Bose Frames Get an Update With the Tenor

Two of the things we always take when we leave the house are earbuds and sunglasses. How else would you tell the world to mind their own business and not talk to you? Bose is bringing the two together again with new pairs of their audio sunglasses, or Frames. Frames were first introduced by Bose in 2019 with two styles available. The original Frames made Time’s Best Inventions of 2019 list, showing once again the audio giant’s innovative genius. This year, Bose is expanding the line with three new sets, like the fashion-forward Tenor.

Thoughtful design and engineering

Looking straight on, you can’t tell that the Tenor is any different from a stylish pair of regular sunglasses. The Tenor has a classic design that suits any face and style. The refined square frame is available in a high-gloss black and features a distinct keyhole bridge. It’s lightweight, smooth, and comfortable. The polarized lenses won’t scratch easily or shatter either. The materials used for Bose sunglasses are modern and luxurious, delivering a quality piece of tech and design in one.

Without sound, the Tenor really just looks like sunglasses. It’s when you look at the sides that you notice the tech Bose is bringing to the table. The exclusive Bose Open Ear Audio technology produces sound like you’ve never heard before, especially from sunglasses. There’s nothing in or on your ears, but you still maintain a discreet listening experience. You can also still hear and interact with the world around you. There’s an exclusive, wafer-thin acoustic package that’s hidden in the temples of the frame. They produce lifelike sound that’s fuller and deeper than the original Bose Frames. 

There’s also an advanced beam-forming microphone array so you can take calls hands-free and on the go. The system is designed to focus on your voice while reducing the sound of the noise around you. The Tenor also has a seamless capacitive touch and integrated motion sensor for controls including volume adjustment and voice assistant. The rechargeable battery lets you play up to 5.5 hours and a full charge can take up to one hour. The Tenor retails for $249.95 and can be used with your prescription as well. Buy Here

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