BoardUp Is Your Longboard Traveling Companion

Riding a longboard is awesome. Sure, you could hop on a pennyboard or a normal skateboard, but something about cruising around on a longboard just feels better. The only problem is when you want to go somewhere, your board can’t travel with you. It’s just too big and too bulky to be transported easily. For example, when you’re flying or walking somewhere. That’s where BoardUp comes in.

This innovative product takes the longboard and makes it portable. How? Folding. An aluminum alloy kickpad on the board triggers a middle hinge to fold in half. This shrinks the 33” deck down to just 17”. That is smaller than a pennyboard and can easily fit into most backpacks. When you’re ready to get back on, just unfold the board and the hinge will lock into place. Until you break it down, you won’t even notice you’re riding on a foldable board. That’s how sturdy it is.

The 33” inch deck (unfolded) is Canadian maple wood and glass fiber. This retains ultimate control for you as a rider but allows it to remain flexible. ABEC 9 bearings in the clear, BoardUp blue wheels let you tackle bumps easily and with speed. The wheels are 70mm.

BoardUp is a neat product that solves a big problem that longboarders face. Now, with BoardUp, you can enjoy your favorite way to ride no matter where you have to go. Whether it’s a plane to LA or a walk into the office, take your longboard with you. Buy Here

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