Black Tie Grinders Bring a Touch of Class to Herb Grinding

Shopping for an top of the line herb grinder is a tough task.  It seems like most grinders are made as cheaply as possible and are made out of shitty acrylic plastic materials.

Well no more my friend.  For those who are ready for an herb grinder that has the perfect mix of quality and class Black Tie Grinders has you covered.

With 50 razor sharp teeth the Black Tie Grinder will shred your herb into a succulent blend ready for your vape or pipe.  And when it comes to kief, Black Tie Grinders collect more than any other brand I’ve seen.  With the rounded pollen catcher I don’t worry about spilling any kief.

It is refreshing to see marijuana products that look as sophisticated as they perform. Buy Here


  1. Anodized Aluminum
  2. Velvet carrying case, custom gift box, and extra scrapper tool included
  3. 50 diamond shaped teeth to shred
  4. Rounded pollen chamber for easy collection
  5. 2.5 inches in diameter and 1.8 inches in height

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