The 15 Best Wooden Sunglasses For Men At Every Price Point

best wooden sunglasses for men

Since 2014, wooden sunglasses have been a craze. Perhaps it’s the distinct look and feel of wooden sunglasses that is making them so popular. It helps companies with wooden sunglasses are often environmentally friendly, too. Most wooden sunglasses also have a unique feature: while most conventional sunglasses sink, wood ones (usually) float.

Most major sunglasses brands, like Oakley, don’t make wooden sunglasses. The major players in this market are brands like Shwood, Proof and Cloudfield. And whether you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of sunglasses or you want a designer pair, we’ve compiled a list of the best wooden sunglasses for men on the market today.

Here are the best wooden sunglasses

Woodies ZebraWood Sunglasses

best men's sunglasses under $100

The most inexpensive wooden sunglasses on this list, Woodies are great for someone that loves the look and feel of a wooden frame but tends to be a bit careless with their belongings. Most wooden sunglasses are a little less durable than others so you’ll need to be careful. That said, these sunglasses are made from real zebrawood and come equipped with lenses that have 100% UV protection. Buy Here

4est Shades Wooden Sunglasses

4est Shades is one of the most revered wooden sunglass brands and for good reason.  They are the perfect combination of quality and style. Coming in both 51 millimeter and 55-millimeter sizes give you sizing options for an optimum fit.  A wicked forest pattern aligns the arms of these frames allowing them to stand out from the pack.  Having 100% polarized lenses like those featured on the 4est Shades keep the glare away so you can get out in the sun for some fun. Buy Here

WOODWORD Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses for Men

best wooden sunglasses for menThese sunglasses are handcrafted from bamboo. The wood has been polished to emphasize the grain and color pattern. These sunglasses are equipped with UV400 polarized lenses and come in a gorgeous bamboo box, packed with a microfiber cleaning cloth. WOODWORD has a ton of wooden accessories for sale online, but they really hit the ball out of the park with these sunglasses. Buy Here

Eye Love Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

best wooden sunglasses for menSome people prefer to buy products from companies that are making a positive change to the world. With every purchase of a pair of Eye Love sunglasses, the company gives an exam, sunglasses, and glasses to someone who is need of them but can’t afford them. Additionally, Eye Love offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offers a full refund to anyone that feels they didn’t get their money’s worth out of the product. If bought online, the sunglasses come with a hard case with clip, soft microfiber case, cleaning cloth, screwdriver repair kit, and Eye Health E-Book! On top of everything already mentioned, you’ll struggle to find a more perfect pair of sunglasses. Affordable. Practical. Beautiful. Buy Here

Hammockable Maple Wood Sunglasses

best wooden sunglasses for menCompletely new to the market, these Hammockable sunglasses are unique to this list because they are made from maple wood, instead of what most wooden sunglasses are made of, which is bamboo. The polarized lenses provide UV400 sun protection. Additionally, what stands out about these sunglasses is that they are made from recycled materials, and five trees are planted for every purchase. But, the real selling point of these sunglasses is the beautifully crafted pattern on the side of the frame. If you’re still not convinced, these sunglasses float which makes them a great purchase for someone who will spend a lot of time adventuring in rivers, lakes, and swimming pools. Buy Here

Ray-Ban RB4246M Clubhouse Wood Sunglasses

Made in Italy, these Ray-Ban Clubhouse Wood Sunglasses feature a unique frame with circular lenses. Perfect for those going for a Bohemian-style, these shades look sophisticated yet casual enough to show you don’t take yourself too seriously. You can grab these with prescription lenses which added additional utility to an already great looking pair of sunglasses. Lately, these glasses have been going for anywhere between $80 and $130. Buy Here

