Bimotal Elevate Takes Bike Riding To New Heights

Bikes were invented in 1817 and, to be honest, they have not changed much. You pedal to propel yourself forward and brake with a simple disc. Sure, biking can be great exercise.

The downfall is that if you are riding your bike to work or the store every day over hills and around people, the navigation can be pretty tricky. Or, maybe you just aren’t feeling like arriving to work sweaty. Bimotal Elevate solves both of those problems.

What Is It?

Elevate by Bimotal is not a new bike. It is an add on to the bike you already have. There is no need to buy a whole new mode of transportation, which is easier on your wallet and your storage space.

Essentially, Elevate allows you to turn any existing bike into an e-bike. You get the benefits of powered transport without the hassle of buying a motorcycle or dedicated e-bike.

Elevate is also removable, so you can convert back to a classic bike at any time. It is not a permanent change to your bike, so you can go back and forth depending on how you are feeling that day. This motor is small but mighty. It weighs just two pounds but has740 watts of power.

Bringing The Bike Into The 21st Century

Bimotal Elevate lives in the same place as your externally mounted breaks. This makes it easy to mount and unmount the system.

The device uses direct drive technology so that it does not cause additional wear and tear on your chain or cassette. With Elevate, you’ll feel like a bike professional during installation and removal thanks to the in-depth instruction that come with it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that installation is meant to be an easy process. 

Bike Or Ride

When you’re powering down the road, you can turn the motor on or of in two seconds. This makes it a breeze to transition from riding to biking. For instance, as you near your destination, you can switch back to bike mode to come in for a smooth landing. Elevate gives you the best of both worlds and you won’t ever want to go back. Buy here

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