Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard Will Have You Flying Through The Streets

Unless you’re 15, or in college, riding a skateboard around to get places just isn’t cool. Having to push off with your foot, jump off to stop, and only going as fast as the effort you put in isn’t sophisticated enough. But what if your skateboard was like a miniature car that you stand on? Fully equipped with acceleration, brakes, and even drive belts. That’s what the Boosted board brings to the table. You’ll never ride around like a common peasant again. Instead, you’ll be the king of the streets. (Just don’t forget your helmet instead of a crown).

The Boosted board features a motor strong enough to get you zipping along at 22mph. At the same time, it’s light enough that you can carry it anywhere. You can travel up steep hills without any effort and coast back down while using the brakes to control your speed.

As you brake, the board harnesses the energy and uses it to help recharge the battery powering a 2000-watt motor. On a standard battery charge you can ride about 6 miles before running out of juice. A Bluetooth remote helps keep your board safe from thieves and acts as your “key”.

Whether you’re riding from your far-away parking spot to the office or down a local bike trail, the Boosted board is a great ride. It’s eco-friendly and looks awesome. So what if you can’t afford a fancy sports car? With this board, your friends will be jealous of how you get around. Buy Here

2nd Generation Boosted Electric Skateboard


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