Cloudfield Bamboo Wood Sunglasses for Men

best men's sunglasses under $100

These handmade sunglasses are absolute perfection. That’s probably why they made our best men’s sunglasses under $100 list! With polarized lenses, these Cloudfield sunglasses reduce glare which helps you see the world around you while driving. These UV400 lenses have a slight brown tint, giving the world a warm aura. The hinges snap into place removing any flimsiness that you might find with other sunglasses. Additionally, the arms hyper-extend to help adjust to any face shape or size. The glasses are made from lightweight bamboo and float in water. These sunglasses come in a kit that includes a bamboo carrying case, microfiber pouch, and cloth, as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied (even though you’ll fall in love with these glasses as we did) you can write to the company and they will offer a full refund. Buy Here

4EST Maple Wood Sunglasses

4EST makes high quality, wooden sunglasses that have garnered a solid reputation. These are a mid-tier pair of wooden sunglasses, these 4EST wooden shades have a frame that is made from maple. These sunglasses are hand-made, meaning each pair is unique giving you an experience unique to you. The lenses on these are UV400 rated meaning that your eyes are protected during use. 4EST is a highly respected name in the wooden sunglasses market, so buy with confidence. Buy Here

Polarspex Polarized 80’s Retro

Polospex should be another recognizable wooden sunglass brand. These wooden sunglasses are a great option for those of us looking for a nice pair of glasses without the high price. That’s because Polospex is the manufacturer, allowing you to get factory-direct pricing. These sunglasses are ultra-light (as expected) and contain polarized, reflective lenses that offer 100% UV protection and are resistant to scratches. The minimalist design of these sunglasses is stunning. If you buy a pair — get ready to fall in love. Buy Here

Woodies Half-Rim Ebony Wood Sunglasses 

Woodies is a force to be reckoned with in the sunglass market. With the Woodies Half-Rim Ebony Sunglasses, they bring a new spin on what wooden sunglasses can be. These bad boys take half-rims to a new and unique level that gives a modern take on retro-inspired styling.  Woodies Sunglasses feature 100% real wood frames so each pair has its own feel.  Polarized, the Woodies Half-Rim Ebony Sunglasses keep out the glare.  Get them and be beach-ready. Buy Here

Tayope Cherry Wood Sunglasses

The cherry wood color on these Tayope sunglasses is a little lighter than other wooden sunglasses, but these one of a kind shades are made from real cherry wood.  With a reasonable price point and polarized lenses, these are a great option.  Check out the eagle design on the arms of the frames, a nice touch for a pair of wooden sunglasses that have carved out their own niche. Buy Here

Ray-Ban Men’s Clubmaster Sunglasses

best wooden sunglasses for men

While these Ray-Ban sunglasses technically have a metal frame, the outside of the frame has three different wood finishes to choose from: walnut, maple, and cherry. Additionally, you can customize the polarized lenses to a color of your choosing. These glasses will give you everything you love about wooden sunglasses mixed with Ray-Ban’s world famous quality. Buy Here

Woodies Polarized Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Do you like the styling of the Clubhouse Sunglasses from Ray-Ban, but not a fan of the price? Well, we’ve got good news for you. The Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses is a great low-cost alternative to the expensive brand name glasses. Woodies original wood sunglass design, these O.G. half-rim frames have a design that looks good on just about anyone’s face — so don’t worry if you struggle to find a pair of sunglasses that looks good on you. These Woodies sunglasses are some of the best-selling specs on the Amazon marketplace and that comes as no surprise to us. Buy Here

SKADINO Wood Sunglasses

SKADINO is a mid-priced brand of wooden sunglasses that justify their cost by producing great quality wooden sunglasses with equally impressive styling.  To start, every pair of SKADINO Wooden Sunglasses are handmade making each pair a one of a kind.  To top it off these sunglasses may just be the most durable on our list thanks to the multiple layers of wood that alternate based on their grain orientation. Buy Here

Oakley Men’s Holbrook XL Sunglasses

These Oakley’s are great for those looking for a high-end pair of shades from a great brand. While not made from wood (they do look like it though), these polycarbonate framed shades include HD polarized lenses that block 100% UV rays and minimize glare allowing you to see clearly. The Holbrook XL’s feature a three-point fit making sure they stay on your face and look great. Buy Here

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