The Bierstick 24oz Beer Funnel Is A Must-Have For Summer Parties


The doctor is in and he is not messing around this summer. You may have thought a beer funnel was good enough to cure your sobriety, but what you need is 24oz of beer delivered via syringe STAT! The best part is that with the Bierstick, you forget the messy humiliation of shotgunning and beer funnels. It will also give you that burst of youthful energy in a jiffy, without giving you enough time to question your decision making.

Bierstick Specs:

  • Shoots 24oz of beer into your gullet in 2 seconds
  • Faster than a beer bong for accelerated inebriation
  • Fits in a backpack for easy transport to the party
  • Easy to clean so you don’t go mixing your Natty’s w/ your Bud Lights

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