This Bifold Money Clip Is Made From Recycled Firefighter Vinyl Tarps

Recycled Firefighter

This bifold money clip from Recycled Firefighter is made out of 22-ounce vinyl tarp scraps. This makes for an incredibly durable and weather resistant wallet. There are two color options, red and blue. Buy Here

Recycled Firefighter

Recycled Firefighter

This is a fun and unconventional slim wallet. If you like to break from the mold, but still are shopping for slim wallets, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

The T-90 nylon thread is built with a 15-pound breaking strength. They feature a 1″ Mil-Spec nylon binding.

The Recycled Firefighter slim wallets hold 8 cards with cash or 12 cards without. By nature, these are weatherproof wallets built to take some abuse. These nylon Recycled Firefighter slim wallets retail for the price of two beer pitchers in both red and blue.

Buy Here

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