15 Unique Whiskey Glasses And Decanter Sets Perfect For Your Home Bar

There’s no better way to add a little class to your life than a glass of whiskey. It’s a drink that has been around since at least the 14th century and has been used in popular culture to differentiate between sophisticated businessmen and just about everyone else. Though whiskey is most famously distilled in Ireland and Scotland, there are countless whiskeys made around the world, each with their own distinct taste. Some people like to mix their whiskey with coke, or ginger ale, but the absolute best way to enjoy the flavoring is by having it on the rocks (or neat) in your favorite whiskey glasses.

Much like drinking a fine wine over dinner, drinking whiskey should be an experience. You should relax and revel with friends, family, or co-workers over a glass of whiskey. To have the perfect whiskey experience, you’re going to need a good set of glassware. Much like wearing a suit makes you feel sophisticated, whiskey just tastes better if you’re feeling classy. How do you feel classy? By having the best whiskey glasses money can buy. Or, at least the best ones that your budget will allow for. Which we think you will find in the list below.

Here are the 15 Best Whiskey Glasses and Decanter Sets


BenShot ‘Merica “Bulletproof” 11 oz Rocks Glass

rocks glass with bulletA bulletproof whiskey glass is the best way to make every drink taste like freedom. Not only is it handmade from heavy, high-quality glass right here in America, but it’s about the most patriotic glass you can find. The glass has the American flag printed on it, as well as a real lead-free 0.308 caliber bullet. Buy it in preparation for this year’s Independence Day, so you can prove once and for all how much you love America. You may not feel classy, but you’ll sure feel the testosterone pumping through your veins as you stare down that bullet with a mouthful of whiskey. Buy Here


Personalized Bulletproof Lowball Whiskey Glass Set

best whiskey glassesIf you’re feeling a little less patriotic (but love the bullet idea), consider this personalized set of whiskey glasses. You can completely personalize these glasses with two lines (or 15 characters) of text, and choose from one of three designs. Additionally, they are a slightly smaller size than most whiskey glasses, holding around 8 oz. Finally, these glasses make for a great gift for your groomsmen as a token of your appreciation. They’re a one of a kind gift to give, and people will always remember you for it. Buy Here


Pacific Whiskey Old Fashioned Barware Set

best whiskey glassesPacific Whiskey took a bold step when it came to designing their Old Fashioned Barware set. The glasses are cut with the finest materials and crafted to add a certain distinction to your barware. Trends may come and go, but Pacific Whiskey has come up with on of the best whiskey glasses design that we’re seen. It is going to stand the test of time, that’s for sure. They have a similar design to another mountain set that we’ve found, but these glasses are offered at a slightly more affordable price. There’s something unique about Pacific Whiskey glasses — and it isn’t just the box that they come in. (Glasses only) Buy Here


Orrefors Intermezzo Blue DOF

best whiskey glassesThese whiskey glasses are a little expensive, but for good reason. This sophisticated glass was designed by Swedish artist Erika Lagerbielke, and handmade by master glassmakers in Offers’ Swedish glassworks. Inside the glass is a single color drop in the stem, carefully placed by the glassmaker. Holding nearly 13 oz, this mammoth whiskey glass weighs a heft 4 lbs. Add it to your home bar as your special whiskey glass, and only break it out on special occasions. Treat it as specially as the makers did. Buy Here


Beautifultracy Creative Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Cigar-Holding Whiskey GlassDo you know what goes really well with a glass of whiskey? A thick, smooth, cigar. If you love to relax with a finely rolled cigar from your humidor, you should consider a whiskey glass that suits your lifestyle. This glass would make the perfect addition to any bachelor party or wedding night. Picture it: you with your closest friends, drinking a glass of very expensive whiskey and sucking on a cigar in between sips. It sounds like heaven. There is no better pairing than whiskey and cigars. Buy Here


Huckberry Whiskey Peaks Collection

Whiskey Peaks Rocks GlassesHuckberry has been making a name for themselves with really unique products. For example, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service, Huckberry released the Whiskey Peaks collection. Each item is made from hand-blown, lightweight glass. Featured at the bottom of the glass are different topographic impressions of the most famous mountains in America, such as Mt. Washington, Half Dome, Denali, Rainier, and Whitney. Additionally, you can buy glasses that feature international locations such as Mt. Everest and Mt. Fuji. These whiskey glasses are works of art more than anything else. Buy Here


Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses 10oz

best whiskey glassesThe Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses are some of the most uniquely designed glasses that I’ve ever seen. These 10 oz glasses do just about everything differently. To start, these glasses rest at a spill-proof 50 degree angle. The unique shape of the glass makes it comfortable to hold in your hand, as well. If you’re looking to impress with a unique glass like nothing you’ve ever seen before — this is the one for you. Best of all, if you end up regretting your purchase (which you won’t) you can get your money back as part of Dragon Glassware’s unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Buy Here


