20 Best Slim Wallets For Men Under $50


Along with all of your other every day carry items, wallets are always with you. And until we live in a world where cash and credit cards are unnecessary, carrying a wallet everywhere you go is unlikely to change. Due to the amount of time you spend carrying around a wallet, it is one of the most important purchases men can make. You want something that can carry everything you deem important, but you also don’t want something that is akin to George Costanza’s wallet from Seinfeld. Remember that thing? If you sat on it, your spine would never be the same again. The trend in wallets right now is slim wallets. And they come in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials. The best slim wallets on the market today, in our opinion, are usually very affordable (most of them are well under $50), carry multiple cards or cash and fit easily into your front pocket.

Here Are The 20 Best Slim Wallets For Men


Herschel Supply Co. “Raven” Card Case

Best-slim-walletsThe Raven is a slim, canvas card case with a metal money clip on the back. Perfect for guys who definitely don’t want a George Constanza situation popping up. And whenever you buy something from Herschel Supply Co, you know you don’t have to worry about being out of style. Buy: $30


Radix One Slim Wallet

best-slim-walletIf you’re looking for a sleek and slim wallet that offers a modern minimalist design, the Radix One could be for you. The wallet is thinner than most wallets and comfortably holds up to 10 cards (credit cards, ID cards, etc. Buy: $12


BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet fits in any pocket, holds up to 15 cards and costs less than an entree at TGI Fridays. It’s probably more satisfying too. Just sayin’.  Buy: $14


Distil Union Wally Bifold

best-slim-walletsThis non-traditional bi-fold holds up to 30 bills with an internal money clip. It also has a unique way to store and retrieve credit and ID cards with an easy tab that pulls the cards right out for you. This slim wallet is also NFC compatible so you can use tap-to-pay and keyless entry cards without removing them from the wallet. Buy: $40


Dash Co. Elastico

best-slim-wallets-under-50Dash Co. makes several stylish slim wallets, but the Elastico might be its most minimalistic design. Weighing in at just under one ounce, this wallet provides a lot of function without taking up any room. It ever has compartments for coins, SD cards, or anything else you want to squeeze in.  Buy: $15


Herschel Supply Co. “Hank” Bifold Wallet

Best-slim-walletThe Hank has a more traditional wallet look a feel to it. With a three card slots and a clear I.D. window, Hank has more than enough room to fit the needs of most men. Buy $35


Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet

best-slim-walletMade from corrosion proof aerospace grade titanium (whatever that is!) the Machine Era Ti5 slim wallet holds up to 7 cards, has a built-in bottle opener, and also provides RFID Protection. Buy: $40


TUMI Men’s Alpha Slim Card Case

best-slim-walletIt’s not often that you find a Tumi wallet under $50 but this Alpha Slim Card Case has two versions that check that box. The model shown is $50 but there is another one that you can get for $14 less. Not a bad deal! Buy: $36+


Slim Timber Wooden Card Wallet

best-slim-walletIf you’re not a cash man and you only carry an ID, a few credit cards, and maybe a health insurance card, then this is probably the coolest slim wallet option on the market. Each wallet carries up to 8 cards. Buy: $35


Radix One Black Steel – RFID Blocking Slim Wallet

best-slim-walletThe Radix One Black Steel has all the minimalist charm and function that you’ll find with the original Radix One, but it takes security to the next level by blocking almost all RFID signals from getting through. Buy: $20


HuMn Men’s Slim Wallet

best-slim-walletThe HuMn wallet comes in 12 different colors, is RFID Blocking, and, for those who care about such things, its vegan friendly too (no leather)!!! However, it’s still a really cool wallet even if you have an all-meat diet. Buy: $39


Herschel Supply Co. “Charlie” Card Case

Best-slim-walletAre you a minimalist even when it comes to slim wallets? Are there times when you need to carry the least amount of cash and cards as possible? If so, then the Charlie card case is your speed. Buy: $20



best-slim-walletA traditional bi-fold wallet with a minimalist feel and an updated fabric design on the exterior. This wallet doesn’t come with a lot of flash, but it does come with 2 slip pockets and 4 credit card pockets. All you need, really. Buy: $36


Slim Wallet Made From Cork

best-slim-walletsCork is water resistant, fire resistant and anti-microbial. It is also extremely lightweight and it floats. At this price point, it is perfect for any adventure, but especially one that involves you starting fires on the ocean. The wallet also looks really cool and holds 11 cards and cash. So there’s that. Buy: $15


Trayvax Original

best-slim-walletThe Trayvax Original is said to be “the most rugged, durable, and utilitarian wallet the world has ever seen.” It holds up to 14 credit cards and 5 bills. It has a built-in bottle opener and like many other wallets on this list, it fits easily into your front pocket and it is RFID blocking. Buy: $35


Dash Co. RFID Blocking Slim Travel Wallet

best-slim-walletFor you seasoned travelers who are looking to just carry the essentials, this RFID-blocking wallet has three separate compartments for your cards and money. It also comes in two different styles depending on if you like a horizontal or vertical opening. Buy: $17


Bad Mother F**ker Wallet

best-slim-walletsThis is less about function and more about being super cool. It is, without a doubt, a statement every time you pull it out of your pocket. All the Pulp Fiction fans out there definitely know what I’m talking about. Buy: $24


Carhartt Men’s Long Neck Wallet

best-slim-walletCarhartt bringing the heat with a money clip that also works as a bottle opener. Such an efficient use of space. Speaking of efficient, this Carhartt wallet offers six credit card pockets and a separate ID slot.  Buy: $30


Stainless Steel Gold Paperclip Money Clip

best-slim-walletYou won’t find a slimmer “wallet” on the market right now than this paperclip money clip. But you can try if you want too. This money paperclip comes in black, silver and gold-plated stainless steel. Buy: $25


Sherman Brands RFID Secure Wallet

best-slim-walletThis wallet from Sherman Brands give you a classic look and feel, but it does it with the same minimalist design modern men desire from their wallets. It is RFID-blocking and holds up to 10 cards and cash with the greatest of ease all while staying super slim. Buy: $35

That concludes our list of the 20 Best Slim Wallets For Men Under $50. If you think we missed anything, let us know!

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