Black Bowmore 50-Year-Old Aged Whisky Only Costs $19,600

Black Bowmore

Every now and then a whisky offering comes along that’s so enticing I’m forced to write about it, and also must face the fact that I’ll never be able to afford it myself. This particular spirit, Black Bowmore, is a 50-year-old whisky that retails for a cool $19,600.

First distilled back in 1964, the Black Bowmore has just hit the market and it’s blowing minds all across the whisky world. But if you just so happen to have twenty grand laying around to spend on a 50-year-old whisky then you are still going to have to look extra hard for this one because there were only 159 bottles of it made available worldwide.

First sold back in 1993, then again in 2007, and now for the third time in 2016. Every bottle of the Black Bowmore comes with a Scottish oak case fearing silver inlays meant to model the rings of trees.

Black Bowmore

For more on the 50-year-old Black Bowmore you can head on over to Bowmore’s website.

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