Blloc Is The Minimalist Smartphone That Focuses On Simplicity

Smartphones are great. You love yours, don’t lie. You might even be reading this article on it right now. But, like everything, industry giants like Apple and Samsung have swooped in and dominated the market, limiting your choices. Wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative? Fortunately, you can. Believe it or not, you don’t have to have an iPhone. The Blloc smartphone may be a perfect alternative if you are looking to simplify.

The whole idea behind Blloc is a central focus on simplicity. Everything begins, and returns to, a feature known as “The Root”. Blloc phones run the Blloc OS (which is built on Android 8.1). It is a simple, power-saving OS that streamlines your digital world. It brings content and interactions from your contacts and apps into one flowing screen. Scroll up and down to access conversations, news, updates, and more from The Root.

One secret behind Blloc’s power-saving design is its monochromatic color scheme. It may remind you of the old Kindles or Nook Readers that used black, white, and grey to save power while displaying HD images. If you need color, its available, but the monochromatic scheme also adds to the simplistic mindset.

Blloc uses efficient, modern hardware in its phones, putting a high-powered device in your pocket. To back that technology up, Blloc offers a free 1-year warranty on their phones. It covers accidental drops, spills, and other damage. That means you can use your phone freely throughout all the activities life throws at you without worrying about breaking it.

For those looking to simplify in a complicated digital world, the Blloc offers an escape from the norm and a great way to focus your life. Buy Here

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