7 Of The Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8 And Qi Enabled Smartphones

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8

Now is the time to look at the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8. Why? Because after months of speculation, Apple finally debuted the iPhone 8 today. The latest and greatest iPhone will feature Qi-enabled wireless charging. This means iPhone users will be able to charge their iPhone 8’s on top of wireless charging pads.

Thankfully for iPhone users, Qi-enabled wireless charging has been on the market for a while. Samsung and other smartphones have been offering wireless charging for several generations of phones. This means it can be hard to pin down the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8, but we’re here to help with that. I’ve actually been able to experience wireless charging with my iPhone thanks to Mophie. They make a leather case which works with a wireless charging pad to juice up your phone. I have to agree with Android users that this is a game-changing feature. It’s unclear what took Apple so long to roll out Qi wireless charging but we’re glad it’s finally arrive. To help you wade through the noise we are going to look at the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8 on the market right now.

The Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8

Mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Base

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8I’ll rank the Mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Base as my favorite iPhone 8 wireless charger on the market. Mophie has built a charging empire with their external batteries. They bring that expertise to the world of wireless charging bases for Qi-enabled smartphones with the Charge Force Wireless Charging Base. Built-in magnets on this charger hold the phone in place every time as it juices up. The Charge Force Wireless Charging Base from Mophie only weighs 6.2 ounces so it’s perfect for traveling. Buy Here


Choetech 7.5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad Witih Anti-Slip Rubber

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8With almost 2,500 reviews on Amazon this wireless charging pad is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. If budget is a concern, this is a very affordable option at only $11.99. This Qi wireless charging pad works with iPhone 8 and every other Qi-enabled smartphone. There is a bright blue LED light on this device to tell you when it’s charging your iPhone 8. Buy Here


Kroma Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone 8 And Qi-Enabled Devices

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8This is a very sleek wireless charging base for Qi devices. It is also a fantastic budget-friendly option at only $9.99 on Amazon. This wireless charging pad only weighs 10 ounces and the diamond area marsk the charging station. Buy Here


PLESON C400 2-Coil Wireless Charging Stand

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8This iPhone 8 wireless charger is different from the others above in that it’s a stand. This is designed for your iPhone 8 to sit upright while charging wireless. It’s perfect for desktop or bedside use. This might also be the best wireless charger for iPhone 8 around. Over on Amazon, this product has over 1,150 customer reviews with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The PLESON C400 is said to be lightning fast. It charges at a rate that’s 1.4x faster than a normal charger. If you’d prefer to lay it flat instead of using it as a stand the angle is fully adjustable to your preferences. The LED light that tells you the status of the charge automatically shuts down after 10 seconds. This prevents the light from bothering you all night or burning up the charger. Buy Here


Anker Wireless Charging Pad

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8Anker is best known for wireless Bluetooth headphones and iPhone Lightning cables. But they also make one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8 that you’ll find anywhere. This item has nearly 2,700 reviews on Amazon with a 4-star rating. No cables/USB required for charging. LED indicators let you know when this base is ready to charge. There is a built-in temperature gauge that shuts off if the device reaches 107-degrees to prevent over-heating. The red LED light means it’s ready to charge. The blue LED means it’s charging, and Red/Blue means your device is full charged. Like all Anker products, this comes with a fantastic 18-month warranty. Buy Here


Samsung Wireless Charging Pad with 2A Wall Charger

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8You might be able to tell by the manufacturer name but this product was originally built for Samsumg smartphones. Samsung has had wireless charging technology for a while, and they’ve had time to perfect it. At only $14.99, this is debatably the most reliable wireless charger on the market at that price point. You can take calls and text while your iPhone 8 sits on this gorgeous charging pad. Buy Here


CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

best wireless chargers for iPhone 8I thought we could end strong here with another wireless charging stand instead of a pad. If you plan on using this wireless charging technology on your desk then this might be the route for you. CHOETECH is well known in the wireless charging space. With a price tag of $17.99 you can afford to purchase one for your desk and bedside table. Similar to the other stand above, this one is adjustible. You can lay it flat if you’d prefer to use it as a charging pad instead of a stand. Buy Here


Qi, pronounced Chee, comes from the Chinese word meaning ‘natural energy’. This is the technology that powers the new iPhone wireless charging. Qi wireless charging was designed to work up to distances of 1.6 inches, or 4 centimeters. In addition to Apple, other smartphone manufacturers using Qi wireless charging include Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony, and Blackberry. Analysts predicted this announcement from Apple for months. Now that Qi wireless charging is the industry standard we’re certain to see a technology boom in the coming years.

Make no mistakes about it, Qi wireless charging is the future of smartphones. These are the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8 and other Qi-enabled smartphone and tablets on the market right now. The industry will be flooded in the coming days after Apple’s big iPhone 8/iPhone X announcement. We here at The Daily Want believe it’s wise to choose well-established manufacturers. All of the products above are built by companies who have been working in the wireless charging space for years and years.

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