Get More Bang for Your Bud With Black Tie Grinders – White Out

It may be flu season, but reefer madness is all year round. If you’re in the weed game, you know how important a good weed grinder is. You need that smooth grind for small, uniform pieces. You might also want that extra kick in your hit, so your grinder should be able to collect kief. Don’t settle for any basic grinder—you don’t want a dud for your bud. Black Tie Grinders are the crème de la crème and top many grinder recommendations, with accolades from Men’s Journal,,, and more.

The makers of Black Tie Grinders noticed that grinders on the market were either cheap and made of acrylic or expensive, but unexceptional. They wanted to create a product that could stand out in the industry and was affordable to the masses. Black Tie Grinders have both quality and class, making their name pretty much perfect. You never know when you’ll need to grind some herb, like at that family reunion, tiresome camping trip, or even a black tie event! Be prepared wherever you are with a Black Tie Grinder, which fits comfortably in your pocket or bag.

Sleek and simple

All Black Tie Grinders measure 2.5” diameter and 1.8” tall, so it’s pretty compact. Each grinder comes in premium packaging, including a gift box and durable velvet carry pouch. The pouch protects your grinder from getting scratched and keeps things discrete—it’s a good travel companion! The grinders are available in “Next Level” black and the new “White Out” white. The Black Tie Grinders suite also includes a pink version, called the Pink Bow Grinder, featuring everything the black and white grinders have with a different logo. The black and white feature the brand name on the cap’s top and a collar and tie. The pink version shows the Pink Bow Grinders name and a bow in place of a tie.

Grind like no other

Black Tie Grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are extremely durable. The aluminum is then anodized, giving it its color and prevents any chipping. Each grinder has 50 razor sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that eliminates any breaking that’s common in cheaper grinders and helps you get that perfect grind consistency. They also feature extra strong neodymium magnets that hold the lid in place while grinding, avoiding any spillage or spoilage.

Micron steel filtering screens on Black Tie Grinders are reinforced by metal instead of plastic, making them very durable and allows for perfect filtering. The screen filters out larger herb particles from smaller, stronger particles, aka kief. The pollen chamber is curved to catch every last bit of kief, minimizing your frustration with scraping and making it easier to get more pollen. Every Black Tie Grinder also comes with two pollen scrapers to help you gather up any fine pollen and herb. It’s kind of like raking your desktop zen garden. Both make you chill after all.

Black Tie Grinders offers a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. The company has complete faith that their grinders will have lasting performance and grind to your heart’s desire. If your grinder breaks during normal use, they will send a replacement with no questions asked. The money back guarantee on your purchase for 30 days ensures you have enough time to try the grinder and see if it meets your expectations. Buy Here


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