BMW M2 Competition Sports Car Makes You Feel Like A Race Car Driver

Driving is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Feeling the car underneath you chewing up miles of open road. Leaning into the turns with the wheel like you’re playing a real-life game of Mario Kart. Whatever car you drive, driving can be a satisfying experience to say the least. Unless maybe you’re stuck in a minivan.

If you’re happy with ordinary, stick with what you’ve got. But if you want to go for a drive that is nothing but an adrenaline rush, then the BMW M2 Competition has everything you need. This sports car has classic coupe vibes and a frame that reflects them. A full-length kidney grill sits atop enlarged air inlets to form a dominating front view. A muscularly sculpted rear gives this car an image of power and grace no matter which way you view it.

Underneath the hood, a bi-turbo, inline 6-cylinder petrol engine guarantees high performance. Fortunately, this is a street car, so you can feel that performance wherever life’s road (or the actual road) takes you. The 410-horsepower engine outmatches the competition with a balance of performance, agility, and precision that is typical of BMWs.

As you take off from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, you’ll love the feel of the pristine seats hugging you in. Then, you’ll enjoy it even more when your neighbor gets a sore neck from watching you roll into your garage. For those who love living the high life in style and speed, the BMW M2 Competition does not disappoint. Learn More

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