Catch Major League Fly Balls With This Boston Red Sox Batting Practice Experience

Ever watch a baseball game and think to yourself, “I bet I could make that catch?”. If so, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Whether you’re a cocky casual fan looking to prove your fly ball fielding skills or a lover of the Boston Red Sox, this experience is for you. It doesn’t get much cooler than a behind-the-scenes, interactive tour of one of America’s most iconic MLB stadiums.

This small, private experience is limited to a group of 20. If you have 19 friends, bring them all. If not, you’ll only have to be with a few other strangers. You’ll not only get to watch the Red Sox batting practice but interact with it. From center field, take a shot at catching MLB fly balls from Red Sox players’ batting practice. You’ll be right in the shadow of the Green Monster and some of Major League Baseball’s best players.

The Red Sox provide not only this experience to catch (and keep) fly balls, they also give you a commemorative baseball glove to use and keep. On top of the batting practice experience, you’ll get a pre-game guided tour of the stadium. You’ll also get a buffet before the game, complete with drinks. Oh, and you’ll get game seats in the first and second rows of the Left Field Pavilion. Not much else you can ask for, except for an autograph. Which you can ask players for while you’re out in center field. Buy Here


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