The 6 Best Paracord Survival Grenades

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts who want to survive all of their adventures, this list is for you! Because you can never be too prepared when you go into the wilderness and you should always expect the unexpected. That’s why paracord survival grenades exist. They are ultra-portable, super-convenient and they might just save your life. So today we are featuring  six of the best paracord survival grenades you will find. From inexpensive kits with 11 tool all the way up to kits with 53 tools, there is something here for explorers of every level. But remember, these paracords survival grenades don’t make up for stupidity. So be smart when you’re out there adventuring!

The Best Paracord Survival Grenades:


The Friendly Swede Carabiner Grenade Survival Kit (11 Pieces)

 Best-paracord-survival-grenadesThis 11-tool minimalist survival grenade kit is perfect for the new explorer and it comes with a eye knife, needle, wire, aluminum foil, tinder, fire starter, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, dobber wrapped in a 9 ft, 500 lb paracord. Buy Here


The Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Grenade (20 Pieces)

best-paracord-survival-grenadesThis 20-tool kit includes: a compass, 26 ft paracord, safety pin, zip lock bag, tin toil, flint rod, iron wire, carabiner, whistle, needle, knife blade, tinder, fishing line, weights, swivels, floats, fishing hooks, emergency rescue blanket, wire saw and lure. One thing I need to mention, because it is hilarious, is that when you see the guy wrapped in the emergency rescue blanket on the product page, you might die from laughter. It is a real treat. Buy Here


Holtzman’s Gorilla Egg: 550 Paracord Survival Grenade (18 Pieces)

best-paracord-survival-grenadesThe Gorilla egg is made of a 9 ft long, durable 550 paracord and the contents include: two fishing hooks, two fishing floats, 2 fishing swivels, 2 fishing weights, fishing line, flint, tinder, tin foil, an alcohol pad, a need, iron wire, two safety pins and a razor sharp knife blade. Buy Here


Wilderness Paracord Survival Grenade (23 Pieces)

best-paracord-survival-grenadesThis 32 ft paracord can be used in various situations because it include 23 tools. It has all the tools as the survival grenades listed above, but it also include a flashlight, a multi-tool card, a wire saw and a royal buckle. Buy Here


Gecko Equipments Paracord Deluxe Grenade Survival Kit (30 Tools)

best-paracord-survival-grenades With a paracord the can handle 350 Pounds and 7 inner strands that can be used to build a shelter, snare traps and much more, this 30-tool paracord survival grenade can do it all. Buy Here


Holtzman’s Survival Grenade (48 Tools)

paracord survival grenade

If you believe that you can never be too prepared for literally anything, then this is the survival grenade for you. Why? Well, because it is filled with 48 tools and it looks like an actual grenade. It’s gets bonus points for that! The grenade includes: a 50 ft 550 Paracord, 4 ft safety orange paracord, LED light, pocket knife, fire starting rod, striker, 30 ft fishing line, fish hooks, split shot, twine, needle and thread, bobby pins, safety pins, band aids, razor blade, compass, aluminum foil, wire saw, water purification tablets, whistle buckle, split rings, electrical tape, wire, can/bottle 0pener, fire starter tab, safety signal mirror, and plastic inner sphere.  It has ALL OF THAT, and it only weighs 7.8 ounces! Buy Here


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