This All-Black BMW R80 T63 From Angry Motors Is A Masterpiece

There is so much to be said about the beauty of simplicity and you can say it all with this all-black BMW R80 T63 build by Angry Motors. This project took them a reported 350 hours to complete and it was worth the blood, sweat and beer. Just guessing, but they probably drank a lot of beers.

Anyway, the minimalistic look of the rebuild of this 1989 BMW R80 T63 was done on purpose. That’s not to say corners were cut, because they weren’t. The whole bike got a face lift. It was stripped bare and turned into the complete stunner you see before you.

Notable Specs:

  • Engine Size > 800cc
  • Carburetors > Bing
  • Exhaust > Megaphone
  • Chassis > Custom Rear End (Short)
  • Dampers > YSS
  • Fork > BMW/ Wirth Springs
  • Frontbreak Magura HS1 with steel braided brake lines
  • Headlight > 4.5″
  • Speedo> Motogadget M-Tiny; M-Button
  • Handlebar > LSL Dragbar
  • Handelbar Controlls> Montone
  • Signals F /R > Motogadget M-Disk /Highsider Apollo
  • Handgrips > Retro Black
  • Tire > Michelin T63
  • Seat > Custom Leather
  • Electrics> Motogadget M-Unit, M -Lock
  • Painting Design > Frame Powder Coated Black/ Flat Black/ Greyblack
  • New Liquids/ Seals / Bearings and Stainless Steel Bolts.

If you want to own this (and really, who doesn’t?) head over to Angry Motors, because they would like to sell it to you.

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BMW R80 T63

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