Cheers to Next Level Booze Smuggling From BoozeBrella!

Summertime means ballgames, music fests, street fairs and general outdoor fun. But it’s not fun when you have to cough up an arm and a leg just to crack open a beer. Since you can’t BYOB at most outdoor events, people have come up with pretty creative ways to get past this little hiccup. You’ve seen secret flasks disguised as sunscreen tubes and phones, but here’s something designed for those rainy day events: the BoozeBrella! Disguised as a compact umbrella, the BoozeBrella looks and feels like the real thing. It even has a specialty lined bag! Unfortunately, if it does rain, you’re out of luck. This guy is not a working umbrella. Just remember to pack a poncho or actual umbrella too!

The BoozeBrella is made of FDA-approved food grade materials and is BPA free. It holds 9 oz of your favorite drink and comes with three leak-proof lid seals. The seals ensure that the liquor in your flash stays put and you’ll avoid any spills or leaks. They will also protect the liquor smell from escaping. You’ll also get a speed pourer so you won’t waste a drop when you’re funneling your precious whiskey, vodka, rum or whatever into your BoozeBrella. Save money and ride the success of smuggling in booze? I’ll drink to that! Buy Here

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