The Boker Minibar Blade Is Tiny But Built For Heavy Duty Use

Boker Minibar Blade

The Boker Minibar Blade might be tiny but it’s built for heavy-duty use. The titanium construction makes this tool well suited for a variety of functions. This can be used as a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, or an emergency tool.

Thanks to the beaked head design, a first of its kind, the Boker Minibar Blade can leverage more than any other tool in its class. This is a powerful dohickey and one that everyone should have with them on a daily basis.

The Boker Minibar Blade features a detachable clip on the back. This enables you to clip it onto your jeans if you so choose. If you’d rather not use the clip there’s also a lanyard hole to be worn around the neck. If that’s still not your style, the Boker Minibar Blade can be comfortably carried inside of your pocket. Buy Here

Boker Minibar Blade

Boker Minibar Blade

The Details:

  • 480 fill Grey duck down insulation will keep you toasty
  • A stylishly high-tech jacket that’s perfect for ski towns everywhere
  • This Winter’s hottest duck down jacket

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