Bivystick Turns Your Phone Into A Sat Phone

Not being able to send a text or make a call in an emergency situation can mean life or death. When you’re out adventuring, you need the confidence that you can always get in touch with loved ones or first responders no matter what. Best of all, you can do it all with the smartphone you’re already using. No bulky sat phone or gear.

The Bivystick uses satellite technology to ensure that you always have a reliable connection. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Best of all, there are no activation fees and no contracts. In fact, it works a lot like a prepaid phone (if you’re under 25 ask your parents). Just load it up with credits before your trip and use them as needed. You can send and receive texts, share your location, and more.

In fact, the Bivystick does a whole lot more than just make your phone a sat phone. It also gives you access to lots of other useful features while you’re out exploring. For one, you can send an emergency SOS message to local first responders should you need to. You can share your location with loved ones, track your path, and even get detailed weather forecasts to see what’s ahead. It also acts as a portable battery pack and can recharge your phone 2-3 times. Whether you’re a survivalist or an explorer, a light camper or are just often out of cell range, the Bivystick is both convenient and potentially lifesaving. Learn More



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