The BMW R1100R Khan Is The Most Menacing Concept Motorcycle To Date

BMW R1100R

BMW has been a part of some very cool concept motorcycles in the last 24 months, but the BMW R1100R Khan takes home the trophy for the most imposing. It is straight out of Batman’s collection. Provided that Batman would ever be caught dead on a motorcycle that wasn’t all black.

This design is from Mehmet Doruk Erdem, who is quite the visionary when it comes to motorcycles of the future. His entire collection of concept designs is worth a few minutes (or several hours) of your time. All of his designs, and this one especially, push the boundaries of what is possible on two wheels. For the BMW R1100R Khan, the possibilities seem endless, but they actually might end at a pot hole. That front end looks like it has disaster written all over it.

Check out more of the BMW R1100R Khan here. 

BMW R1100R BMW R1100R BMW R1100R

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