BioLite HeadLamp Is The First Designed To Fit Your Forehead

We can’t deny the convenience of a nice headlamp. Whether you’re rummaging in your pack at night, reading a book in bed, or hiking in the dark (not recommended) a headlamp is an invaluable piece of gear. It leaves your hands free and gives you light exactly where you need it. But, most headlamps are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Plus they slip down your forehead until it’s practically a noselamp. That’s all about to change.

The HeadLamp (yes, we admit it could use a more creative name. Any suggestions?) is the first of its kind designed to fit your head. The emphasis of this light is on its physical fit. Though, it also has a killer light, coming in at around 330 lumens. It is rechargeable by USB so you won’t be burning through batteries. You get a generous 40 hours of runtime on low brightness.

The big deal here though is the weight and fit. Each of the 69 (ha ha) grams have been carefully distributed so that the front and back of the HeadLamp weight the same. This gives a weightless feel. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it. The front of the light sits flush on your forehead. This means no more bouncing, sliding, or annoyance. Its makers say that it is inspired by the awesome wearables that we all have come to love. Trust us when we say that this will change how you headlamp forever. Yes, we used that as a verb. Buy Here


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