BMW’s Motorrad Link Motorcycle Is Something Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

BMW Motorrad

This BMW Motorrad Link concept motorcycle is what the future looks like. A world where gas-powered vehicles are obsolete and everything runs on electricity. That is the direction we’re going and car manufacturers like BMW are pushing their technology forward to win the electric vehicle race. That is where this all-electric concept motorcycle called Link comes in.

“The BMW Motorrad Concept Link stands for a new understanding of urban mobility. It links the digital and analogue world and places the focus on the rider and his mobility needs. In the way it links functionality and digitalisation it performs both as a means of transport as well as a communication device.  For me the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, with its timeless and reduced style, is more than a concept – it is rather a symbol for a new era.” explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design of BMW Motorrad.

The goal for the Link is to combine riding pleasure and functionality in the most ideal way to to meet the requirements of modern urban mobility. It accomplishes that through fast acceleration, easy handling and a minimalistic design.

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BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad


BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad

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