Bollinger B1: So Capable It’s In a Class of Its Own

The term SUV gets thrown around a lot in the automotive world. Basically anything bigger than a car with 4 doors that isn’t a minivan is now an SUV. But to be a true Sports Utility Vehicle takes a lot. A true SUV should be cool too. It ticks all the boxes of what an automobile can do. That is exactly what Bollinger Motors have done. The B1 takes ‘SUV’ to a new level, so new in fact that it doesn’t even have competition yet.

Why The B1 Is The SUV-est Vehicle Ever

This truck is the most versatile thing I’ve ever seen. In the large 4 door vehicle market, this B1 tops every list. Sporty: It’s an all-electric, all wheel drive monster. This is the first of its kind and it has got plenty of sport and performance. The electric motors produce 614 horsepower and 688 pound feet of torque. It’s 15 inch ground clearance and 10 inches of wheel travel make it the perfect off-roader too.

With an incredibly light body, this outhandles all other SUV’s when the going gets rough. Utility: Maybe you aren’t going off road every weekend, maybe this is more of a work truck to you. It’s still capable. This battery-powered beast has a 5,000-pound payload, so towing boats, other vehicles, or anything else is a breeze. It can seat 4 passengers very comfortably and has cargo room in the back, front, and all over the interior. The range of this electric motor is 200 miles so there’s no need to hop from one charging point to another. With AC, heated seats, removable seats and doors, BlueTooth, and many more advanced features, it’d be easier to list the things the B1 can’t do.

SUV means Sports Utility Vehicle, and that should be exciting. Nowadays most cars deemed SUV are just oversized commuters and boring people movers. The Bollinger B1 is one of the few vehicles that can truly hold that name, and pushes the name so far it’s got no other competition. For a sports utility vehicle that not only can do more, but can do the most, the only option is B1. Learn More

Image Credit: Cole Wilson

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