The Bison Rolling Grill Takes Portable Camping Grills To New Heights

Bison Rolling Grill

Camping just got a little easier thanks to the Bison Rolling Grill from Bison Gears. With this rolling grill, which is perfect for backpacking campers and outdoor enthusiasts, you not only have the portable connivence you crave, but you can set up your cooking surface in less than a minute. There truly are no other grills on the market like it.

Rolling grill set includes stake stand for camp fire set up. Chained stake stand posts onto the ground and adjust its height for desired heat measure. The grill is durable yet light-weight aluminum construction and superior non-stick Teflon coat provides long lasting performance for your outdoor grill experience. It is truly a must have, and very minimalistic accessory for any and all outdoor lovers and campers.

The best part is, of course, the portability. When you go camping or hiking you don’t have a ton of extra room, and this grill was made to help you maximize your space. It is extremely lightweight at only 1.6 pounds, and it rolls up in an easy-to-carry bag. And when you’re done with it, the unique design of the Bison Rolling Grill allows you to roll up the grill into compact size, perfect for carrying in a backpack. Just don’t forget to unroll it and clean it when you get home. Buy Now

Bison Rolling Grill Bison Rolling Grill Bison Rolling Grill Bison Rolling Grill

[H/T and images via Bison Gears]

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