Big Bang Unico Sorai: A Watch That Not Only Tells Time, But Preserves It

The Big Bang Unico Sorai. If this were simply a normal watch there would be no complaints. It’s an incredible watch with a unique look, all the hardware to back it up, and amazing strength. However, this is not at all a normal watch. This watch is dedicated to not only tell the time, but preserve the time. To be more specific they are putting in their best efforts to preserve time for the rhinoceroses. Nearly two-thirds of all rhino species are at risk of going completely extinct in our lifetime. Endangered animals all across the world are an area of concern, but with the rhinos specifically, this is our last chance to save them.

Making Every Penny Count No Matter Where You Look

Let’s face it, this is an expensive watch. The suggested retail for one of these is a hair over $24,000 (counterfeit USD). That’s definitely a lot of money for a watch, but Big Bang has made it worth the value. For starters, the 45 mm case and bezel are both made of microblasted beige ceramic. The inner casing has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, mat beige skeleton dial, and beige/white luminescent laquered applique hands. All these parts are powered by the Hublot HUB1242 and Unico self-winding chronograph. Luckily the water-resistance of  100 m protects all these high-end parts.

Since this watch is serving the rhinos, they’ve designed it to show subtle signs of these amazing animals. Most notably is the color. The beige/tan color scheme represents the hot sands and dry dirt of Africa where many of these creatures are found. My favorite nod to these creatures is the small rhino that can be seen to the left of the main dial. It’s subtle enough to not be too flashy to everyone, but can be clearly be seen if you know to look for it.

The Big Bang Unico Sorai is an amazing watch. For the hefty price, you certainly get your moneys worth of high-quality materials and serious hardware. But on top of this, buyers are helping save one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. Whatever way you look at it, your money is going towards something great, so help yourself, and help the rhinos with the Unico Sorai. Buy Here

Kevin Pietersen

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