Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Shots Provide The Perfect Jolt Of Caffeine

bizzy coffee shots

I spend the vast majority of my time awake slamming coffee to the dome. For one, I enjoy the taste and drinking experience, but, more importantly, I can’t function without the caffeine. Enter Bizzy Coffee Shots, mini cold brew shots that pack as much caffeine as two shots of espresso. To put that into measurements, that is 130-150mg of caffeine.

Bizzy Coffee Shots come in three flavors (Black, Caramel, and Vanilla) and they are USDA Certified Organic, 0 calorie, and sugar-free. They are also gluten and dairy free. So if you need a quick jolt of caffeine or if you have a disgusting coffee habit (like I do), you should give this all-natural product a try. After all, it packs more of a punch and it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Buy It Now (per 12-pack)



Bizzy Coffee ShotsBuy It Now



Bizzy Coffee ShotsBuy It Now



Bizzy Coffee Shots
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