The Boring Company Flamethrower By Elon Musk Is Awesome

the boring company flamethrower

Elon Musk debuted The Boring Company flamethrower which will help you fight off the inevitable zombie uprising. Did I just say ‘inevitable zombie uprising’? Yes, I did. It’ll come one day (*totally*) and when that day arrives you’ll want this awesome flamethrower to protect yourself.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also founded The Boring Company years ago. He recently started using that company’s name again. A few weeks ago he sold a bunch of hats. Then, over the weekend he debuted The Boring Company Flamethrower. It’s a handheld personal flamethrower which he’s selling for $500 a pop. In the world of flamethrowers, this is actually pretty reasonable. Most quality-made flamethrowers will retail for several thousand dollars.

According to CNBC, as of Monday morning, Elon Musk’s The Boring Company has had made $3.5 million off of this product. Over 7,000 flamethrowers have already been pre-ordered by customers at $500 a piece. The Boring Company Flamethrower looks great and will come with proven craftsmanship.

the boring company flamethrower

Here is some footage of Elon Musk toiling around with The Boring Company Flamethrower on Instagram:

Elon Musk made several zombie-related jokes over the weekend about The Boring Company’s Flamethrower on Twitter. A lot of Twitter users accused him of releasing a flamethrower to then start the zombie apocalypse himself. Elon took to Twitter to clear the air and say that he has zero plans of releasing zombies into the world.

The Boring Company Flamethrower is still available for pre-order. You can follow the link below and visit their website to pre-order one today for just $500. There is also an option to purchase The Boring Company fire extinguisher for $30 along with your flamethrower.

Buy Now: $500

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