The 12 Best Portable Chargers Under $50 On The Market

best portable chargers under 50

Today, we’re going to take a look at 12 of the best portable chargers under $50. But first you should understand what the numbers mean. When looking to buy a portable charger, there are two things you need to pay attention to: whether or not it will fit your phone, and how many mAH (Milliamp Hour) it has. The average smartphone has a battery capacity of around 2000 – 3000mAh (iPhone 7 has a battery capacity of 1960mAh). Meaning, if you have an iPhone 7, and use a portable charger with a battery capacity of 2500mAh, you will be able to get a full charge on your phone, and then a little bit more after that. So with that in mind, it is time to find the ideal portable charger for you.

Here are the best portable chargers under $50


Innogie Passion Power Bank

best portable chargers under $50If you’re looking for something with a little more oomf, the Innogie Passion Power Bank should suit your needs. The battery holds 6000mAh, and is great if you’ll need to recharge your phone multiple times in one use. For example, if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet while you are commuting to and from work. Unlike the aforementioned chargers, the Innogie Passion Power Bank has enough electrical output to charge tablet devices. Buy Here


RAVPower Luster Mini

best portable chargers under $50The RAVPower Luster Mini is one of the best selling chargers on the market. On Amazon alone the charger has over 4,000 customer reviews, almost all of which are praising the product for it’s reliability. The RAVPower Luster Mini is made up of an A+ Lithium Ion battery that will last over charge cycles, and holds 3350mAh. It comes with a Micro USB cable, but can be connected to an iPhone cable to charge Apple products. If that’s not enough reason to buy it, the charger comes with an 18-month warranty. This is the charger to buy. Buy Here



best portable chargers under $50This thing is an electrical powerhouse as the battery holds 15000mAh, and is the first portable charger on this list to have two inputs to charge your devices. This is a great charger if you’re looking to keep your phone juiced up over a weekend camping trip. It’s a little big compared to the other charges, so it’s not one that you would want to bring with you on a night out or to and from work every day. Buy Here


Poweradd Pilot X7 Portable Charger

pilot-x7-portable-chargerWhen it comes to portable chargers, the Poweradd Pilot X7 has everything you need and more. It comes with a 20000mAh battery that can keep you going even when you can’t find an outlet. This charger is so good that you can charge your iPhone up to eight times from one charge. Buy Here


Digital Treasures Power Flask

best portable chargers under $50It’s not the best portable charger on this list, but it’s definitely one of the most unique looking. Designed to look like a flask, this 13000mAh lithium-ion portable charger has two USB inputs, and a is wrapped in a polished black leather. It’s big compared to other portable chargers on the market, but it’s classy design earns the Digital Treasures Power Flask a spot on this list. Buy Here


GMYLE Ultra-Thin Wallet Sized Charger

best portable chargers under $50This 2500mAh is one of the thinnest smart charger at just 0.2” inches thick. The Lithium polymer battery is set to last over 500 battery charge cycles. The charger fits the iPhone 6, 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, Note 5, and other android and blackberry devices. The best part about this charger is that it can fit comfortable inside your pocket or wallet for easy portability. This charger is perfect to keep on you at all times. Buy Here



Vinsic Ultra-Slim

best portable chargers under $50The Vinsic Ultra-slim has the highest capacity of any of the other chargers on this list with a whopping 20000mAh of charge. Additionally, the charger has a smart identification output that helps maximize compatibility and charging speed of your device. The charger has the ability to charge two devices simultaneously, and features an LED-Touch screen to display how much power remains in the portable charger. It’s pretty clunky for a portable charger, but it’s a must have for trips where you might be without an outlet for days at a time, and because of It’s size, this charger is not ideal to bring with you on a night out. Buy Here


Jackery Bar Premium

best portable chargers under $50Another popular Jackery product, the Jackery Bar Premium has a smaller capacity at only 6000mAh, but still enough to keep your devices charged as need be. This charger is about half the size of the Jackery Giant+ Premium, and as such, has half the maH. That said, this charger is usually on sale for half price on Amazon, and is flagged as the #1 Best Seller on the website. Buy Here



Jackery Giant+ Premium 12000

best portable chargers under $50The Jackery Giant+ Premium is the most popular charger on this list to review with an astounding 9,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s a lot thicker than other chargers on this list, but shorter than most smartphones. The 12000mAh battery can charge two devices at a time, and has four layers of smart safety protection circuit that is guaranteed to last over 500 charges of the battery. It’s not small enough to keep on you at all times, but still useful when travelling on a long flight or road trip. Buy Here


ZILU Portable Charger

best portable chargers under $50In my opinion, ZILU Portable Chargers are the highest quality chargers on this list. As such, it’s a lot more expensive than the other chargers. The regular price of this charger is around $99, but is regularly on sale for a third of the price. The battery (15000mAh) is made to last an astonishing 1000 charge cycles. In order to ensure the charger meets its charge cycles, ZILU offers a 2 year warranty on the product. But the best feature this charger has is it’s size. It’s 5.4 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, and 0.8 inches thick — one of the smaller chargers for how much battery life it holds. Buy Here


Kinps Power Bank

best portable chargers under $50The Kinps Power Bank has a 10000mAh battery and has two USB ports to help you charge your devices. The charger has around the same dimensions as the iPhone 7, but is more than twice as thick. Using this charger, you can charge an iPhone 7 three and a half times, but it’s compatible with all Apple and Android devices. There is a 12 month warranty with this product if you buy it from Amazon, which is just one more benefit of buying online. Buy Here


Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Charger

best portable chargersThe Anker PowerCore II includes three high speed USB charging ports. The PowerCore II takes about six hours to fully charge, but once it’s loaded, its 20000mAh is enough power to charge the iPhone 7 almost 7 times, the Galaxy S7 4 times and most tablets almost twice. That is some serious charging power. Buy Here


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