The 11 Best Tackle Boxes For Every Type Of Fishing

So many factors lead up to catching a fish. You have to be in the right place at the right time. The moon and tides to cooperate. Your rod and reel need to function perfectly. And you’ll need the proper tackle. Fishing, as a hobby, can get pretty expensive. You accumulate a ton of tackle over the years. To store all of that gear you’ll need one of the best tackle boxes around.

Determining the best tackle box for you isn’t difficult. All you need to do is factor in the type of tackle you have, how much tackle you have, and the type of fishing you plan on doing.

The core function of a tackle box is to organize your tackle into a way that you can access it quickly and effectively. If a big ol’ tarpon shows up in front of the boat you want to be able to rig a bait quickly. Likewise, if you are out fishing for bass you want to be able to switch baits regularly if the fish aren’t biting. And if you’re on the riverside or wading in the water you’ll need to keep your gear dry but accessible.

Each type of fishing comes with its own obstacles. Hunting for sailfish off of Guatemala requires completely different tackle than striper fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. Picking out the best tackle box can be just as complicated as choosing the best fishing rod for every type of fishing
. The size of your hooks and lures is something you’ll want to consider when choosing the best tackle box for you. Another thing to consider is if your type of fishing is best suited for a hard-sized tackle box or a soft tackle box. Do you need your tackle box to be waterproof? Does it need to float? Can you adjust the size of your tackle box as your arsenal of fishing gear expands?

These are just a few factors to consider when picking out the best tackle box for your type of fishing. Together, we’ll go through all of the best tackle boxes on the market. We’ll look at the best types of tackle boxes for every type of fishing from saltwater to freshwater, river to lake.


11 Best Tackle Boxes For Every Type Of Fishing


Best Soft-Sided Tackle Bag For Fishing Anywhere — Okeechobee Fats T1200

best tackle boxesTackle bag? I thought we were talking about tackle boxes?…We are. This soft-sided bag is loaded with 8 tackle trays. It allows you to carry a ton of gear without taking up a ton of space. Compared to hard-sided tackle boxes the Okeechobee Fats T1200 is incredibly light and easy to carry. It is constructed out of heavy duty water-resistant fabric to protect your gear from the elements. The tackle trays on the inside can easily be swapped out. This way you always match the best tackle to the type of fishing you are doing. I prefer to keep this in my garage next to my trays so I can swap it out anytime I’m grabbing a rod. Soft-sided tackle boxes can be great for traveling because they’re easy to stuff in the back of a car. Purchase Today


The Best Tackle Dividers For Every Type Of Fishing– Plano Stowaway

best tackle boxesAt some point down the line in your fishing career you’ll find the need to have a bunch of tackle boxes. These hard plastic dividers from Plano are what you are going to build all of your storage around. They are standard sized to fit most adjustable tackle boxes. This way you can have a portable tackle bag (above) and heavier boxes (below). You can adjust the sizes of the individual slots inside of these plastic trays. Think of these as the bricks that will build your home of gear. Purchase Today


The Best Entry Level Tackle Box For Beginners — Plano 1-Tray

best tackle boxesThe Plano 1-tray tackle box is something 50% of fishermen have owned at some point in their lives. This is generally your first tackle box (your first love) but it’s also one of your best tackle boxes. It’s portable and a perfect tackle box for beginners. Once you start acquiring a ton of tackle you may need to upgrade but this will always get the job done. It makes for a perfect gift for kids and it’s cheap, so if you want to fill it with lures you can afford to do that. Purchase Today


The Best Portable Jig Wallet Tackle Box

best tackle boxesHaving a small, portable tackle box is a must-have for serious fisherman. You can fill this with specialized lures (like jigs) and you can swap out the gear anytime. I like to keep one of these in the trunk of my car next to my flyrod because I never know when I’ll pass a great stream. This jig wallet zips up neatly and can go anywhere with you. It is also waterproof so you can store small items in there to keep them dry while fishing. Purchase Today


The Best Fishing Waist Bag/Fanny Pack For Avid Fisherman — Piscifun Bag

best tackle boxesThe Piscifun fishing fanny pack is perfect for anglers on the go. If you plan on walking the riverbed or shoreline then this is an easy way to access gear. It doesn’t hold as much tackle as a large tackle box but it holds more than enough for a day of fishing. You can fill it with leader line and/or tippet to swap out gear quickly. It’s a comfortable way to carry your fishing tackle without having to lug around a large tackle box. Purchase Today


The Best Large Tackle Box For Your Home — Plano Guide Series

best tackle boxesThe Plano Guide Series Tackle System is a large tackle box setup which is perfect for your house. You can also keep this in the back of the truck. Wherever you choose to store this tackle box you can load it up with a ton of fishing gear. It features three removable racks, a top access tray, side storage, and top storage. This is a very durable build and one of the best tackle boxes for storing a lot of gear. Purchase Today


The Best Tackle Box For Kayak Fishing — LuckRoute Dry Backpack

best tackle boxesThe LuckRoute Dry Backpack Tackle Box is perfect for avid kayak fishermen. This dry back tackle box enables you to carry all of your gear on your back while paddling. Or you can strap it onto the top of your kayak. This is more of a vessel for your gear than anything. You will still want to get some smaller tackle dividers or wallets to fill this dry backpack with. The bag itself is built to carry your gear and keep it dry. Purchase Today


The Best Home Storage Tackle Box — Tuff Fishing Storage

best tackle boxes
If you have a wife (or roommate) that is constantly telling you to clean up your fishing gear then this is for you. I have this exact product myself. It’s a place in the garage to store all of my fishing gear. It holds multiple tackle dividers and tackle boxes. There are also slots on the side to store fishing rods in a neat manner. This isn’t exactly a tackle box per say but it’s still a must-have for fishing gear storage. Purchase Today


The Best Tackle Boxes With Wheels– Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

best tackle boxesThe Elkton Outdoors rolling tackle box is the best tackle box for anglers on the go. If you do a lot of beach or pier fishing this is perfect. It’s ideal for any type of fishing that requires you to carry gear from the car to your fishing location. This tackle box has three large storage areas up top. Internally, it holds 5 tackle trays. There are also slots on the outside to hold fishing rods as your drag this rolling tackle box to your spot. If you are fishing from a pier then this is definitely the best tackle box option for you. Purchase Today


The Best Cross-Body Sling Bag Tackle Box — Perfect For Wading

best tackle boxesThis shoulder bag from Piscifun is ideal for anyone who does wade fishing or walks along the shoreline and shallows. This tackle box allows you to carry a bunch of fishing gear on your upper body in a safe, dry, and comfortable way. With over 440 reviews on Amazon, this tackle box has a stellar 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Purchase Today


The Best Heavy-Duty Tackle Box — iKayaa Tackle Case

best tackle boxes
This is super heavy-duty option that’s sure to keep all of your gear protected. The ABS body and aluminum edging will keep your fishing gear safe and intact from the elements. This comes with a comfortable carrying handle an shoulder strap for carrying. If you plan on traveling with fishing gear then this is a sturdy option if you are worried about potential damage. With this option you’ll still want to pick up some of the plastic dividers to fill the case. Purchase Today

That concludes of the best tackle boxes for every type of fishing. Check out more of our Buyer Guides!

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