The Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella Can Take On 55 MPH Winds

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment while strolling in the rain, only to be greeted by a powerful gust of wind that turns your umbrella inside-out—rendering it completely useless.

Often times we go through dozens of umbrellas, replacing the broken item for an equally frail one—to put it bluntly, it’s a real pain in the you-know-what!

But now, thanks to the aptly-named Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella, you can travel in style with this ultra-robust—yet compact—design that resists gale-force winds of up to 55 mph.

This 37-inch polyester canopy is specially designed for durability. Tailored to be rip-resistance with aerodynamics in mind, it can withstand powerful weather forces with ease. Weighing just 0.82lbs and 14 inches in length (when folded), this compact item is ideal for minimalist travel and can be neatly packed away into the included sleeve cover when it’s not being used.

Uniquely, this umbrella also has safety in mind—eliminating those hazardous pointy tips so common in other models that pose a risk to people standing near you. Coming in a wide-ranging selection of colors and patterns, you can easily match your preferred fashion choices.

Public embarrassment will be a thing of the past—say goodbye to those awkward malfunctioning umbrella moments! Buy Here

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