15 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


We know it can be difficult to find a watch. It’s even harder to find quality watches on a budget. If you think finding two great watches under $50 is a rough task, try finding the 15 best men’s watches under $50. It is not easy. But after hours upon hours of Internet roving, we have amassed a very solid list. We think these are some of the coolest men’s watches you’ll find on the market today.

Timex and Casio are staples in the under $50 watch category, and we included a few of each, but there are a lot of options and deals out there. And while we can’t guarantee prices will stay the same, at the time of publication, every single one of these watches came in or exactly on our $50 price point. *pats self on the back*

Here are the 15 Best Men’s Watches Under $50 – Full List

Timex Expedition

The Timex Expedition is not just a classic field watch, but it comes in 16 different styles combinations of faces and bands. Making it versatile enough for almost any occasion. Buy Here

CRRJU Men’s Stainless Steel Watches

This sleek, all black CRRJU mens watch features silver hands and an elegant design that will fool many into thinking this is a much more expensive piece. Like all CRRJU watches it has a unique finish and the face is large enough to make a statement on its own. Buy Here

Casio G-Shock

best-mens-watches-under-50Rugged watch seekers look no further. This Casio G-Shock is water resistant to 660 ft, shock-resistant, and has a  24Hr stopwatch and countdown timer. Buy Here

Ben Nevis Minimalist Watch

Ben Nevis makes some quality time pieces that won’t break the bank. This particular watch comes in many different color combos and features a pleasant minimalist design. Buy Here

Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

Best Mens Watches Under 50Timex men’s watches are affordable, stylish and they offer something for everyone. This Timex Weekender Chronograph is no different. You can pair it with jeans or khakis, button downs or t-shirts; it’s an ideal everyday watch. Buy Here

Seiko Men’s Neo Classic Stainless Steel Navy Blue Dial

best-mens-watches-under-50It’s not often that you find a stainless steel Seiko watch for under $50, but for some reason (see: a miracle from above) this one is on sale. Gotta take advantage! Buy Here

Golden Hour Men’s Minimalist Quartz Analog Watch

This highly-reviewed watch with a mesh stainless steel band is business on a budget. Whether you’re at the office or at a black-tie affair, the look of this watch fits the occasion. Buy Here

Gosasa S-Shock Men’s Sport Watch

While there is no doubt that the Gosasa S-Shock is heavily influenced by Casio’s G-Shock, this hardy time piece can stand on it’s own. So much so that many purchasers are stating that it is even better than the original at a fraction of the price. Buy Here

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Watch

This Invicta watch provides all the class of a $300 timepiece for a price of just over $50.  Not only stylish it also is water resistant up to 660 feet. Buy Here

Timex Men’s ‘The Waterbury’

The Timex Waterbury is a perfect casual watch that is versatile enough to also be worn with a suit. Buy Here

Bewell Wooden Watches

best-mens-watches-under-50If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the wooden watch pond, these minimalistic Bewell watches offer a nice, inexpensive option. They come in five wood options as well: maple wood, ebony wood, verawood, red sandalwood, and zebra wood. Buy Here

Amazon Essentials Men’s Analog Watch

Admittedly, Amazon Essentials isn’t the first name you think of when you’re looking for an elegant watch at a low price. However, this is a great standard time piece that is built to last with little frills and an emphasis on function, the Amazon Essentials watch is a good choice for when you want a watch you can count on. Buy Here

Smith & Wesson Men’s Military Watch

best-mens-watches-under-50Hard to pass up a watch with not one, not two, but three interchangeable bands. All for less than the price of an entree at almost every, single restaurant in New York City. On top of that, this rugged military watch is made by the same Smith & Wesson that manufactures all your favorite firearms. Buy Here

BUREI Men’s Minimalist Wrist Watch

 This BUREI minimalist watch is one of the best looking watches on this list.  It comes in four different color and band options.  Pick this up if you want a fashionable timepiece that costs less than a dinner for two at Applebee’s.  Buy Here

Timex Men’s Highland Street Watch

best-mens-watches-under-50And our final watch on the list is fittingly a Timex. What can we say? They know how to make some of the best men’s watches under $50. That’s just a fact. Buy Here

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