reef products is always high, and no two items feel the same. The Draftsmen sandal is a more sophisticated sandal, with a footbed and strap made of leather. The synthetic sole will keep your feet comfortable as you walk around the beach. And, best of all, these flip flops come with a bottle opener on the bottom of the sandal! It’s a great party trick. Buy Here

Reef Men’s Mulligan II Flip Flop


Fore! Here are some sandals that are sure to grab attention. The Reef Men’s Milligan II Flip Flog will remind you of Caddy Shack and are perfect for showing up to the country club. Made from fake grass and leather, these are unlike any other pair of flip-flops we’ve ever seen. Buy Here

Olukai Men’s Holona Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsIf you love the look of leather but don’t like how it’s made, consider buying Olukai sandals. The material may look like leather, but it’s actually a water-resistant man-made material. The footbed is made with comfort in mind. Some sandals stop being comfortable once they get wet, but the Holona Sandals are designed with an anatomical compression midsole which means they’re virtually unaffected by water. Additionally, the Holona Sandal is perfect for people with wide feet. They’re a great gift for any animal rights activist. Buy Here

Olukai Men’s Mea Ola Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsOlukai has been dominating the higher quality sandal and flip flop market for a while now, and for good reason. The Mea Ola Sandals contain manmade soles, for the most part, are made of leather. The contoured footbeds are both comfortable and give you the support that your foot needs. Additionally, the footbed is built to be a little wider than most other sandals, making it a much better fit for people with wider feet. Buy Here

O’Neill Men’s Nacho Libre Flip Flop

best-mens-flip-flopsO’Neill is arguably the most recognizable surf brand in North America. Founded in 1952, O’Neill was the developer of the world’s first neoprene wetsuit and the company’s innovation has dominated the market ever since. What’s great about O’Neill men’s flip flops is that they’re relatively inexpensive and you’ll get your use out of them. The Nacho Libre flip flops are made of 50% cotton and 50% plastic material. The material isn’t the best, but the footbed is designed to support the natural arch of your feet. Buy Here

O’Neill Men’s Friction Flip Flop

best-mens-flip-flopsIf you need a decent pair of flip flops but don’t want to break the bank, consider O’Neill Friction Flip Flop. Made from an entirely synthetic material, these flip flops are pretty solid for a budget pair. The sole has strong enough grip and you won’t have much of an issue walking comfortably through the water with these on. Moreover, these flip flops are best suited for someone who isn’t going to be using them every day of the year. You’ll get your use out of them, but remember how inexpensive they actually are. Buy Here

OLLI Men’s Flip Flops

best men's flip flops

For our earth-conscious flip flop buyers out there OLLI offers a fair trade natural rubber flip flop.  Eco friendly and made from vegan materials these sandals can be worn with a clear conscience.  The natural rubber conforms to your feet making these men’s flip flops some of the most comfortable on the market. Choose from four different color styles. Buy Here

Sanuk’s Fraid So Men’s Flip Flop

best men's flip flops

These flip flops from Sanuk provide a great laid back look combined with a camo pattern on the thong.  Speaking of the thong on these sandals they are given a rustic feel with frayed ends and a distressed finish.  But don’t worry, these flip flops are built to last.  Sanuk makes some of the softest footbeds on any flip flop we’ve come across so we’re sure your feet will be right at home with a pair of these. Buy Here

Rugged Shark Bimini Lightweight Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsThey’re meant to look a bit worn, which may or may not be your thing. Style aside, these flip flops are an absolute bargain. The strap is made of genuine leather that is durable enough to last a lifetime. The bottom of the sandal uses Shark grip slip-resistant technology to prevent you from slipping and sliding on frictionless surfaces. Hands down, this grip is the best feature these sandals have. They’re almost like a fusion between hiking boots and sandals. Buy Here

Freewaters Men’s Zac Flip Flop Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsFreewaters may not make the best sandal on the market, but they make one comfortable footbed. The footbed is made from EVA, which is a dense foam that acts as the perfect shock absorber. Originally, EVA was only used in athletic shoes, but many companies are starting to put it into any footwear that they sell. It’s a simple synthetic sandal, but it gets the job done. Buy Here

Freewaters Men’s Basecamp Therm-a-Rest Flip Flop Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsFor years, Freewaters has dedicated its focus to designing the perfect footbed. While some use EVA, this sandal uses therm-a-rest technology to provide one of the best footbeds on the market. Seriously. It’s like a pillow is gripping onto your foot. These sandals also have plenty of arch support and a web strap that isn’t going to break anytime soon. Buy Here

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Baitfish Thong Sandal

best-mens-flip-flopsThe Sperry Baitfish Sandal can be best described as a boat-shoe inspired flip flop. The heel is raised about 1” to ensure you don’t feel any rough surfaces that you may end up walking on. These sandals are made of mostly leather but feature a synthetic sole. The strap has some decorative rawhide lacing and the footbed is textured to add to the aesthetic appeal. These are probably one of the most stylish flip flops on this list. Buy Here

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s a/o Sandal Thong (Box) Flip Flop

best-mens-flip-flopsThe Sperry Top-Sider Sandal is essentially a more simplistic version of the Baitfish Sandal. There are few differences between them. Most notably the footbed on the Top-Sider is a little less comfortable to stand on. Additionally, a lot of the sandal uses material that is a mix of leather and synthetic material, whereas the Baitfish uses real leather. Nonetheless, both are a great pair of flip flops to buy. Buy Here

Quicksilver Men’s Molokai Flip-Flop

best-mens-flip-flopsIn the last few years, Quicksilver has been trying to offer their products at a cheaper price while trying to ensure their quality doesn’t drop too much. For the most part, synthetic sandals don’t last as long as leather sandals. Quicksilver usually makes their sandals out of synthetic materials and their Molokai Flip Flop is no exception. But, the textured footbed makes these sandals more comfortable than some of the other ones offered in this price range. These are a great pair of travel flip flops or are best suited for someone who might only use them a few times a year. Buy Here

Quicksilver Men’s Massage 3 Point Flip-Flop

The Quicksilver 3 Point Flip Flop feels as funky as it looks. Made from synthetic material, the EVA footbed makes your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds. Genuinely. One of the reasons that athletic shoes have been using EVA foam for so long is because of how it treats your feet. Even after walking around for hours, your feet won’t be sore like they might get in other sandals. You can purchase these sandals in either black and grey or black with a bright blue camo pattern in case you want to look a little funkier. Buy Here

That concludes our list of the best men’s flip flops for 2018 and beyond. We hope we helped you find the best flip flops for you and all your sandals needs. If you have any other suggestions for our list, let us know!

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