BladeBrush Knife Cleaning Brush Keeps Your Fingers Safe When It’s Time For Dishes

If you’ve ever reached into a sink-full of dish water and cut yourself on a sharp knife, you know how painful and angering it can be. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid those accidents and keep your fingers safe. Oh, and at the same time you can get your kitchen knives squeaky clean. With this knife and cutlery specific cleaning brush, dishes will no longer be a circus act.

Sure, you could try to clean knives with a normal brush or sponge. You could also try juggling those knives. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In both of those cases, you shouldn’t. Instead, slide your knife into the BladeBrush. Its unique C-shaped design with bristles on the top and bottom allows you to safely clean both sides of the blade at the same time. Most importantly, your fingers are kept safe and out of the way.

A textured handgrip means that the brush won’t slip out of your hand when the going gets wet. The tough, opposed bristles are powerful enough to clean even the grossest of foods off your knives and cutlery. When you’re done, slide the brush over the edge of your dish drying rack or the sink for easy storage.

Although this particular item isn’t as fun as some others we feature here on The Daily Want, it will definitely make your life easier. For just a few bucks, you can avoid being the next four fingered Phil and keep all your digits right where they belong. And your knives will be clean too. Buy Here


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