3-In-1 Combination Billiards And Ping Pong Table Is Perfect For Home

pool table ping pong

There’s absolutely no reason to own three separate tables when you can combine them all into one. This combination billiards, picnic, and ping pong table is the ultimate home accessory for people who love to play games. It takes a layered approach and stacks all of the tables on top of each other.

This 7-foot Newport table from Hathaway is constructed of driftwood melamine sides, ends, and legs. It’s a full-size 7ft pool table measure 67L x 12.63W x 19.75H inches.

The table comes with two long benches and it quickly converts from a picnic/craft table to a ping pong table, and from a ping pong table to a pool table by peeling away the layers.

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