Twist Whiskey Glasses by Ashcroft

best faceted whiskey glasses‘Twist’ is the most perfect world to describe this exquisitely designed glass. Made with sophisticated craftsmanship, these glasses are bound to be your latest show piece. There isn’t a single piece of this glass that wasn’t astutely tailored. For example, the mouth of the glass is is wide enough to comfortably fit your nose, so that you can enjoy the smell of your whiskey as much as you enjoy the taste. These glasses also come in a beautiful box that can work as a display piece, or simply as the perfect way to give these glasses as a gift. Buy Here


Ravenscroft Premium Double Old Fashioned 11 oz Glasses

best whiskey glassesTo celebrate their 125 year anniversary, Ravenscroft released this Premium Double Old Fashioned 11 oz glass set. Made in Europe, these simple yet uniquely designed glasses are the perfect tool to enjoy a glass of whiskey from either Scotland or Ireland. Included in this set is a microfiber cleaning cloth that can be used to dry and buff your glasses to keep them looking brand new. If you’re looking for something simply elegant, your search ends here. Buy Here


JoyJolt Carre Square Old Fashioned 10oz Glasses

best whiskey glassesJoyJolt believes in doing things a little differently, which is why their whiskey glasses are designed to be square instead of round. Handmade by experts of their craft, these old fashioned glasses are built to survive through bumps and crashes. Fitted in a beautifully embossed magnetic closure box, these glasses make a wonderful gift idea for every whiskey lover. You need to drink out of something as sophisticated as your whiskey. With a unique take on the old fashioned trend, these glasses fit the bill. Also included in your purchase is a 1-year satisfaction guarantee, but you won’t be needing that anyway. Buy Here


Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers by Viski

best whiskey glassesTo say that Viski makes beautiful glasses is an understatement. Their Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumbler set has a mid century modern design that manages to once again differentiate itself from the competition. The triangle base blends seamlessly with the rest of the glass, and fits in your hand the way that a whiskey glass should. These glasses should be the latest addition to any modern whiskey lover’s home. A top class glass for your top shelf whiskey. Buy Here


Full Whisky Decanter Sets with Matching Glasses

We have previously showcased some of the coolest Whiskey decanters on the market, but all of these were standalone decanters. And sometimes you want to buy a decanter with matching glasses. Here are four whiskey decanter sets that we love.

Willow & Everett Whiskey Glass Set With Decanter

best whiskey glassesThrow out your boring circular IKEA glasses and dare to be different. Not only is this set exquisitely crafted, but it comes with a decanter — and at such an affordable price, too. A decanter is a glass vessel that you should be storing your whiskey, or just about any hard liquor in. Drinking whiskey with a decanter set is a surefire way to feel as sophisticated as Bond in his most iconic film. This entire set has been designed for whiskey lovers, too, because each glass is wide enough to hold granite whiskey stones, which are essentially a way to keep your whiskey cold without diluting it with ice. Buy Here



Marquis by Waterford Decanter Set With 4 Old Fashioned Double Glasses

best whiskey glassesDrinking whiskey should feel like a special occasion — even if it isn’t. Honestly, the Marquis by Waterford decanter set is magnificent. Crafted from lead free crystal, which is safer (and better) than most other glass, you’re going to feel powerful with these in your hand. The diamond cuts and wedges form contemporary shapes that you could spend all day tracing with your fingers. If you love your whiskey (and I know you do) it’s time that you made drinking whiskey an experience to remember. Buy Here


James Scott 5 Piece Crystal Decanter Set

best whiskey glassesNot everyone can fork out a fortune on an expensive decanter set, which is where James Scott comes in with this fantastic set offered at an affordable price. Designed to reflect the soft beauty of the countryside, these glasses do a fantastic job of looking more expensive than they actually are. The only downside to this otherwise flawless set is that they aren’t dishwasher safe. You’ll need to wash each piece by hand. Then again, there’s no better way to ensure that nothing happens to your favourite decanter set than by washing it carefully with warm water. Buy Here


Fitz and Floyd Bridgeport 5-Piece Crystal Whiskey Bar Set

best whiskey glassesThe Fitz and Floyd Bridgeport Crystal Whiskey Bar Set is the type of glassware you would expect your boss to pull out after an exceptionally tough meeting. Not only is the linear pattern on the glass stunning, but each piece has been meticulously crafted to never lose that brand new look and feel. Even if you rarely drink, this set would look perfect as a display piece in a study, office, or otherwise old fashioned room. Picture it now. Sitting on the mantle of your fireplace, filled with your favourite liquor. Buy Here

Top photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

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