BMW’s M8 Is The Reincarnation of The Great 8 Series

Many BMW fans consider the 850csi as one of the greatest BMW’s ever built. It looked amazing, ahead of its time, and it had a monstrous V12 that produced way too much power. The Bavarians have brought back this amazing 8 series, and this time as an almighty M car. The new M8 is everything we loved about the old car, but in its own special way.

Built to Pay Hommage, Not Impersonate

Bringing back old cars is tricky. Many companies end up just trying to reproduce a new version of the old car that’s mostly unchanged. This is okay but doesn’t leave much of an impact. Other companies just produce a mildly exciting car with an iconic name thrown on it in hopes to get sales from die-hard fans (cough cough Toyota Supra). BMW did neither of these things.

They knew they couldn’t properly reincarnate the 850csi, instead, they took inspiration from what made it great and reimagined it as its own car: the M8. It looks stunningly beautiful, yet so aggressive, much like the old car.

Its also got a gigantic motor at the front producing a ridiculous amount of power (600 horsepower, or 617 for the M8 Competition). They have created a completely new beast that pays homage to the old car without trying to pass itself off as the same model. Other manufacturers, take note, this is how you bring back an icon. 

To give some more details, the new M8 will sprint to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds (blistering for a rear wheel drive car) and continue accelerating until 189 mph. The MSRP will range from $133,00 up to $142,500, a fitting price for a super coupe.

The new BMW M8 is genuinely a new car. It subtly tips its hypothetical cap to its spiritual predecessor, yet takes its own shape and represents its own car in a modern and powerful way. The perfect way to bring back a legend. It may be out of my budget but I can’t wait to see the top of the M line hit the streets in 2020. Learn More

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